To win the Championship, we need all the help the Lakers can get. Nevertheless, does Shannon Brown lack of playoff experience worry you? Sound-off!

Lakers Basketblog: Lakers spokesman John Black said that Jordan Farmar has been experiencing pain in his right foot lately, and was sent to see Dr. Phil Kwong on Friday.

X-rays, a CT scan and MRI all came back normal; Farmar is listed as day-to-day with tendonitis.

  • Whatsa


  • lafanfromindiana

    I hope he doesn’t pull an Allen Iverson.


  • Michael_23

    Farmar has proven in the past that he can’t guard the best PGs in the NBA. Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson (remember Denver series last year), and Jason Kidd. That’s why it’ll be Shannon Brown locking down these PGs and Farmar will always play against 2nd string PGs.

    Anyways get well Farmar, we need his quickness in an open court fast pace game.

  • BE_ALakerFan

    Get well soon Farmar!

  • URFAKEearl

    B Rabbit you suck and stop trying to be Eminem …

  • Lker Roger

    farmar has nt been 100 percent.He trys hard but this season has not been good for him. Get well jordan.
    Dont worry shannon was going to get all your minutes
    any ways,