Here is a quick breakdown of ESPN’s expert analysts on the Lakers emerging victorious from the West.

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  • Short Dog

    Countdown for the Finals is on.

  • KING

    your thinking to far ahead Short Dogg, you gotta sit back and enjoy the season first. Should be a fun one.

  • Short Dog

    It’s going to be hella fun watching the lakers do damage.
    Already got the Bud in the fridge.

  • gugy

    It’s going to be a great season.
    I just hate those predictions. Specially coming from BSPN. Those guys are always finding a way to try to jinx us.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Looking to enjoy the journey like everyone else. Thinking of the battles with Portland, Denver, San Antonio, etc in the West is gonna be great but let’s be honest….it’s all about beating the crap out of Boston and Cleveland.

    Have you guys circled those dates on your calendar like I have? Bring on the Celdicks and LeChump!!!!

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Guys forget the journey (ie. the season) is a part of the fun. If every year, we just start with the playoffs, NBA would suck.

  • Robert

    I still don’t trust ESPN – I have a feeling they ‘reluctantly’ concede this to the Lakers – but we’ll see how they feel about the championship. Why don’t I trust them? On various shows, they ‘keep mentioning’ Ron Artest – making it seem like there may be a problem. Has anyone out there seen a problem with Ron Artest so far? I haven’t. Ron looks like he’s learning the Triangle pretty quickly – he’ll master it soon, and then the Lakers will be unstoppable. Can the friggin’ world forget the whole Malice at the Palace? Also – did everyone see the second unit in the Nuggets game last night? Look out. The Lakers are ‘tight’ this year.