Farmar on Shannon Brown

    Jordan Farmar’s minutes have decreased as Brown’s have continued to rise. Recently, Farmar had this to say about the whole situation.

    L.A. Times: “Shannon is playing great basketball,” Farmar said. “He’s knocking down shots. He’s playing good D. He’s going to the hole. As long as he keeps playing like that and we keep winning, it’s all good.”

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    • xfellerx


      shannon brown is sick.

    • xfeelerx’


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      really? is this even a real question. shannon brown-yeezy baby all day. no offense to farmar it’s just businezz baby.

    • FLUKE

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      Please stop posting the first post as first. It’s really childish.

      Shannon is our future point if everything goes well and I wouldn’t be suprsied seeing him averaging around 10-14 next season or even in the playoffs.