Jordy is tearing it up in the 2009 WSOP…

pokerfacePress Enterprise: Gambling sometimes got Jordan Farmar in trouble defensively this past season. Fortunately, the Lakers guard seems to have a better knack for it at the poker table.

Farmar, cloaked in a gray hoodie and dark shades, eclipsed $100,000 in chips at one point on Day 1 and is still alive in Day 2, with about $48,000 in chips at last check.

He is one of several celebrities hanging in on Day 2, joined by actors Marlon Wayans and Lou Diamond Phillips and actress Shannon Elizabeth.

Maybe Lakers owner Jerry Buss has some competition for title of the organization’s top poker player?

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    Now if only the Laksers would stop gambling on LO’s future

  • lakerschamps-09

    haha thats great man.. good to know he havi fun.. wuda been cool if whole team was in da WSOP

  • daboss1849

    Shouldn’t this fool be working on his game? He will be the third PG off the bench this year which means he won’t get off the bench. Farmar, sasha, walton, DJ, and mustache better get real comfortable azz coushins for those chairs.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Phil Laak?

  • pdp

    he’s just covering his ears…

  • Lakezilla

    I agree daboss. This idiot should be working on his game. He barely played this last season so he doesn’t need the rest. I bet Shannon is working on his game as we speak. This dude can’t shoot, never drives to the hoop, can’t pass and has a bad attitude. I hope Mitch ends up working some kind of deal that includes him, maybe for Nate Robinson or somebody else. The only time he worked on his game since getting drafted is when he felt threatened when they drafted Joe Crawford. He was in the practice facility that night. I hope he doesn’t think the future starting spot is his guaranteed because that means he didn’t learn anything from last season.

  • showtimelakes

    p-p-p-p-poker face…..go work on your BBall game.

  • RJ

    Maybe jordan is better at poker then bball

  • sketch

    ^^^^ Dude, he went down to less than half in chips from the day before, I doubt it! Hahaha!

    Hard to be an athlete yo! If the dude isn’t great at what he does then any time he gets caught doing anything else, the fans will slam him for it! That’s not the case for actors or any other profession except for sports. Can’t say I blame anyone for having that take, cause I kinda agree. Just one of those Arsenio Hall moments… you know, “things that make you go hmmmmm….”!

  • lakers2000

    Liquor in the front and Poker in the rear. Farmar is just trying to work on his fall back career (for when SB gives his ass the boot).

  • roscoe

    [Comment ID #79003 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Do you work 17 hour/day shifts 365 days / year?

    Didn’t think so.

  • arizaallstar

    rosco is right give him a break he works hard he loves basketball and he may not shoot well but he has heart and wont back down from a fight he just havin some free time a bit but he know we the defending champs so he is gonna keep workin on his game just takin a breather.

  • 2012

    Jordan Farmar+Jew=mind, body, soul!!

    just ask lady gaga

  • RJ

    I was kidding lol

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #79045 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you! it’s been noted by many members of the Lakers organization that Farmar has been one of the harder workers on the team in his time on the team. He just went through an 82 game season + a long playoff run, and you want him to get right back to work? Even Pau who’s playing in the Euro Championship said he’s going to wait awhile before he picks up a basketball, and he has to go play long before Jordan does. And if Jordan, Sasha, Luke, DJ, and Adam are all going to be sitting the whole season, do you expect Kobe and Artest to play 48 minutes a game and Powell to give Bynum and Pau like a 5 minute break each game? Because that is the Lakers team. Learn what you’re talking about and give the guys who just won a championship for your team a break. You’re an embarrassment to Laker fans everywhere.

  • sheed-power

    The Unabomber lives on!