• lilkobe24


  • http://myspace.com/badlatinmutha JohnJohn

    They all had the Cavs over Magic 2. Better not jinxs us.

  • sketch

    So there’s at least 1 IDIOT in the bunch! Our Lakers will win and they’ll do it with style! I do see our boys coming out on top in 5, possibly 6! The pressure is on us for the 1st 2 games for sure. The 2-3-2 format does put more pressure on the home court advantaged team the 1st 2 games, but I think that our boys have been battle tested and that they’re ready for the task at hand! I just hope that Bynum will be ready to push back against Howard as he so eagerly claims! If not then I guess Mbenga and Powell will have to be the muscle while Pau continues to hit his “soft” jumpers and hooks!

    Just remember, as much as Pietrus was able to hold LeHype in check, it was only LeHype afterall! We’re talkin Kobe fcukin Bryant! He’s not only the best closer in the league, but the best d@mn3d player in the world still! Pietrus will be in foul trouble all series long and Kobe will finally get the Finals MVP that he so desperately is seeking and deserving!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 123kid

    jesus>pietrus = according to karl, at certain points not even jesus could guard kobe!

    the magics faced a team without brand, a team without kg, and a one man team in lebron. overall, our chances are that much greater seeing as we have faced far more better and physical teams than orlando. i give howard credit and he may be a huge force to take down, but when I know we can beat hedo, lewis, alston, lee, and their bench, i like our chances!

  • lainok

    you know, that’s what that stupid chart looked like last year. please stop posting them, you’ll jinx us.

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom DZ

    this BETTER NOT JINX US! this brought back flashbacks of the 6 out of 8 ESPN people who said lakers were gonna take it last year.. =[

  • Paul Garnett

    Abbott is a freaking genius.

  • roro

    some people say lakers have a disadvantage with rashard lewis because he is like a small foward, but can he play defense against pau gasol? i think the lakers are not going to double dwight and play him straight up. I just wonder who win guard kobe because i think his better than lebron especially he can shoot the jump shot. Also i dont think anyone can match with kobe because he is on a mission. And the fact that they didnt celebrate the western conference trophy means there ready for the bigger prize which is the championship!

  • gugy

    Last year was the same thing. just one guy picked the Celtics and you know what happened. It almost feels ESPN wants to jinx us again Fu-ckers!
    We need to respect our opponent and play wit determination. I also think this year because we had a hard road t the finals, our team is way more prepared to encounter adversity.
    Lakers in 6.

  • JackFraust305

    This is what i Call the HOLLINGER JINX. I think we are going to lose because HOllinger picked us.

  • Lakezilla

    Oh please stop with the superstitions. We lost last year because our team wasn’t mentally tough enough not because some stupid sport’s writers picked us. The Lakers winning or losing will depend upon them soley and of course the coaching staff. Give it a rest already because who cares what BSPN says.

  • Russ

    i can’t believe people are saying 6 or 7 games???

    Really? seriously? 7 games?

    every time there’s a finals, they always say 6 or 7 to be safe, but it never goes 6 or 7

    I say Lakers in 5…POSSIBLY 6 Because they might want to win it in LA for the home crowd…but 7??? c’mon…stop lying

    it’s because the Magic are going to be so scared in game 1, they’ll lose it simply because of the nervous-factor

    game 2 is gonna be big for both teams…either LA will take control of the series or the Magic will actually show the Lakers they aren’t kidding around…look for game 2 to be really exciting

    game 3 will be tough for the Lakers, but if Magic win game 2, then count on Kobe and company to get a nice road win…

    then, you got 2 more in Orlando that could easily go to the Lakers. i mean, the Lakers aren’t afraid to play anywhere so i don’t see them getting scared in Orlando

    I just don’t see the Magic being as big a threat as Denver and Houston were. I mean, given, we just played like shit against Houston. but Denver was a legitimate contender. I mean, they had all the right pieces, but didn’t have alot of composure.

    but with orlando, just take dwight out and who do you have? Is Lewis gonna get 40 in one game? hell, is he even gonna get 30? what about Hedo? can he literally carry a team for an entire game? you see, there’s not a guy on Orlando that can literally take all the focus on Howard. They had Nelson but he’s injured (thank god), so i don’t see us doing bad.

    Also, has everyone failed to mention that Kobe is going to be guarded by Courtney Lee? really?? you think Lee is gonna stop Kobe? what about Pietrus? everyone goes on and on about how good a job pietrus did on Lebron. might i remind you that Lebron averaged almost 40 points in the eastern finals. how on earth can you say he did a good job? just makes no sense…

    Also, a big thing i noticed was that Van Gundy usually plays only three bench guys (gortat, pietrus, and johnson). this is a good strategy and all, but only 3 guys? Meanwhile, the Lakers play practically their entire team with the exception of Mbenga and Powell. I just don’t think Orlando has a good overall “team”. they might have a great starting five, but as all the analysts are saying, “they live and die by the jump shot”. See, the lakers don’t live and die by anything. They just have a flat-out talented team and an offense that works. Their problem is not playing defense. But, you really think after last year’s embarrassment, that the Lakers are gonna lose another Finals because of their “awful defense”? Kobe will just not have it.

    sorry that i keep ranting. i just really think the Lakers are going to win it all this year. I don’t see how the Magic will give them trouble. I mean, the East and West are two totally different sides. The Magic had the Sixers (which wouldn’t have made it in the playoffs in the West), the Celtics (who were nothing without Garnett), and the Cavs (who were undersized and worn-out by the time they played them). So, really, do they DESERVE to be in the Finals? or is it just a coincidence that they managed to get here???

    time will tell, but i see the Lakers taking care of business. I say Lakers in 5, but don’t be surprised if they go 6 so they can win it at Staples for all the fans.

    GO LAKERS!!!


    Who cares. So WHAT? They think we will win. HELL YEAH WE WILL WIN. The HYPE doesn’t affect how the Lakers play, it’s just the bandwagoners that come here thay make us real fans look like as*hol*es. Kobe is on a mission. I’m not saying we will sweep but this isn’t going to game 7.

    The ESPN picks are just a scapegoat for the not-so-true laker fans to blame when we lose our first game. WE WILL WIN. LAKERS 09. KOBE FINALS MVP. LATES.

  • scarface

    hahah reminded me when they all said lakers in six or seven last year and the celtics ended up winning it all…lol
    not trusting them this year..even tho I’m still going with the Lakers…but I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando wins..lets be honest..we cant go back to the defense we played in the first 2 weeks of the regular season..

  • lakerBIGdick

    fu-ck what BSPN says.

  • Vibe

    I dont like it.

  • Mitch4Pres

    F BSPN

  • kwame4mvp

    wtf hollinger picked us?

  • Sopi

    oh fxxx not again, these lakers wont play well when everyone think they gonna win it all………geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

  • Dragon

    This is the last stage of the playoff hopefully they will play every game at a high level. No time to make any mistakes just play hard and score and defense.

  • joseph saz

    what really SCARES me is that these same people said that the lakers would win last year besides just one person. and its the SAME thing this year. SCARY

  • FT

    same as last year, lets hope they got it right this yr.

  • Lakers 24 7

    There’s always that one guy that’s gotta pick something different from the rest of the crowd….

  • S-Quire

    We just gotta get Dwight in foul trouble and we’ll steal enough games to win in 6

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #73977 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He just may be, cause he also said that your mom was a man!

  • kb24sdbest

    I don’t have the prediction yet. As much as i love the lakers and kobe, to me i don’t know if i can trust them just yet. The lakers haven’t won more than 2 consecutive games in the playoffs this year, so i still question their focus. I’m just being realistic. I picked the lakers last year and i was wrong, so i’m mute this year. It will be interesting to see how this year will turn out. All i know for sure is that the lakers will need to win 2 or more consecutive games in this series to end it early specially with a 2-3-2 format and the MAGIC are impressive and for reals.. GOOD LUCK, LAKERS!

  • cajun fresh

    LAKESHOW in 4.

  • l4k3rs

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    LOL!!! thats a good 1 sketch.

    lakeshow in 5.

    who the hell is this Abbot dude? magic in 6? can some1 slap him and tell him to stop dreaming?

  • Kobe8

    Lakers are taking this. They too hungry for the Championship. Kobe would NEVER let his team lose these Finals. I thought he was tired late in the regular season but he proved to me that he’s fresh in game 6 against Denver.


    This stuff is crap!!! Stop posting stuff like this. This is going to jinx us. TLN please remove this, we don’t need this. Everyone had lakers over boston last year and look what happened. We came out with a sense of entitlement and lost. This year stuff like this will come out prior to game day and all we need is a jinx. Thanks alot idiots. Please remove…who’s with me?

  • SuperMan

    Don’t sleep on us. We’re better than people think! You guys haven’t run across anything like me! I smashed your A$$ in the regular season and I’m gonna do it again. Pau…yeah right! Bynum…c’mon! Once I kill those guys, Turkalu and Rashard will finish off the rest. You guys can’t even guard the Rockets, whats makes you think you can guard us?

  • LongDongMamba

    oh boy, the trolls are in full force here.

    No worries, we will shut them up just like we did with Utah, Houston and Denver.
    Lakers in 6!

  • lakerman1

    That so called Jinx last year was the Celtics playing more aggressive & physical & the Lakers basically threw in the towel in the 3rd & 4th Qtrs. This year the Lakers know that hearing you are going to win it all is not the same as playing to win it all. They have their full compliment of players and when Kobe sticks to team ball no one can beat them. He only has to close when the game is close in the 4th. And even though Orlando beat us twice in the regular season the look on their faces showed that they know they have more to accomplish. Lakers in no more then 6.

  • WifelovesLuke

    ” Lakezilla
    May 31st, 2009 at 9:42 pm
    Oh please stop with the superstitions. We lost last year because our team wasn’t mentally tough enough not because some stupid sport’s writers picked us. The Lakers winning or losing will depend upon them soley and of course the coaching staff. Give it a rest already because who cares what BSPN says.”

    Absolutely agree. The Lakers lost last year because the Celtics played better and wanted it more. Period. Enough with all the other garbage.

    And for all the homers showing up now, stop with the “sweep” crap. This is going to be a tough series. At least the BSPN cronies all agree that it’s going 6 or 7 games. Why? Because the teams match up really well with each other.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #74030 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ain’t no one sleepin on you guys! The experts gave you 2 or 3 wins! Just cause we know that the Lakers’ll win don’t mean that you guys being slept on. Now run along and chill out in your crystal castle ‘lil Dwight! We all saw what a little nugget of a kryptonite in Nate Robinson did to you in the slam dunk contest, what do you think will happen when you run into a meteorite sized kryponite in Kobe Bryant?!? You guys made your statement in the Eastern Conference Finals… that’s great! You took out a one man show, but the Lakers are not that team! Now STFU and be happy with your Eastern Conference Championship trophy, cause that’s the only thing you’ll be holding this summer! Oh, by the way… the next time that you’re naming your teammates, it’d be great if you could spell their name correctly! It’s “TURKOGLU” not “TURKALU”! Man, and you wonder why the U.S. is so low on their test performances!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    Does anybody else think that it’s funny that Lex Luther ( Abbot ) is the only one that picked Superman to win? Hahahahaha!

  • http://myspace.com/badlatinmutha JohnJohn

    Quick throw some salt over your shoulder.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #74071 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Give me a break JohnJohn… don’t be so d@mn3d superstitious! I gots my rabbit’s foot in my back pocket and I’m still wearing the same outfit that I’ve worn since game 5! Hahaha!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    Lakers need to counter the media jinx with some of Jim Rome’s Jungle Karma. HELP US JIM!!!

  • sketch

    ^^^Yo, that didn’t help Aaron Brooks man. He went on the Rome show the morning of game 5 and got his @$$ handed to him that night! That’s the game that the Lakers blew them out by 40 points! But then Fish went on the Rome show on May 28 and the next day on Friday night, our boys took care of the Thuggets by 27! So to be safe… we probably should get Jerry Buss, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Bynum, Pau, LO, and Ariza all to go on there! Hahaha!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    yeah, I think we need to put either Pau or Andrew on the Jungle. Preferably Pau. Someone from the XR4TI needs to call John Black and schedule this!

  • lakerferlife7

    rashard is gnna get eaten up by pau..idk if dwight will be able to get 40 n 20 against us….we got this in 6

  • Lakersnewdynasty09

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    ok…… lakers will not win gmae 5 just to win on there home floor, its the nba finals there not gonna take that risk. what if orlando comes back and wins them both, thats when ill find u and murder you lol jk about the murder part =]