L.A. Times: Then there are the players who won’t be chasing a championship with the Lakers this season.

Call them the ex-Lakers.

As the Lakers experience a slow period in their schedule (one game in eight days), there’s plenty of time to glance at other teams, including those that are home to their former players.

Brian Cook is complaining about his time in Orlando, Javaris Crittenton is riding pine in Memphis, and Ronny Turiaf and Kwame Brown are off to slow starts with their new teams.

Marc Gasol, on the other hand, is enjoying a promising start to his rookie season in Memphis, even if he is only a former Lakers draft pick.

Cook, who was traded last November for Trevor Ariza, has been buried at the end of Orlando’s bench, though he finally lashed out about a lack of playing time that had been attributed to showing up to camp out of shape.

“I’m sick and tired of all of their excuses and reasons,” he told reporters in Orlando. “But at this point I’m just trying to keep a smile on my face and be ready when they call on me.”

Crittenton, in his first full season with Memphis after being dealt by the Lakers in the Pau Gasol trade, has been buried on the depth chart behind point guards Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry. He sat out the Grizzlies’ first five games.

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  • Smush Walton

    Of all of the ex-Lakers around the league who would you most welcome back?

    Seems to me the one whose return would be the most welcome would be Caron Butler, assuming he is healthy. Ronny always plays with such energy. I would welcome him back too provided he develops the ability to hit some mid range jumpers.

    The players that can forget about returning? Smush Parker (how was he ever a Laker starter for TWO years?), Kwame (once is enough!), Brian Cook (all he did was stand at the 3 point arc), Shaq (he’s far beyond his prime).

    As for the current players most encouraged to hit the road? Without a doubt Luke, especially as Ariza continues to shine.

  • Kb_24mvp


    To answer your question i would bring back Caron Butler and Brian Cook, I went to last years orlando magic and Laker game in orlando and after the game I saw Brian Cook go inside the Laker Bus and talk with all the lakers, I think he truly misses LA lol

    I would so trade Vlad for Cook anyday


    Lakers fans can thank their lucky stars that the Lakers Brass is not in line with Kb_24mvp’s desire to bring back Brian Cook… It will never happen! … Not even for Luke “The Smush” Walton… Hell, I wouldn’t even give up the original “Smush” for Brian “The Toasted” Cook… The dude is a “1” trick pony, always has been and always will be. …Not to mention the biggest whiner in the league.

  • MILO


  • Kb_24mvp

    hahahaha my bad guys it was worth A TRY LOL


    I would take back mo evans.


    ……. but I would WAY!!!!!!! have TREVOR then cook and evans. Just another great move by MITCH “the god of GM” KUPCHACK.

  • Ignard

    He was joking when he said he’d trade Vlad Rad for Cook, right?

  • Albert

    Rick Fox LOL


    VladRad and Brian Cook are essentially identical players… Only difference: One shoots rainbows and the other shoots frozen ropes, otherwise these 2 are nearly identical in all other aspects of their game.