ESPN polled it’s people and the vast majority of them voted the Lakers to come out and represent the West:

ESPN: Lakers (41 votes): As powerful and competitive as the Western Conference has been for the past few years, the Los Angeles Lakers or San Antonio Spurs have almost always been the last team standing. For 10 of the past 11 seasons, the Lakers or Spurs have represented the West in the Finals, winning the whole chalupa in eight of those 10 seasons.

Our panel sees no reason to switch horses now, with 51 of our 53 voters predicting that either the Lakers or the Spurs will win the conference title.

But that doesn’t mean the panel sees the Spurs as being on par with the defending champs. Rather, 78.8 percent of our voters like the Lakers to get out of the West for the seventh time in 11 seasons.

It’s not hard to see why. The Lakers are less than three months removed from winning the 15th title in franchise history, and the fourth in 10 years. Despite some scares along the way, the 2008-09 Lake Show dominated the season and postseason to such a degree that it ranks as the ninth-best team since the NBA-ABA merger (ninth of 66 Finals teams in all), according to John Hollinger.

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  • schnide

    who are the clowns who voted someone else?

  • gugy

    hate this sh•t.
    I seems like ESPN always are predicting this cr@p to jinx us.
    Fu-ck them

  • touchingmyself

    bottom line is all this crap that people are sayin, don’t mean sh!t! at the end of the day, whoever has the most points wins the game and title! in 2008, “they” said that the Lakers were the favorites which was a bunch of sh!t again… how can they claim that the Lakers were better when the big 3 from Boston were all all stars and they were playin great defensive as well as team basketball? sure, the Lakers were on a roll in the western conference playoffs, but that didn’t mean anything considering the Lakers fell to the Celd!cks twice in the regular season! the regular season matchups may not mean anything come playoff time like when Orlando beat the Lakers twice this past season and the Lakers were still able to beat them down 4-1 (that’s because of the Lakers playoff experience over the illusions!)

    then “they” said that the nuggets were gonna beat the Lakers in the western conference finals and “they” were wrong. then “they” said that the illusions were gonna take the Lakers to a game 7 and some of “them” even said that the illusions were gonna win! again, all this speculation means sh!t! we all know what we have in our Lakers team and so does everybody else that why all the other teams in the NBA are stackin up against the Lakers! that’s right, they are all revampin their teams to go up against the LAKERS!

    Ever since the Pau Gasol trade, teams were doing just that! No one was beefing up their team when Gay G went to the Celd!cks! No one really cared, but the ripple effect throughout the league actually happened because of the Lakers pulled off the biggest heist in League history! Phoenix got Snaq and J Rich, Hornets got Posey to try to check Kobe, Houston got Artest, and so on. Now, the ripple effect has turned into a tsunami! Orlando getting VC, Cleveland getting Snaq, San Antonio getting RJ, Celd!cks trying desperately to sign a combo player in Marquis Daniels, Blazers signing Andre Miller, Toronto signing Turkey-Loo, and so on. the ripple effect is still growing!

    like i said, it doesn’t matter what “they” say! at the end of the day, the Lakers has to play up to their potential! and if they do, then there ain’t no one to stop them (barring injuries of course)! and there’s no such thing as the jinx with “them” picking our team, if that were the case, then the Lakers wouldn’t have won back in June! so fcuk them! “they” can say what “they” want to say, all i know is that our Lakers will continue to roll through the season doing what they do and if they do it up to their potential with solid D… then they’ll bring the title and the trophy back home the Los Angeles two years straight!

    • jason

      People need to stop with the player name puns. No one likes puns and you look extremely lame.

  • KeyTurn

    Next week ESPN will claim SAS is the best team, simply cause they’re closer to the East Coast. Those idiots ride the wave of popular East Coast opinion and change their minds with the suits each morning.

    We all know the Lakers of the best in the West without doubt, and possible the best in the league.

  • daboss1848

    rofl . . . if espn picks Lakers to win, its b/c they are trying to jinx them, BUT if espn doesnt pick Lakers to win, its b/c theres an east coast bias


  • Robert

    One ‘new’ pseudo-journalists from espn already picked the celdicks to be champs, in a lame chat session. I think that the celdicks would have to all take steriods, and tons of cortisone shots in order for this to happen. Not even sure they’ll get that far. They have to get past Cleveland, and Snaq would be ready to punish them. They’ll need to order extra walkers for the season.

    Anyway, the Lakers are shoe-ins for championship. I think we all know that. What will be new this year is a ‘really’ exciting team (yes, last year’s team was exciting too). Watch out for pyrotechnics with 3 All-Stars (one of them HOF = Kobe) on the same team. Might have 4 All-Stars if LO decides to step up too.

  • Short Dog

    We have the best team. I’ve been waiting for a team like this since Kobe and Shaq. It’s about time. Game recognizes game. We have the BEST Team and the MVP! Sit back and enjoy another parade!