farmarL.A. Times: Jordan Farmar now has extra motivation, should he need it. So does Adam Morrison.

The Lakers did not give contract extensions to either fourth-year player, making them both restricted free agents in July. The Lakers had until today to reach an agreement with each player.

Farmar, 23, will make $1.9 million this season and Morrison, 26, will make $5.2 million.

Farmar is locked in a battle with Shannon Brown for minutes as Derek Fisher’s backup

“I think I have a lot to offer. I know I can do so much more than I’m doing right now,” said Farmar, who is averaging 4.7 points and 1.7 assists through three games this season. “If they really, really want me, they probably would have signed me. It’s tough. I feel that I’ve gone out there a lot and shown what I have, with the opportunity that I’ve got. It’s my job to try to prove it to them.”

The Lakers have the right to match any offer Farmar or Morrison signs next summer.

Farmar might get some interest from other teams, but Morrison will need to show something this season after averaging only 3.9 points a game since suffering a torn knee ligament in October 2008.

Farmar is averaging 6.8 points and 2.3 assists a game in his career.

  • shannon4mvp

    We should see how they do this season first and if don’t sign them then we should try to get someone good in 2010, theres a lot of good players in the market in 2010 summer maybe we can try to get sum one too. Cause we all know derek fisher ain’t young any more.

  • WifelovesLuke

    This is where the business of the NBA comes in. The Laker front office is doing the right thing on this. Morrison was always thougt of as being a throw away for the summer of 2010 but I think not offering an extension to Farmar will motivate him in a positive way.

    1-2-3 Ring!

  • LakersFirst

    Both players are trade bait. Morrision and Farmar have expiring contracts at the end of the year. Even though they are restricted free agents, they are players who’s salaries can come off the books (obviously this is something that is attractive to other teams).

    I’m not suggesting that the Lakers are going to make a trade tomorrow, but by the trading deadline, these two could be on the chopping block, perhaps for a backup point guard and Shannon Brown could play the 2 guard and backup Kobe.

  • lakerman1

    Good Move. Mr Buss is already paying a couple of stiffs on the team. If Jordan really wanted to be on the team he would have shown it by now. The guy still makes bad decisions when he is on the court, bad passing, turnovers and sporadic shooting . Perhaps when ESPN commentator Mark Jackson Coaches a team he can get Farmar since he thinks he can be a good point guard in the league. I however beg to differ. Farmar is not Laker Worthy regardless of what Fisher does who has made his indelible mark for the Franchise.

  • Robert

    Farmar is not a ‘true’ point guard (there is no PG in the Triangle). In order for him to raise up his level so that he can be considered a good PG, he should try to up his assists, and also be a scoring threat. He should take notes from Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Steve Nash.

  • Robert

    Meanwhile, Morrison needs to set up and make more 3s, and then he’ll have a chance somewhere else. Sasha was supposed to be the spot up 3 point shooter this year (like 2 years ago). If he can’t do it, Morrison should do that. It will also increase his value when he leaves the Lakers for another team (unless his 3 point shooting is so good, that the Lakers decide to keep him).

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    This decision is one that should have taken place with out a question. Farmar lacks skill yes he is fast so what his defense is horrible .
    Sasha farmar and Morrison are not even Laker material when we play denver Daron punks them like little bitches.Trade for kevin martin from sac town dude can scorepobably a better player than shannon.