Jordan Farmar made it clear he’d like to move on to become a leader of a point guard. Here are some quotes courtesy of Kevin Ding’s tweets:

  • Farmar: “I love L.A. but I think it’s good for somebody to get away sometimes”
  • More Jordan: “I need to establish myself as someone who can lead a team, play big minutes and be the lead guard”
  • Farmar said that of course he wants to win, but really wants to see what kind of player he can become. He wants to lead a team.
  • Farmar said he feels that he can do “so, so, so much more,” and is hoping for that opportunity.
  • Farmar told Phil/Mitch how he loved being true PG on scout team in playoffs. “I need to establish myself as somebody who can lead a team.”
  • Farmar: “My role hasn’t expanded in my four years.”
  • jballer24

    Goodbye Farmar, you got outplayed by Nate Robinson anyways.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      It’s good to see that Kob’s mentality of “being the best I can be” rubbed off on Farmar. Excel as a player & get paid, but always pay your dues to the LakeShow for molding you into a 2 time champion.

      Good luck Farmar, I think Memphis could use a PG. As Kobe would say: “Strength and Honor”

  • gameplan

    go boy, thanks anyway!

  • drive-for-16th


  • daboss1849

    Opt out then bitch…. You’ll be slinging burgers in no time…

    • Jack /

      He doesn’t need to opt out. It is not a player option. His contract has expired. I know for a fact that Lakers don’t want to spend more then $3mil per season on him. He’s probably looking for around $4-5 mil per season (i.e. full MLE exception) + starter playing time.

    • Justin M.

      Why would you say that about a guy who just wants a bigger role than the Lakers could give him daboss? Do you need some company at work?

      • Rio Rondo

        dude thats exactly what im trying to say he just wants to see how good he can become and what he can accomplish

      • daboss1849

        I say that because the kid has no real talent. He is the 3rd PG in a subpar PG team. Where will he go to be a starter?

  • 151rummer

    its awesome how he says his role hasnt expanded in 4 years! Thats cuz u were too inconsistent u idiot! He shows these moments of greatness like dunking on Garnett, or hittingt his 3 point shots, but hes way too sparatic….ill take d-fish any day over Farmar……have fun getting your ring when ur back to visit staples center on a losing team!

  • Mr.Laker

    Get him gone! Let him go to Goldenstate and be a 10 point a game loser for the rest of his career smh foolish

  • lakers0828

    OMG unlike these Laker Fans Farmar I really did appreciate Your Help in winning back 2 back and you got rings good Luck where ever you go next bye

  • lakeb

    farmar you arent as good as you think you are. i think you are just saying this stuff because mitch wants to get rid of you, so you want to make it look like you are leaving on your own terms…..hah

  • trippleocho

    Seriously where in the NBA does he think he can start, I mean SERIOUSLY?

    • gus26


      • trippleocho

        Over T.J Ford?


    Farmar, Farmar, Farmar. Have you not learned from all the other, chase the money and not the ring, players? Ask, Ronnie, Ariza and others (can’t think of any more).

    These guys wanted to get paid but did not realize that they are now PRESSURED to perform where here in L.A. you just have to semi perform as a bench player. Good luck and try not to catch yourself looking into the locker room next championship on tv trying to see who is using it.

    • Robert

      Ronnie wanted more playing time just like farmar it’s not all about the money. I think farmar would be a good starting point guard.

  • xtro

    hello steve blake.

  • Edward

    You guys need to appreciate farmar. You know he is the only defense we have against fast guards? He is our only guard that has a chance to d up nash, cp3, or russell westbrook type guards. Penetrate and kick type guards. Fisher can’t get around screens, and neither can Brown. Farmar will be good somewhere else. He can start for any team that needs a solid PG, and with time he will develop. He has the skillset, he just needs the mindset, and the opportunity. Fish didn’t start out in the league flawless, but honestly players don’t play on the Lakers to get better. It really holds them back, because our lineup is established. No time to shine unless it’s the rare game where starters are in foul trouble. Ariza stepped up, got shipped out. Brown stepped up, will probably get shipped out. Odom until recently did not have the opportunity to shine, I personally feel if he had time to develop on another team he would be a star in this league. Bynum too, put him on a team where he is the scoring option, and he’d be a lot better. The same goes for every other player on our bench. They don’t get minutes, and people wonder why they do poorly. Good luck wherever you go Farmar, show them you can be a Ariza, or Caron Butler. Someone we just gave away.

    • HATER

      WAH, WAH, WAH! Not takin anything away from Farmar skills when hes playin good but if he was more consistant then maybe he would of been a starter. Hes leaving either way cause hes thinking of himself and not the team so good luck to whichever team you go to. At least hes not like Ariza and is looking for the money.

    • havoc909

      Perfectly said

  • CT in L.A.

    I think this is cool for Jordan. He got his rings so now actually is the time to go out on your own and challenge yourself; as a professional athlete, that’s what you want to do, not just be on a team where you’re expected to “semi perform as a bench player.” He went to high school, college & the pros here; nothing wrong with this cat wanting to get away. Good luck to JF.


    • Robert

      Couldn’t agree with you anymore.

  • 123kid

    i wont knock on the guy, but i really dont see too many teams where he can start right off the bat. unless a team loses their starting guard, im sure he’ll end up on someone elses bench.

  • bdmf


  • gus26

    good luck J… thank you for busting your butt in game 6 and so many other great memories… i hate to see a player go but i just don’t see the fit with phil… now IF phil can’t come back because of health issues like we are hearing and we get byron scott to coach… you might just want to hold off on leaving… scott is a PG’s coach and he would give you a lot more free range and a bigger role than phil ever did….

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard


  • althelakerfanyoushouldmeet.

    I knew it was Farmar’s time in the LA press the only negative words associated with Farmar was stubborn. He will be replaced very soon.

  • Mamba24Goat

    Farmar was awesome. but we’re going to need room at his position if we want kirk or gil or somebody. he had big plays for us throughout the playoffs people stop hating. best of luck to you.

  • Jonathan

    Sign and trade him to chicago for hinrich

  • LakersFirst

    He’s won his rings and now its time for him to make some money. Nobody can fault that.

    I’m not a big fan of Farmar, but he’s right. His role hasn’t expanded in 4 years and he needs to go somewhere where he will get playing time. The question is …. is there a team that will make him an offer?

  • willmo

    Farmar thanks for your help and now good luck finding a starting job somewhere in the NBA since you think you can compete with what is already out there. Can’t knock a guy for dreaming big but on this Lakers team Fish will be the leader at the point until further notice, Fisher only had to wait in the wings of Nick the quick and Ron Harper for six years before he got the starting job. Steve Blake will do for a cheap price unless something comes up that is too good to be true. We all trust Mitch’s judgement.

  • anon

    wow a lot of rude people on here. farmars done a great job at being a bench player for us and he wants to try and maximize his potential, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    you guys hatin him for this decision are heartless.

  • laker fan

    we need to start a getkirkhinrich blog or something… if we get that kid, threepeat guaran-effin’-teed

  • Jack /

    People really forget how hard it is to play well coming off the bench. Jordon Farmar done well for us as a Lakers. He’s played hard regardless of the careless passes/turnovers he make from time to time. He has a family now. He’s probably looking for the mid-level exception. Lakers probably don’t want to pay him more than $3mil per season at this point just because there are other free agents out there this summer that might be able to contribute more.

    Farmar is still young. He deserves a crack at a starting job or a major role. He’s not being a douche here guys. Quite being rude. Good luck Farmar!

  • http://lakernation aly

    Even though hes not my favorite player he really worked hard and helped us win a championship and I’m going to miss him.

  • iamthetie

    His role didn’t expand in 4 years because he never gave Phil a reason to put him in late game over D-Fish. If he is as good as he says he is, he should have proved it.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    I totally understand his position. This is an exact reason to why rookie players (compared to veterans) don’t thrive in the triangle offense ~ a specific skill of that player is needed to cover a certain aspect of the offense. This, like what Jordan Farmar said, restricts the growth of that player in other aspects (the overall game).
    I wish him luck in his future and thank him for the hustle in he Finals and numerous other games.

  • Geloman

    JCrit is coming back to LA. I always liked him over Farmar and he’s already familiar with the triangle. When he was traded to Memohis, Kobe said that he felt like he was losing a little brother. of course, he got over it quick when Pau arrived. LOL!

  • chchom

    all you farmar haters are idiots. maybe fisher should be the one moving on or understanding that he is more fit as a bench player. farmar is quicker on O, D, and is more athletic. the guy is not afraid of lay ups. he has at least a 40 inch vertical, what more can you ask of. who ever said inconsistent, think again….. they never even gave him a legit test run.

    i feel the same way about hinrich… i feel both these guys have huge potential….but unfortunately now it can only be reached by being traded away

    • Rio Rondo

      finally i agree farmar is the future

  • Drake Ramoray

    Who cares, you got small hands, can’t make free throws, and for a fast small point guard, you sure get owned by the other fast small point guards in the league. Lucky for you you got two rings now.

    • Wilt

      Dont forget the big ears with the small hands.

      • Drake Ramoray

        Oh Fuh Show!

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    Rejoice! What a great day for LA fans. I’ve been hoping Mitch would trade this Metrosexual, soft b!tch away for years! Now, he’s doing us a favor and will leave on his own. Thank you Basketball Gods! The less muffins on this team the better. (Luke, you’re next on the radar).
    Farmar, the reason why your “role hasn’t expanded in four years” is simple: YOU SUCK.
    Your defense is HORRIBLE, your outside shot SUCKS and your “I think I know better than a coach who’s won 11 NBA titles and the best player in the game” attitude is POISON.
    This just proves how much of a selfish loser you are. If you want to be considered great, then you would work your ass of on D, improve your shot and beat out an aging Champ in Fisher. But you can’t! So you run, like the little b!tch that you are.
    You know, whenever one of my employees realizes that he will be getting fired soon, you know what he does? He goes around telling EVERYBODY that he’s about to quit. Why? To save face and make it seem like: “No, I didn’t get fired, I QUIT!”. Bull sh!t! The reason he “quit” was because he realized or somebody told him he was about to get fired.
    Farmar, you’re doing the same thing. The LA Lakers, a Championship organization, has concluded that you ARE NOT STARTING POING GUARD TALENT. As evident by their desire to address the “poing guard situation” and persue other free agents. They’re basically “moving on”, so you want to “break-up first” so you don’t look like you just got dumped by the greates basketball franchise in the world.
    Farmar, good luck getting those starting point guard minutes and “leading a team” all by your little self. In the end, you will only end up proving what most true basketball aficionados already know: Jordan Farmar is not starting point guard talent, Jordan Farmar is a loser.

    • Rio Rondo

      this guys a real jerk off farmar may not be the greatest be hes still a champ.. this kids gonna be good..

      bit of a homophobic are you now?

      • Shalom

        You said it.

      • Marwan Deletes My Comments

        I had no idea Jordan Farmar way gay. Where do you get your information? BTW, the Lakers would have won those two titles with or without Farmar. So, the whole “he’s still a champ” thing is bullsh!t. And the whole “this kid’s gonna be good” thing is just stupid…

      • 242LakerFan

        “but he’s still a champ” has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read on this thread so far. You know who else has two rings for the Lakers?
        Let’s see, there’s Adam Morrison, there’s DJ Mbenga and how about Josh Powell? These are not starter quality players either, but hey, they’re still champs, right? Oh, and who could forget my all-time fave two time NBA Champ, CHUCK NEVITT!!??

        • Rio Rondo

          this guy bashing his own lakers lol jordan is a good player who didnt have the chance to start on a championship team. this guys gonna be one of the top point guard in a couple of years, theres so much potential in him and for you guys to bash him for sucking common. he wont be a lue or a cook hell not even a Maurice evans Hes gonna be a good starter for any nba team. and to 242LakerFan your bashing a guy who heleped the lakers out of the bench during the season. it has to mean something, hell im starting to think your no laker fan, give the man some respect you faker fan change your name to 242fakerfan

          • Marwan Deletes My Comments

            1. A “true fan doesn’t have to like EVERY player on the team. 2. Farmar had four years to EARN a starting role on this team. The Lakers drafted him HOPING he would be the eventual replacement for Fisher. 3. Farmar simply could not get the job done. It’s that simple.

          • 242LakerFan

            I never bashed anyone except the moron who insinuated that being a champion qualifies you as a great player. I never diminished Farmar’s value to this team. The fact is that he was pegged as Fisher’s replacement and given every opportunity to earn the minutes, but he couldn’t do it. Now he thinks he can go start and lead a team when he just hasn’t shown it. I’d be thrilled if somehow he did succeed, but I haven’t seen the type of consistently good, smart play from him that would be required from a starting point in this league. You name me a good NBA team he could start on and I’ll wish him luck, but I don’t see him replacing more than a few starters out there. I just don’t.

  • Wilt

    I say goodbye and dont let the door hit you on the way out all you and shannon did in the finals was miss threes off the bench so lets dump your overpaid salaries and sign a real bench have fun with the bobcats or whatever 2nd rate team you end up with.

  • Shalom

    I think this would be a win-win for both parties. Jordan Farmar has the potential to do a Mo Williams: no hype at the start of his career but lived up to exceed the expectations on him. The Lakers will have more cash to vie for other stellar, if not better PGs who will do anything to win a ring. Steve Blake or Kirk anyone?

  • Drake Ramoray

    Bye Tyronn Lue, oh I mean Jordan Farmar. Don’t disappear from the NBA next year drowning on some other teams bench. Too bad Lil’ Wayne didn’t put you in his Kobe song otherwise we’ll probably forget you were ever even on this team.

  • ATLakers

    It’s hard to be consistent in a 3 PG rotation (4 if you include Vujacic when he’s in with Kobe). As a real Laker fan, thank you JF for what you have done on the Lakers (one game I really remember was last year at Boston, 2 straight drives that helped the Lakers turn up the 4th quarter). Best of luck wherever you end up.

  • gameplan

    he’s talking about euro league, he can be a starter in any team except where ricky rubio plays..

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

    I always wanted Jordan Farmar to go to the lakers when he is still playing for UCLA. He’s a pure PG, a shooter and a slasher, good defender and a one savy kid. He can be useful in other teams.

  • iiTzDanny


  • LakersMike31

    While I can appreciate Jordan’s desire to grow as a player, I question the logic. I think that there’s a natural tendency to start thinking of yourself as better than you really are once your team starts winning championships. I, personally, don’t think Jordan is skilled enough to start on anything other than a losing team in the league. He has a less-than-capable outside shot, is an average passer, at best, and makes really suspect decisions on the floor. With that being said, he absolutely deserves the chance to go out and see for himself. Hope he does well. Fortunately, for the Lakers, I don’t think he’ll necessarily be hard to replace.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Lame… we can do better… he thinks he is better than he really is.

  • Lakersrockagain

    I say go for it kid. You deserve to reach your full potential. Word of advice, learn to listen. Sometimes your actions as the PG showed the fans that you thought your opinion of yourself was better than the game-plan. Hope you get picked up by a decent team and not fade like Brian (didn’t listen) Cook, and Tyrone Lue (Who?). We will miss you, but Good Luck wherever you go.

  • jonb

    Thanks farmar, too bad u never got to start for successive games to c how itt would work, though u did have chances to prove u were good enough. Will fish ever realize that hes not a starting player anymore? I hope we get ridnour over blake, blake is like dfish, his defensive isnt any better, hes not quick, nor athletic. Overrated if u ask me.

  • AP

    id stick it out jordan dont know what the league will do to you in a few years

    my dedication to lakers fam

  • havoc909

    Damn too bad he could never develop. Always liked this cat good potential. hope farmar isnt going after the money. Why leave a championship team? But its truer u gotta go away sometimes. Follow ur dream farmar good luck. Thank u. Peace!

  • no_farmar!!!

    woooooow farmar dont leave!!! all the haters need to shut the hell up you guys obiosly dont know ur damn game!! farmar comes off the bench good he always sparks up everyone and i think they should bring fish off the bench now no offense fish ur good but i think ur days are coming to an end..START FARMAR!!!!! DONT BE A DOUCHEBAG AND LEAVE FARMAR! DONT BE ANOTHER ARIZA!