ESPN: The Los Angeles Lakers’ murky free agency situation became a little bit clearer hours before the start of Wednesday night’s much-anticipated signing period.

The team chose not to tender an offer to reserve guard Jordan Farmar by the required end of business day deadline of 6 p.m. PT, thus making Farmar an unrestricted free agent, according to Lakers spokesman John Black.

If the Lakers had made Farmar what’s known as a qualifying offer, Farmar would have become a restricted free agent and the Lakers would have the right to match any offer by an opposing team trying to lure Farmar away between Wednesday night and July 8, when free agents can officially sign with a new ballclub.

“I love L.A., [but] I think it’s good for somebody to get away sometimes,” Farmar said last week after his exit interview with coach Phil Jackson and General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

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  • lakers0828

    Well He Helped the Lakers Win 2 titles I think both Him and the Lakers are Happy to Part ways Now

  • jaydubb415

    I wonder whats so good about ”steve blake”i’m a cali native but live in portland,oregon so i saw upfront how ”blake”choked when it matter ”most”missing ”free throws get abused on defense”so if i’m the lakers ”i let him walk”let some other team grab him there’s other people out there ,we should be trying 2 get ray allen if were going 2 lose shannon brown

    • daboss1848

      its just a matter of the grass being greener with many lakers fans . . .


        ray allien? oh have you forget the espy?

        • Cali Kush King

          if we get “gay allien” than he can keep saying “another win in L.A till his balls are green”

          • kobe-wan kenobi

            gay allen?
            for vet min ok
            but i doubt kobe would approve that
            he is the only player he probably would not want to play w him


            WTF are you talkin about? That (_o_)’s balls are already green! Every team that Gay Allen or Alien has been on had green in them! Sonics, Bucks, and Celd!cks! And Fcuk him! That dude sucks now! The Lakes need a spot up shooter, not one that curls around 5 picks and MISSES the shots!

  • keepon_keepinon18

    So long Jordy! You’d better start somewhere and never beat the Lakers! :D

  • ^ ^

    Laters DUDE!!!

  • Sheds

    Good luck Jordan. You always gave your heart to this team and it is really sad to see you go. Hopefully you will find a team where you can get some starter minutes to proove your worth.

  • Cali Kush King

    get them ears flappin and fly far far away dumbo farmar

  • SunnyC

    Farmar should stay just for another year contract, defend his NBA 2nd titile and try to make number 3 next year. After 3 ring then go anywhere he wants and pull a fish approach, comeback to LA and finished his carrer in LA.


    GET THE FCUK OUT FCUKIN DUMBO! This piece of sh!t and his sh!tty passin might have caused permanent damage to Kobe’s finger and hand! He gives the most errant passes and I about FLIPPED the TV over when he kept doin that sh!t in game 6 of the Finals!

    He’s NOT a very good guy either. I ball with one of his earliest coaches. In fact, he’s the guy that designed that tat on his left arm. Farmar has basically been treatin this guy like crap, but the dude continues to work with Farmar’s younger sister. It just goes to show you that my friend doesn’t really want anything from Farmar and will continue to show love and support for the Farmar family.

    Good, GET THE FCUK out you piece of sh!t! Good luck with the farm life in Indiana… tractors, farm animals, and NOT A DAMN THING TO DO! “GO FCUK A GOAT!” as the Pakistani guy from ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ says!


  • Kia Rondo

    Farmer should play for the Clippers and show Laker fans what they are missing!!!

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Hes only good enough to start for a shit team like the nets… if he goes to a strong team he will be 3rd string

  • Robert

    Thought he would be an LA’er for life. Came from here, went to UCLA, Lakers. Maybe he felt his number was up and wanted to save face.
    Maybe rings aren’t as important to him, and he wants to play a ‘non-Triangle’ offense.
    oh well, who cares. He had some good moments here, and was part of the Championship team. I DO recall that when Crit. was here, they competed for minutes, and Crit. was a better player (Farmar had to step it up, with Crit’s athleticism and speed to catch up with).
    So, if we can get Crit. (for cheap), it’s an upgrade. He didn’t do well in Wiz’ offense, but does well in Triangle. He can easily be a PG of the future for the Lakers. The whole Arenas thing was just the ‘down’ part of his career. You’ll see, he’ll shine again with the Lakers, where he belongs.
    Too bad about Farmar though – a true PG just isn’t necessary in Phil/Triangle/Kobe Offense. He really should have tried to stay another year, and then move on to another offense (he’s still young enough).
    Oh well … I’m just about the W, just like Kobe. I think that although Farmar worked decently these last 2 years, the next ‘arrangement’ of the NBA will be a challenge if we don’t get someone more capable, like Crit. (or, Shaun Livingston).