Shaq to L.A.? Or in LD2k terms, Hollywood Story chapter 3?!? One expert thinks so…

NBC Sports: As Shaquille O’Neal last week was praising Kobe Bryant as his greatest teammate, as he was extolling the merits of Phil Jackson as sheer sideline genius, the natural inclination was to wonder where the Suns center was going with all of this.

Hadn’t he, in recent years, spoken of how Dwyane Wade was his ultimate sidekick, the perfect pairing he lacked first with Penny and then with Kobe?

Didn’t he make Pat Riley dance on the front steps of AmericanAirlines Arena (much to the chagrin of the assembled crowd) in 2006 after Riley had positioned Shaq for that fourth championship many thought never would arrive?

Ah, but this is Shaq, and there always is an agenda.

So at a time when a lesser man (at least in terms of stature) might have been concentrating his rhetoric on Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and the incredibly uneven Suns, something else appeared to be at play.

At least to those in the know.

“Of course he loves Kobe and Phil now,” an executive with another team said after watching replay after replay of Shaq’s L.A.-bound bouquets. “He’s trying to get back to the Lakers.”

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  • LAKing

    Personally, I would love for Shaq to come back to LA. He’s going to have to come off the bench and he’s going to have to take a pretty hefty paycut to come back here. Above all, like I said, I would definitley welcome Shaq back with open arms.

  • j0k3r

    NO WAY! SHaq dude r u kidding me… datz a JOKE! NOT AFTER da last time KOBE & SHAQ was together in dat last year 2004. SHaq iz way too old plus dude he’s a faker! he’s desperate now cuz he’s team is loosing. my answer is NO WAY! IN UR DREAMS SHAQ!

  • sketch

    we all love a good make up story, but it could only happen after kobe wins his own title without the big fat Snaq. could you imagine if he came back and helped the lakers win again without kobe having won one on his own? he’ll hand that over kobe’s head for the rest of kobe’s life.

    and also the fat MOFO needs to apologize to the franchise, the owners, the city, the fans, and everyone else that he trashed on his way out. he said a lot of f’d up things about our city and fans even! F him until he apologizes!

  • gugy

    Not sure if we need Shaq.

    Bynum is doing great and hopefully he will be back before playoffs and next season even if Shaq lower his salary, I think he can be a huge distraction and a chemistry killer to this team.

    He has a huge ego and I doubt he will swallow it and sit on the bench when the spotlight will be on Kobe/Bynum/Pau.

    Let him regret his mistakes. If he and Kobe worked things out back in 2004, we would easily had win two or three more rings by now. Karma Shaq fat baby.

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #60686 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Very true.

    Shaq is a very selfish dude. He wants back so he can get more rings and say he is the GOAT. No way. He had his chance and now let him pay for his actions. F U C K Shaq. Let him dry up in Phoenix.

  • sketch

    yeah, after he dries up, he’ll be known as the BIG RAISIN! LOL!

  • LakersFirst

    Shaq would be much welcomed back in L.A, especially as a mentor for the young Andrew Bynum (as the article says). Yes, Shaq is a step slower, but look at this year’s numbers, he’s averaging 18 ppg and 9 rpg, very similar to what Gasol is doing, so to those who say Shaq’s old, washed up, etc, his numbers are similar to that of Gasol, another NBA All-star.

    Yes, Shaq doesn’t play on back to back games, but with his age, why would any team want to? When he’s got his legs underneath, Shaq is still an inmovable object in the paint.

    Shaq may want to come back to L.A., but would the ego of Kobe Bryant let him? Could you imagine how Kobe’s ego would be if he won a title again with Shaq and not without?

  • Ilovela242332

    I would love to welcome Shaq back with open arms. Did you guys seem to forget what he did for this team with those three titles? Perhaps your forgetting the 67(i think thats the #) pt games against the Pacers in the 2000 finals?

    As for the people that say that it would be something shaq would have against kobe for the rest of his life if he did return, think about it this way. THIS time, it’s Kobe’s team. THIS time Shaq will win because of Kobe. And i know that people learn from their mistakes, this is something Shaq has obviously learned from. And if he doesnt change, his mouth wont be able to do anything about it. He’ll be a premier role player, nothing more.

    And imagine what our bench mob would be like with such an immovable force as shaq? Not to mention all cockyness aside, he can help Bynum in so many ways. Kareem was more of the finesse styled centers. Shaq was obviously the more physical center. A mix of those mentoring Bynum would make Bynum quite possibly one of the best centers in the game of all time. He has so much potential that anything could be possible.

    I’d welcome the Big Daddy back any day. I still have love for all he’s done for this franchise and city. Have him retire in L.A, have his 34 retired as well.


  • kobe8

    no, the team is set already.

  • KB24_AKA BlackMamba

    No Shaq.
    I loved him. he is a great player and he did a lot for the LAkers. That was in the beginning of the decade. Not now, not anymore.

    Also, Kareen is mentoring Bynum. We do not need Shaq.

    Sorry, but his ego and his antics, will be bad for the team. I much rather leaving him regret his mistakes with the Suns.

    We are fine.

  • hyperdunk247

    we should get shaq just for this season because he can help out pau

  • xtro

    yes! shaq will help while bynum is out.

  • lakerschamps09

    ummm if suns wanna buyout shaq rite now… we be stupid not to sign em that would be our center but it would mess things up.. that would be funny if it was to happen… lol.. and he mite come back after his contract his up.. only if he takes a paycut…. we c

  • David

    He will clearly help the Lakers, but at the cost of Lamar Odom?? Phoenix would be more than happy to do the deal for Lamar, but is it worth it to the lakers considering they would have to pay him 20 mil next year also? Here’s the way I see it. If we are going to let Lamar go this offseason, and we had shaq in place of Odom, we are better fitted to play Boston and Cleveland and would probably beat them. Shaq would pretty much guarantee us a title for this year and since we play for the present I would do the trade.

  • xtro

    if you want a great chance to win, then trade for shaq. that simple.

  • xtro

    if you want a great chance to win, then trade for shaq. that simple.

  • Michael_23

    I think deep in Kobe’s mind he wants to win a ring without Shaq. As nice as that would sound right now, Shaq filling in for Bynum right now would be a good alternative. But I don’t think Jerry Buss and Kobe would want that right now.

  • kobe8

    Jerry Buss aint gonna do some bullcrap like that.

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    Shaq, apologize openly to the whole city of LA for offending us, personally apologize to the Lakers franchise as a whole, and join LAPD, then MAYBE we will let you back onto the team. Otherwise, you shall remain the big cactus fading into the sunset.

  • Mitch4Pres
  • 323 TOWN


  • lakerschamps09

    yea we all know that kobe wanna win a title witout shaq no question there… so if we get em it’ll be in 2 yrs when lakers are reignin back to back champs i hope!!!!!!!!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    I can understand both sides. I, myself, loved it when the big fella was runnin the floor at staples. The problem, however, is that it’s just not a good business decision. Even more so, it’s not a good basketball decision. This team is the same one that got to the finals last year. The main difference is that Ariza is healthy and Bynum has a better chance of being back for the playoffs this year than last year. An MCL not requiring surgery means we WILL see DREW again this year. Loved the big guy, just don’t mess with this team right now.

  • Chris

    hmmmmmmm. Sure after Kobe wins his championship without Shaq. Shaq should apologize for calling everyone in L.A. fake. And he should not get any more than the Vet’s minimum. He and Kobe brought 3 Titles and a lot of drama. Drama that was caused by the big three (Phil, Kobe and Shaq)as a whole. As a Laker Fan it would be fun to watch, but I think it should be up to the team. Team chemistry is key, will Shaq Daddy play nice with everyone else. Or will he be the same guy yelling pay me, give me the ball, oh and my favorite I will get in shape during the season and stay plump in the off season. We shall see in the years to come, his contract runs out in 2 years. See you in 2 years Superman!!

  • KB24_AKA BlackMamba

    No Shaq!

    This guy wants easy.
    Plus Kobe and Buss don’t want to bring the past troubles to LA. You guys seem to forget so fast.
    Yes, Shaq was great, but what a nightmare were those fights and troubles. We finally have a very well balance team. Bynum will be back. We are fine. I rather save the money and get another player than bring the old fat Shaq.

  • Freshh

    Train has passed for the diesel

  • gugy

    Just think what Shaq would say if he is back and we have another ring with him.
    “I told you, Kobe can’t win without diesel.”

    Do you guys really think Kobe will let that happen? No way. hahahaha

  • I dont wear green

    kobe needs to win a ring without the big cactus, cuz if shaq comes back and wins it with shaq even being on the bench it would still plagued kobe’s mind. so i will accept shaq back after a deep and sincere apology for trashing not only certain players and staff but the City, the City that had nothing to do with him leaving but embracing the time he was here, and lastly the fans, we don’t get down like that.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Oh? How come Shaq didn’t want back in L.A. after Miami was on a downhill slump? Didn’t he say Pat Riley was the best coach he ever had? Didn’t he say the Suns are the best team he’s been with and that each player is the best at their position? F*ck that. Kobe can win his 4th and 5th ring without Shaq and then Shaq can think about comin’ back. He’s trying to hop on the bandwagon. We already got a good team and we don’t need Shaqs fat ass to come back and f*ck it all up. I don’t care how good he’s playin’ this season.

  • David

    [Comment ID #60722 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe is older and more mature. He’s about winning. Besides, even if Shaq were here, everyone would know that it is Kobe’s team. Shaq would be the first to tell you that.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #60722 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why do we care what Kobe thinks about his own ego? I for one would want him because he can contribute to the ONE COMMON GOAL – The Lakers winning it all!!!

    And for those of you who don’t think Buss wouldn’t take Shaq back (with the price being right), think again. Buss wants return on his inveestment – TO WIN!!

    The only way, Shaq comes to L.A. is if Phoenix buys out his contract, which I seriously doubt will happen. There is no way Phoenix trades Shaq to a division rival – unless its for Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar (they need a backup to Nash). Phoenix has no use fot LO because they already have a power forward in Amare Stoudamire.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #60715 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not true! we’re just smart fans! we don’t want him to go benedict arnold on us again! he was a traitor once and he’ll do it again. the only equalizer to that is if kobe wins 1 without him!

    your problem is that you only see the immediate fix and not the bigger picture. you’re like the domestically abused wife who keeps going back to the beating husband. good luck with that next beat down fool!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    “Kiss mY aSSs” j/k. I will take him back for Vet. min to sell tickets and merchandise. Or trade Chris Mihn , Fluke and V-lady for him. Only on these scenerios and terms. He is soo washed out.

  • Dracul

    There are a couple of things that need to be addressed –

    1. Shaq still has a 20 million dollar contract for this year AND the next.

    2. He only plays on the 2nd night of a back to back. So a team would be essentially employing someone who shows up to work only half the time.

    3. Who would the Lakers trade for him? Lamar Odom? He has shown to work effectively with Gasol off the bench. If the 2nd game of the Finals wouldn’t have been so lobsided on fouls and if the Lakers wouldn’t have blown a lead in game 4, we would be champions, so the Odom/Gasol combo we know works.

    4. IF the Suns want to buy him out and IF he wants to sign for the veteran’s minimum with the Lakers, I wouldn’t see a problem with signing Shaq. He’s still a big body in the middle who can occasionally have a dominating night. I would also say that he can muster up the stamina to put in the effort if he’s on a championship team.

  • 323 TOWN



  • sketch

    you can take those words how ever you like. you sound like you’ve taken enough beatings from your husband already so let’s just leave it at that.

    i’m not arguing your point of needing bynum to win a championship, i was responding to your accusation that people who don’t want the big fat SNAQ back are bandwagon fans and that simply ain’t true!

    you know that SNAQ has already turned on us, and he turned on the Heat too after declaring that they were a better organization than the Lakers. this fool just keep spouting out at the mouth whenever he feels like it. you think that you can trust him to shut his pie hole and play hard for the Lakers while coming off of the bench? Because there ain’t no way he’s starting over Bynum!

    And all this talk of getting SNAQ is way too premature and foolish in the sense that he’s owed $20million next year. That means that the Lakers need to send over at least 90% of that money in contracts back to Phoenix. Where’s that going to come from? And the Lakers are already gonna have to pay Kobe, Pau, LO, and Bynum…now you want to add fat SNAQ with his fatter contract to break the bank? LOL! that’s just not gonna work.

    I’m fine with SNAQ coming back after Kobe winning his title without him first, so that SNAQ can never hang that over Kobe’s head or the organization. That means that SNAQ will have to finish off his contract with the Suns through next season then we can sign him for the verterans minimum. This way, he gets to come back as a Laker, Kobe and SNAQ can end this book on a sweet and romantic chapter where the Lakers wins another championship, and also the organization gets to save face by taking the high road by welcoming SNAQ back, allowing him to retire his jersey as a Laker, and get him on the cheap! That’s the way to do it!

    So, like I said…the people who don’t want SNAQ back are just smart fans and not band wagon fans! We see the bigger picture not just what’s going to happen tomorrow!


    …If Shaq were to somehow get back to The Lakers, it will not happen until the 2010/11 season, the year he becomes a F.A. assuming he’ll still have some combustible diesel left in the tank!
    …Unless all the other available/tradable bigs, through-out the league, go down or become unattainable before then, why would The Lakers even entertain the thought of acquiring him in any other way?



  • Smush Walton

    Shaq doesn’t have much of a work ethic, but he likes to have fun. His return may mess up team chemistry. Also, does the ball have to go into him on every play? I don’t think we remain the highest scoring team going back to that style.

    But if he can assume a backup role, and if we could trade Luke and Vlad for him, we would be be improving both by addition and subtraction!

  • orangewire

    lol. shaq is not going to like sitting on the bench looking at gasol and bynum beast all game.

    shaq to the lakers cant happen. shaq just needs to retire.


    …The Lakers did not want to give Shaq a max contract when he bolted to Miami, what makes anybody think The Lakers will absorb his inflated contract now? …????… It’s not going to happen!

  • Phelps

    I think Shaq has a hidden agenda in wanting to go back to LA. I think he wants to break the team apart now that the Lakers are really winning big as a team! And I think in doing so Shaq will achieve his goal which is for Kobe not to win another title. Shaq should just SHUT UP!!! Remember his crazy rap after the Lakers lost to the Celtics last year. I think he should retire and shut the hell up!!! Leave the Lakers alone. Stop causing trouble.

  • keisha the diva

    Yes I would love to have Shaq back, if Shaq goes back to the Lakers, then I will no longer be a Laker hater. As of now I can’t stand the Lakers. Shaq made the team, while I agree Kobe is a good player, I think him and Shaq made a perfect team, just like Bonnie and Clyde, or like a pen and paper, they are a match. So yes let Shaq come back to the Lakers, without drama from the two.

  • http://www. Pamantha

    Are there any live demos?