David Brickley, host of the Voice of the Nation, had a one-on-one interview with Matt Barnes, as he was gearing up for his Youth Basketball Clinic at the Peninsula Montessori School, in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Matt discussed: the Lakers chance of catching the Spurs for the #1 seed in the west, how he felt about Kobe Bryant before they were teammates, and who is the better rapper, Ron Artest, or Joe Smith? Hear his answers to all that and more in this exclusive report.

  • Paul

    Damn, this made me respect Matt Barnes even more.

    • LakerMarc

      my thoughts exactly just a genuine and respectable guy…liking Matt Barnes..I want him to reach his dreams and win a championship……Go Lakers!!!

  • Leo

    Great job, Bricks! Matt has always been great with the media. Nice watch.

  • Steve

    Loved the interview. You guys are getting better at your interviewing skills. Matt sounds like a cool guy too.


    Wow. Mat is very well spoken, innonciates clearly. Did I spell that correctly?

    • LakerMarc

      no enunciates…but its okay only cuz Ice Cream is part of your name ..otherwise…….

  • BooCocky

    dude your getting better. sound less like joe buck everyday. good job…

    • LakerMarc

      too phucking funny