Ex-Laker Mark Madsen rooting the Lakers on!

    How could you not love Mark Madsen? If you don’t, it’s because you’re straight up jealous about his dancing skills. In fact, he makes Napoleon Dynamite jealous. Yeah, he’s that good. Anyways, here is what he wrote about Ochox3 and the Lakeshow in his latest blog…

    MadDogBlog: The other day someone said to me, “Who do you want to win the championship…the lakers or the celtics?” That’s one of the hardest questions I could answer, but the truth is that I want the Lakers to win. I am a Timberwolf first and foremost, but I gave three years of blood sweat and tears to Phil Jackson and the Lakers. I have to pull for my old team even though I do want Kevin Garnett to get a ring.

    My summer is going well. I enjoyed watching Kobe tonight. It’s nice when you see someone care so much about what they do as Kobe cares about his profession. Phil Jackson used to put us in the video room and show us film. “Fellas…like it or not, what you see on the game film is what the fans see….this is your livelihood. It should be important to you.”

    Chris Manning is a co-owner and video producer for TheLakersNation.com. In addition to his "LD2k" fan-video productions, Chris is working as the "Production Manager" for HS3; A Digital, Brand Strategy and Marketing company based in L.A. which represents the digital entities of numerous high-profile athletes. You can follow him on Twitter for a wide array of sports/Lakers talk!
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    • True Lakers Fan

      bring back madog haha but its good to see him giving us respect hes a laker for life

    • xtro

      Bring back the Mad Dog to L.A. Mad Dog and Turiaf will be a hell of a defensive presence. Block Party!!!

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      everyones favorite mormon…

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      U Gotta Love The MAD DOG! :)

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      varsity is right. and then some.

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      Mark bleeds Purple and Gold!!!! Trade him for fluke

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