L.A. Times: These had been lonely days for Jordan Farmar.

As the Lakers began navigating through the playoffs, and their fans became fascinated with Shannon Brown, Farmar was a forgotten man, his minutes dwindling to the point where he didn’t even get off the bench in three playoff games.

Then came Friday, the most important game of the Lakers’ playoff run so far, and the reserve guard was in the starting lineup for the first time since the Lakers’ last game in the 2007 playoffs.

It was by necessity, the Lakers forced to go without Derek Fisher because of a one-game suspension, but Farmar delivered, finishing with 12 points, seven assists and five rebounds in almost 33 minutes of the Lakers’ 108-94 victory over Houston.

On one play, he dived for a loose ball along the sideline, flung it to Trevor Ariza after crashing to the court, and was credited with an assist after Ariza dunked. On another play, he faked a shot and found Lamar Odom underneath for a dunk as the shot clock wound down.

“It’s a tough business. You’ve just got to be ready,” Farmar said. “You never know when your opportunity is going to come. No one in the world would have guessed Derek Fisher would be suspended for a game. It’s funny how things work out.”

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  • dan

    seriously, just start farmar and play brown at reserve. fisher can retire imo

  • sketch

    Farmar played a great game last night. Especially consider how he was playing during the last few weeks of the regular season leading into the last series. He really kept Brooks in check and had a great block on Brooks. It was a nice Pac 10 duel between the UCLA alum and the Oregon alum. And I’m happy to see the UCLA alum/ Laker won the match up last night!

    Farmar should get the bulk of the minutes in tomorrow’s game. I love Fish, but he’s not going to be able to keep up with Brooks.

    Go Lakers! Lakers in 5!

  • let there be light

    this is why i have said all season long. let farmar, sasha, brown handle the point and fisher needs to come in for kobe at Shooting guard. dont give up on fisher just yet. he’s a shooter not a play maker. trust me this would work. farmar, kobe, ariza, LO, Gasol. second unit Brown or Sasha, fisher, walton, powell or LO, and Bynum. or go small with brown sasha(fisher) walton LO and Powell



  • Lakers09Champions

    I knew it from the very start. The way he played D on Brooks was very good. The hustle plays were great, and he is definitely a good playmaker. And steals, with his speed and agility that’s just one of his major specialties.
    JFarm’s back!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Farmar mos def needs more minutes now that he is getting his swagger back. Especially in this series because he can match Brook’s lateral quickness

  • GT

    It’s all about matchups. Against bigger PGs like Deron Williams, Chauncy Billups, Rodney Stockey..etc, I think Fisher plays better.
    However, for small quick guards like Brookes, Paul…etc, Farmer is a better matchup.

    Ultimately, I hope we keep searching for a permanent, long term starter at PG who can play both big and small.

  • http://twitter.com/jenn85 Jennifer

    OMG, Pau is so tall! I think I’d only come up to Jordan’s shoulder.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Match ups, boys and girl. It’s all about the match up. Credit Farmar for being professional and being ready when the coach called his number instead of hanging your head because Brown got your minutes against Utah. Farmar will see more minutes for the rest of this series, but when Billups comes calling…back to the bench.