Jordan Farmar is going to head out of the USA to put on basketball clinics for kids! Great stuff…

KoreaTimes: Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar is scheduled to meet fans and put on a basketball clinic to teach skills and share tips on how to become a better player.

  • lakaluva


  • e-bucher

    nice now all we have to do is draft another pg…damn too late for that…we at least drafted a guard…

  • Michael_23

    You mean he didn’t go straight to the gym after the draft and work out like crazy?

    Nice cause for the kids, but I hope Jordie finds time to improve more. I think his game can get a lot better. His individual skills are good, but I think he can be a better play maker.

    He has the speed and body to be like Tony Parker. His layups and drives are there, and he’s a better 3 point shooter than Tony Parker. I see a lot of potential in him.

  • candace parker

    isn’t he doing yoga

  • Whatsa

    Hmm.. this CAN be good. As he’s teaching kids how to play and stuff.. he can re-evaluate on his own skills and playing while teaching others :D

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    YEA! GO FARMAR!! I completely agree with Whatsa. One thinks that the adult teaches the kid, but the kid teaches the adult too. I for one am a coach for a youth basketball traveling team, so I understand the importance of teaching kids. Plus, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a kid smile when he/she achieves a task! Hope Farmar works extra hard during the off-season (we all know he works hard over the summer). Maybe he can take Fluke with him to work on quickness drills

  • ab4sure

    I wonder if Farmar is going on another Yoga vacation. He credits that with his fitness. Luke probably could use that to improve his fitness.

  • kobe4ever

    nice! way to go Farmar, i really admire the fact that he’s going to spend his time w/kids. its extremely admirable and plus its not like he’s going there to get paid or anything (honestly if he is getting paid how much is he getting?). Farmar isn’t entitled to spend everyday of the offseason working on his game. He’s human to, let him enjoy life a little.