Mo. EvansThe OC Register: Here’s the background info: Lakers forward Maurice Evans calls Kevin Garnett “one of my best friends in the league.” Here’s the news: “I know he definitely wants out of that situation, deservedly so,” Evans said Thursday.”He’s given his heart and soul to that (Minnesota) organization,” Evans added. “And whether it be here or Minnesota or wherever, I hope for and wish him the best in his future.”

Garnett has made reference to opting out of his contract after next season, though that would come at extreme financial cost. Garnett has not publicly asked for a trade, but there has been speculation about the Timberwolves trading him rather than losing him for nothing.

After this season turned out worse than last, a first-round dismissal by Phoenix in five games instead of seven, the Lakers have been asked by Kobe Bryant to be more open to bold moves. Bryant is prodding management to “do something and do it now” to meet his request to “get to that elite level, like, now.”

Asked about Bryant’s comments, center Kwame Brown said: “I don’t talk about making changes, because when you start talking about that, you’re not a basketball player, you’re a personnel guy. That’s not me. I’m a basketball player.”

Brown and his expiring contract with $9.1 million due next season almost certainly would be part of any Lakers trade package to bring back a high-salaried player.

He suggested the team might be better kept intact but also acknowledged team-unity issues this season.

“We’ve got to band together more,” he said. “I think at times of adversity, we just split up.”

Said Evans: “We had chemistry issues all year long, trying to find lineups that would work most efficiently. And even when we finally did get back healthy, we still didn’t have enough fight and resolve.”

Evans spent his rookie year with Garnett in Minnesota and said: “I would love to play with Kevin. He’s obviously a great player and very unselfish and passes. He’s so unselfish almost to a fault, so I would love to benefit from some of his overly unselfish passes. But who knows?”

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