According to this afternoon’s edition of Sportscenter, Mark Stein is reporting KG wants to be traded to Phx. They edited the article on ESPN with the new details:

ESPN: And Garnett, sources say, wants to move to a warm-weather city and a team that can claim legitimate championship potential.

All of which should help explain why the Suns are No. 1 on his list.

Another big factor: Garnett and Suns guard Steve Nash, sources say, have become good friends over the past few years, starting in 2005 when Garnett was one of the first players in the league to call Nash and congratulate him on his first MVP trophy.

  • Kobe_Fan24

    This is crap. If phx gets garnett they will be wy better. We got to stop this. The lakers FO should get in the mix and make something happen. Do something and do it now mitch.

  • Rpoc


  • lakersforlife77

    If he goes to the suns, he can say goodbye to my respect. Anybody on the suns recieves my hate forever. Fuck the suns.

  • somelakerfan1

    ass mitch make the $%@! deal u stupid ass mother $%#! were gunna be the worst eam if we dont make the $%#@ trade right now mitch and ass family make the shit work trade today or 2marrow stop ur dunbass vactions and make a deal or else byby to kg byby to kobe and most importantly byby to ur jobs bitches!!!!!!!!!!

  • aaron

    This is not a good news, if we dont land garnett in LA i dont think kobe will settle for jermain oneal, the west is getting stronger and stronger and the east is weak so he has a better shot of going to the finals in the east, if we dont land garnett. i hope that he will stay and we can land garnett.

  • One35



    this site continues to be a bad karma.

  • Kobe All Day 8

    KG did not say he wanted to be traded to phx, read the article closely,

    “And Garnett, sources say, wants to move to a warm-weather city and a team that can claim legitimate championship potential.

    All of which should help explain why the Suns are No. 1 on his list.”


    “Although Miller declined to specify a team when asked where Garnett would prefer to be dealt”

    hes going to LA dont worry sooner or later hell crack and say I WANNA GO TO LA

  • magic32

    im telling you guys phx has everything to get a unstoppable trio in their team.

    phx trades marion,barbosa,diaw to los angeles for kobe bryant

    phx trade amare, and their first round pick to minny for kevin garnett

    this can happen just a matter of time phx gets it in their head.

    C – Kurt Thomas
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    SF – Raja Bell
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    PG – Steve Nash

    And to make one thing clear KG never said he wants to be traded to PHX he said thats a destination he would like to go instead of boston wtf is espn doing now.Also if minny was going to take just al jefferson and the 5th pick from boston i say mitch’s lazy ass gets on the phone and offers odom or bynum along with fillers and their 19th pick for kg. This is the only thing that will prevent kobe from leaving and KG going to PHX. And don’t be so hyped up on JO remember they want both odom and bynum and if odom gets traded he said he wants an extension.

  • Kobe All Day 8

    [quote comment=”1994″]

    C – Kurt Thomas
    PF – Kevin Garnett
    SF – Raja Bell
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    PG – Steve Nash


    lmfaooooooo and then you woke up, this can never happen

  • jayhotep

    since when ESPN become credible when it comes to basketball news especially with all the speculations that they put out there?

  • lakersforlife77

    My wish is for nash to never make a finals appearance ever, so I do not like this news, but as far as I’m concerned ESPN’s basketball analysts have no credibility whatsoever after the way they’ve been handling the kobe stuff. I’d be surprised if kg even gets traded.

  • lakerfan81

    KG didn’t say he wants to go anywhere and the only way he is going to PHX is if they give Amare to Minny. I don’t think the suns want to do that. Trade a 24 yr old budding superstar for a 31 yr old Superstar who is going down hill. PHX would have to think real hard about that.

    I think there are a couple of teams that I would be willing to play with if I was KG. Chicago, Detroit, CAVS (besides chicago I don’t know if those three teams could pull of a trade) or the Lakers, if Kobe is staying, but they would have to trade their entire team apart from Kobe to get KG.
    Trade KG for Bynum, Brown, #19, Walton, sasha (too bad they wouldn’t take Radman, but you never know Mchale doesn’t seem to bright of a GM). Maybe you can include Odom in that instead of Brown or Bynum But I doubt it since the biggest asset Minnesota can get for KG is cap space. Trade Cook and contract buy out of Mckie and a 2nd rnd pick for Head and Wells (the 1.5-2 million Houston would get after next season for buying out Mckie’s contract would be better than sasha). Use the MLE to sign a big man and take a big man with your remaining 2nd round pick. then you have a line up of:

    PG: Head
    SG; Kobe
    SF: Odom
    PF: Garnet
    C: MLE/Mihm (hopefully he can play again)

    Bench: Farmar, Wells, Evans, Turiaf, 2nd rnd pick, Vlade

    I think thats a pretty good team. Or if you kept Bynum or Brown (extremely doubtful) in the deal and traded Odom You would have a line up of:

    SG: Kobe
    SF: sign Hill for MLE. I doubt he wants the full MLE
    PF: KG
    C: Brown or Bynum
    Bench: Farmar, Wells, Evans, mihm, turiaf 2nd rnd pick, Vlade

    both teams are good but these trades are unlikely.

  • lakers3456

  • lakersforlife77

    If they don’t sign Mo Williams with the MLE they should try to pick up Jamaal Magloire, if you put him in that lineup you’ve got above me, that’s a great team right there……….I wouldn’t want hill and I don’t think he would sign with the lakers neway, I’m liking the lineup above that

  • punkjones

    I think he could as well be talking about the Lakers if the front office actually makes some good moves to contend. Phoenix though could happen, they might even be desperate enough to take Marion and Diaw if Garnett now wants out. Lakers have absolutely got to get into the mix right now. Not sure what McHale wants from us. Hard to tell. We could give the whoever. Maybe Bynum, sign and trade Walton (McHale is like kid’s godfather), Brown and the 19. Unless he wants Odom, which I would be cool with. Guess we’d keep Brown in that case which isn’t bad either. If we got Bonzi as well as Luther Head I wouldn’t really miss Walton too much – if that’s what it takes to get KG.

  • lakersforlife77
  • MoneyMarl

    isn’t this also Kobe’s fault?? Think about it, If he was good friends with KG, don’t you think he would have asked to go to the lakers?? And for a guy as classy as KG, I dont think he views what KObe has done and said in the last couple of weeks in a good light.

    And the funny thing is Kobe would complement KG like no other guard in this league. Go ask Shaq!

  • Mr.47

    I hate that stupid ESPN headline. LA is a warm city too, it’s known for the perfect weather! Mitch, start marching by your “we are as aggressive as we’ve ever been” beat and make some calls! Also, try and keep Odom or Bynum and see if they bite…keep a straight face…and if they don’t then send em both.


  • curryxburrito

    I doubt even Kupcake is stupid enough to sit back and watch this trade happen. He SHOULD get in there.

  • Rpoc
  • Bryan

    And Garnett, sources say, wants to move to a warm-weather city and a team that can claim legitimate championship potential.

    Uhm.. it’s pretty damn warm out in LA too. WARM not BURNING HOT like the desert.

    I saw a Minnesota license plate today when i was making a delivery. It was a limo too! I’m tellin ya’ KG was in there checking out the sites and was probably on his way to go see Kupcake face.

    No way in hell are the Suns going to give up Amare. He’s there baby over there and Nash is becoming a grandpa soon.

    Kobe is gonna pick up the phone, if he hasn’t yet, call KG and tell him “c’mon bro, lets win a championship.”


  • punkjones

    Yeah, doesn’t sound to me like the Suns would give up what it would take to get Garnett, We would. But why don’t they want what we’ve got? They’re going to lose Garnett anyway, and they just stabbed him in the back by talking trade talk with Celtics. If I’m KG I put the hammer down now and say trade me to the Lakers. He can get even more specific than warm weather. Just say LA KG.

  • lakersforlife77

    since when is phoenix warm weather anyways, phoenix is hot as hell weather, the weather in la is way better, he’s right by the beach to. I’d say if weather is a major factor for him why would u want to go from one extreme to another?

  • lakerfan81

    If you look at what can be offered to Minny for I think LA has a good chance.

    Pheonix: assume that they would not trade Amare for KG. Phoenix doesn’t want two over 30 stars on their team. then a trade would have to center around Marion, Barbosa filler and probably atlantas 2008 1st round pick and one of PHX first rnd picks from this year. Besides Barbosa and atlantas pick that is not a good trade for minny. Too many large contracts you would not be clearing any cap space. If I’m McHale I do not trade KG to PHX unless I am getting Amare.

    Boston: This is probably the best trade for Minny that I have heard but I don’t think Boston will go for it especially since KG says he doesn’t want to play there. They would get Jefferson (who is going to be a very good player) #5 pick and a lot of cap space in the form of Ratliff’s expiring contract, plus whoever else was thrown in for cap space.

    Chicago: A trade would have to include Deng, Thomas the #9 pick. the n you would have to match salaries. Paxson will probably try to get rid of Wallace’s huge contract, but that would be a bad trade for Minny, so you are probably talking about a sign and trade (then buy out) for PJ Brown. Minny would get two young talented players the #9 pick and cap space.

    Lakers: A trade would probably Bynum, Walton, Brown #19 pick (hell throw in as many other future picks as you want) filler you could even throw in a sign and trade for Mckie. Minny would get a potential star in Bynum. A solid all around player in Walton (needs to work on defense) 9 million in cap apace. If you throw in Mckie they have about 11 million plus any other expiring contract they have or could pick up.

    Both the Chicago trade and lakers trades could work for Minny. Chicagos might be a little better but KG can sway which team he goes to. Either team with the addition of KG could contend for a title next season. The lakers would be a little thin up front but they could pick up someone for the MLE. Magloire (or however you spell his name). If I was Magloire I would take the chance to play along side Kobe and KG. Just go along for the ride.

    There are probably other teams trying to pick KG up but I don’t know which teams. The Lakers or Bulls are probably the two best trades for Minny to make, if they trade KG. But I doubt either trade will happen I’d say probably 10-20% chance.

  • C


  • magic32

    moneymarl, kobe is good friends with kevin garnett. kevin garnett called kobe around the time he got drafted and told him how it is to come out of high school. and yea kobe should be calling him to go to la but hasn’t been happening hes still pissed at the lakers.