Well here is the first news we’ve heard about Farmar’s surgery since it was completed. More good than not…

farmieInside The Lakers: Jordan Farmar reported feeling little pain from his surgically-repaired left knee and did not rule out a return by the All-Star break in mid-February. Here are a few other tidbits from his conversation with reporters today after practice:

“It feels good, really good. There’s not a lot of pain. I just need to get my quad strong and my muscles firing again. I just need to get back on the court and get working on some stuff again.

“I’ll probably get into a pool next week. I’ll probably do some cardio work in the pool. Once it gets strong again and I get my full range of motion back, then I can go back on the court and start doing some stuff.

“Being away from basketball is the hardest part. This is the third day I’ve been back to the facility. I’ve been at home trying to keep the swelling down. I’ve been in here at 7 a.m. working on it.”

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    take your time. this team is better with sasha running the point, he plays defense and shoots the ball better… i said it when farmar got hurt and i will say it again this team is better without him…
    p.s. rest the knee and save it till next year

  • airrics23

    Golakers72, how can you say that about Farmer? We need his quickness to break down defenses and to open up our offense. Vujacic will help spread the offense with his perimeter shooting which is a plus but we can use the quickness of Farmer to penetrate defenses. Trust me, we need Farmar back.

  • airrics23

    Sorry for the typo. I meant to spell Farmar.

  • 5ive2wenty4our

    jordan is the future point guard of the lakers for many years to come. pbil trusts him, he knows what hes gunna get out of him, and he knows he’s always going to work and train hard. to say that sasha, who is definitely a SHOOTING guard is better at the point than jordan is ignorant. sasha is out there for his perimeter shooting and pesky defense, not to be a ballhandler or playmaker. we need jordan to get better, so he can be healthy for us for a long time.