derek_fisher_.jpgDerek Fisher is leaving Utah. They are setting up a press conference this afternoon to announce why and details. Fisher was my fav. Laker during the championship run and if he leaves his contract, I’d love to have him back in L.A. However, more importantly, I hope his family is healthy and everything is alright. More details to follow…

Salt Tribune: The Jazz will announce in a press conference this afternoon that guard Derek Fisher is leaving the team, The Salt Lake Tribune has learned.

It is not clear if Fisher is retiring or if he’s asking the Jazz to release him from his contract, possibly to play for another team.

If he were to walk away from his contract with Utah, Fisher would forego almost $21 million in salary, which was due to be paid to him over the next three seasons.

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  • Soysauce43

    i wish he would come back, because we are in need of a pg, and he is suitable

  • _HuStLiN_PhEnOm_

    Wow great news

  • kb24mvp

    man use the mle on him asap i hope he is alright or maybe he knows la is gettin kg and he wants back.i accept back in full arms

  • _HuStLiN_PhEnOm_


  • kb24mvp

    it has to be why

  • kb24mvp

    un less he knows deron williams is taken all his time to play but all that stuff with his daughter is questionable to wat he is gonna do

  • shortdiezel


  • SILO


  • lakersforlife77

    If he’s not retiring, sign him immediately.

  • _HuStLiN_PhEnOm_

    Im hoping hes not gonna retire

  • lakersfan17

    Like everyone is saying if his not retiring sign him!!!!!

  • Big D

    Him announcing retiring at this early stage of summer doesn’t quite make sense to me. If his daughter is the issue, then he has all summer to make up his mind as it’s not like he is needed anywhere any time soon.

    I’d wager he is looking for another home besides Utah, so I hope he comes back to L.A.

  • Newtdog

  • SILO


  • mr47

    I wouldn’t mind having D-Fish back. I just don’t see the Jazz letting him go just so he can go to another team. Does this ever happen in the NBA and is it legal for players and teams to agree to let things go?

  • MCADAMS711

    The Jazz are letting him go and yes he still wants to play basketball. He just wants to play where treatment is closer. Doubt the Lakers are much of an option. I remember when Dfish was the head of the Lakers fan club…too bad GS decided to overpay him.

  • Rpoc

    Great news my arse. My prayers go out to him.

  • kb24

    come to lakers!!!

  • kb24mvp

    has the press confernce happened yet.wat happened . is he retirein wat?

  • SILO



  • lakerfreak

    my prayers to his family and him i dont think he will be on a team at the start of the season but i think he might sign into the season or next year and the lakers would be a great canidate but he is leaving to go to another team he has a good deal in utah i mean he is overpaid and an important member of a rising team they are young and made the second round he wouldnt walk away from that

  • lakersforlife77

    [quote comment=”5000″]The Jazz are letting him go and yes he still wants to play basketball. He just wants to play where treatment is closer. Doubt the Lakers are much of an option. I remember when Dfish was the head of the Lakers fan club…too bad GS decided to overpay him.[/quote]

    lol well that sucks coming here would be the farthest away from his daughters treatment

  • TheFaze

    I’ll say a prayer for his daughter, as cancer is not a funny thing to bandy about…

    However, I do hope that when everything settles down, the Lakers sign him to the MLE.

  • lakerfreak

    although it doesnt make sense to leave at the beginning of the summer i wonder if the jazz wanted to get rid of his bad contract in which case the lakers should pick him up like now

  • TheFaze

    In the ESPN article:

    They mention a program for that particular cancer at the UCLA Mattel Childrens Hospital, so it’s possible that his daugher could get treatment there, instead of in NY…

  • mr47

    For those too lazy to read, here is a breakdown:

    *They decided to part ways because of his daughters illness
    *New York is not the only place where his daughter can get care, there are a small handful of cities
    *He is not retiring and will continue to play for another team

    That being said, that means LA is a potential city. Might the pieces to our puzzle be coming into play? My prayers go out to D-Fish as well and the Laker fans will take our .04 man with open arms!!

  • KB24[LiGhTsOuT]

    The Lakers have to pay the rest of his salary on his contract if they get him[i think]

  • “Billy” Kupchak

    I am thrilled he’s coming back!

  • Ira

    I hope his daughter gets better, tough situation, all the best to her and the family.

    If D-Fish wants to come back to the Lakers, then the Lakers FO should make it happen.

  • darkice18

    first, prayers to his daughter…

    …second, i hope that Lakers sign him, cause him and kobe are great friends (basically family) and maybe gettin D-Fish back will help ease kobe and appease him with KG and Fisher….

  • punkjones

    D – Fish is completely class. Priorities in order: family first. He’s definitely at the top of the list of likeable Lakers over the last couple decades. If he came back here I’d be ecstatic. He’s a guy you can count on to run an offense, knock down a shot, play his heart out and just bring it. He’d be so much better than guys like Blake and Knight. I miss D Fish. He gave us so much to cheer for over the years. Remember when he was coming up under Nick the Quick? Jerry West can really pick ‘em.

  • lakerfan81

    I wish him and his family the best of luck. The jazz will just wave his contract. That is the right thing to do, he needs to be with his family. Fisher is a class act all the way and if he does not retire he will be a valuable player wherever he plays at.

  • rmeazy82

    Prayers to the Fisher family.. I hope all is good with D-Fish.

  • laker2421

    My prayers go out to DFish and his family esp. his daughter. Good luck to all of you.

  • cyrus

    Best wishes for Fisher and his baby girl, Tatum. I pray for them to have many happy healthy years together.

    Derek is a true class act and could be a priceless asset for the Lakers and I believe it will happen.

    According to ESPN:”Fisher said he wants to live in one of the six or seven cities being considered for Tatum’s care.”

  • kb24

    i hope that d fishes daughter gets a whole lot better.

    even tho this isnt the best way to get d fish, this is like a gift to us. since utah has no choice but to waive his contract. i may be wrong but doesnt that meen if the lakers sign him then the jazz pay for the contract? thats wat we did for brian grant right? so we would be able to get d fish for free. and the best part is that the hospital in LA treats the type of cancer his daughter has.

  • KEEPbynum

    kudos to the jazz as well for doing the right thing and letting fish do what he needs to do

  • ray

    i don’t think fisher should play and should keep his focus on his family. he said himself that he can’t be the same player carrying the load of basketball and his famiy. i think that any team that would consider signing him will take into consideration that he my not be available for a lot of the season

  • RC

    Prayers to D Fish and his family in this most difficult time.

    Less important, D Fish is way better than Steve Blake, however, at this stage of D Fish career, I think he would be a solid 7th or 8th man for the Lakers, playing behind Papa, but would play imnportant minutes in the 4th quarter.

    D Fish in the playoffs was not complete starter material, grant it his daughter situation was the primary reason. But from looking at him also in the regular season, he is a step or two slower than he was with the Lakers, he would be a GREAT bench player that I would welcome back to the Laker organization.

    And let’s face it, outside of N.Y., there are a few cities that can match the medical special care his daughter requires which would include Chicago, L.A., Houston and perhaps San Francisco. So D Fish will have a choice between Lakers and his former team Golden State!!!!

  • Ed24

    Derek Fisher will be a laker next year. He basically said that he would be a Laker this up coming season during his press conference.

  • mj2kb

    Great. Now we can have another veteran whos won championships and show leadership to these young point guards.

  • RC

    D Fish reminds me of one of Michael Jackson’s brothers, he wants to always be there with Kobe (Michael Jackson) when greatness is coming to share in the glory. Hope it works out D Fish, but take care of Tatum first and Kobe (Batman) will take the Lakers to a few more championships with or without you!!!!!

  • kb24

    the best part is that we dont have to pay the mle on him cuz he was waived by utah. like RC sed we can make a better offer to papa or maybe get a center in magloire because mihm is asking to much.

  • RC

    [quote comment=”5045″]the best part is that we dont have to pay the mle on him cuz he was waived by denver. like RC sed we can make a better offer to papa or maybe get a center in magloire because mihm is asking to much.[/quote]

    Kobe, I think you meant to say waived by “Utah” instead of Denver, hopefully I’m correct Bro!!!!

  • kb24

    oh my bad

  • VIVA THE GAME | Dating tips

    Yeah, having Derek Fisher back is not a bad idea. I think it could work. We still need Kevin Garnett!!!

  • darkice18

    can we sign FISHER for vets min????

  • NY Kobe Fan 8

    remember this guys!

  • RC

    [quote comment=”5053″]can we sign FISHER for vets min????[/quote]

    Yes, D Fish can sign for the vet minimum, and this could be why laker front office has stated they will only have 14 players under contract!!!

    You never know, D Fish could have called lakers front office and PJ to alert them of this info. I have a feeling D Fish will come back to play sometime in 2008, so D Fish have a good holidays, christmas with the family and new years, we’ll have the vet min waiting for you to come off the bench in 2nd half of season and playoffs!!!

  • J-Cool

    Y’All Heard About Rashard Lewis Going To The Magic?

  • David

    [quote comment=”5056″]

    remember this guys![/quote]

    One of the greatest laker moments in my lifetime. The look on Bruce Bowen’s face is epic.

  • klao

    scratch another name of the lakers list(if they were interested):

  • kgmvp

    Great Get Mr. 0.4 back Get Fisher instead of Blake

  • kgmvp

    Great Get Mr. 0.4 back

  • J-Cool,1,108436.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers

    The Lakers are seeking a veteran ballhandling guard and could offer him up to approximately $5 million for next season, if he chooses not to retire.

    “We’re going to have an open mind,” said Fisher’s agent, Mark Bartelstein. “It’s certainly something we’d look at, but I think we have to take some time to digest everything that’s happened.”

  • BringDFishBack

    Wow, I am shocked at the replies I see to this article. As you can all tell from my name, I want D.Fish back more than anyone. However, saying this is great as it may mean he might return and just saying offer him money to get him back is ridiculous. The only reason he is getting out of utah is to live somewhere where his daughter can get good treatment. Like he said basketball is far from his mind and completely unimportant. Money means NOTHING to him right now, so dont be saying the FO needs to be offering him a ton of money to get him here. This entire situation revolves around his daughter and where she can get the best treatment. The team that is willing to offer fisher a decent contract in one of those places will most likely get him. that is assuming he doesnt retire.

    That being said, I hope his daughter makes it through and keep her in your prayers.

  • luis rico

    did u guys watch the game when duncan hit the 2 pointer to leade by 1 then d-fisher to hit a 2 pointer with 0.4 left on the clock… man i was so happy

  • J-Cool

    Did I Do Anything Wrong DFish?


    Do it Mitch!

  • getgasol

    Get Derek Fisher back. give him the full MLE. I was saying this even before Fish left the Jazz. The Lakers should have their heads examined for ever letting him go. Fish was arguably their best player after Shaq & Kobe. I would rather the Lakers get Fish back than any other free agents. The Lakers weakest position is at point guard, and during the Laker’s 3 championships, no one on the Lakers played that position better. Besides, the triangle offense doesn’t need a true point guard anyway. Spending a ton of money trying to get someone like Kidd or Nash would be a waste. GET FISH!!!

  • lakers4life

    thats what ive been sayin everyone is sayin get billups and shit, we dont need a true pg or a star that will take al our money. we need a pg that can play D and can hit open shots. and thats what d-fish does