Experts say Lakers fav’s to be NBA champs

Here are ESPN’s predictions on who will come out champions this year.

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  • WifelovesLuke

    Hollinger pick the Lakers? See….even a Laker Hater knows how good this team can be.

    Please let the Celdics make it to the finals!!! I wanna see Ron Ron make Pierce cry. But I’ll settle for Ron Ron on Lehype.

    1-2-3 Ring!!!!


    The Celdics are going to get owned!!!


  • Short Dog

    Kobe is going to pass Michael Jordan on Championships. Best Win Season. In all aspects of the game. Kobe will be at the top when he decides to retire. But for now it’s tight to see the Living Legend putting in work. Show them whats cracking Kobe.

  • Robert

    Take note, Lakers Nation — those that did not select the Lakers are reeeeaaal Laker haters. (Thorpe picked the Spurs????).

    Look for them to eat their words at the end of the season.