This is a MUST READ article. They take the top ESPN NBA analysts and ask them questions and who would they take, Kobe or LeBron, depending on the situation. Great opinions and a great read. What a better way to pump yourselves up for the matchup tonight between two of the very best in the NBA…

ESPN: When people talk about “the best player in the game,” two names come up more than any others these days: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

With LeBron’s Cavs hosting Kobe’s Lakers tonight (, 7:35 ET), we asked our experts to compare and contrast the NBA’s greatest individual talents.

Here are their thoughts:

1. Fifteen seconds left, down by 2. Who do you want with the ball?

For the answers, click here to continue reading: ‘ESPN Roundtable: LeBron vs. Kobe’

  • nyla

    I’ll be at the game tonight! :) GO LAKERS!!

  • The Nugget

    Have fun, nyla! :D

  • kobe11kanobe305

    Nyla, u are going to cleveland to watch the game??? u live in OHIO??

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    After KOBE DUNKS ON LeBron……….

    KOBE- :cool:

    LeBron- :aggrieved:

  • ab4sure

    For last shot purposes I choose Kobe, but for the whole game I want LeBron. Kobe has a much better supporting cast than LeBron so the Lakers shouldn’t need a last second shot.

  • keep24

    I don’t understand why people compare LBJ to KB? MJ and KB arguments I understand, but LBJ and KB I don’t get.

    The league really loves this guy and they try to promote the sh#$t out of him, but he does not deserve it all.

    He was already crowned the KING before he ever entered the league! How’s this possible? No rings. No MVPs. No DPL. No scoring title. No real leadership skills. Chokes in crunch time – we’ve seen it time after time.

    I just don’t get why people love this so much and hate KB24?

    Who crowned this fool King?????

  • keep24

    Down with the King!!!!!!!!!!

  • MILO

    What do you guy’s make of the bump Bron gave Brown???Was it really accidental or is there something else there???

  • lakerfan81

    Keep24. “Chokes in crunch time”. Are you talking about the same player here. Did you watch James single handedly dismantle the Pistons last year in the eastern conference championships (though to be fair that had as much to do with the Pistons imploding as it did with James). Right now Kobe is the better player, but if I had to build a team from scratch right now I would take in this order, Howard then James (mostly because he is younger than Kobe).

  • http://hhb PHANT0M


  • leo

    kobe and lebron are diff players….is like comparin nash to duncan…depends on the cast of players around them…

  • sK

    straight up. Lebron is bigger. but as far as overall player…. he has many hitches in his shot, moves and drives. He is really strong and big.

    but overall grace, basketball artistry, clutch and seamless ability as a player… it’s kobe. His shooting style to his fadeaway to his dunks are the closest thing to jordan if not better.

    so i feel the comparison between kobe and lbj are unwarranted, but great for tv and internet articles.

    apples to oranges.

  • e

    [Comment ID #20017 Will Be Quoted Here]

    u hit it right on the dot

  • LD2k

    I love this from Adande:

    The key difference between them still was best expressed by LeBron himself in an interview with ESPN The Magazine: He doesn’t have that instinct to go out and (metaphorically) kill everyone the way Kobe does. If Kobe smelled blood he’d want to dig deeper into the wound; LeBron would want to get the person a bandage. That would make LeBron more of a humanitarian. On the basketball court, it’s better to be coldhearted.

  • keep24

    [Comment ID #20012 Will Be Quoted Here]

    One game or one series does not make the man.

    How can you be the best player or even the better player when all the experts say that with the game on the line they rather give the ball to KB and not LBJ.

    I hope LBJ moves over to the west and is forced to face real challenges like KB has for the last 12 years. All the stats and records from the east should have an asterisks next to them.

    He is yet to earn his crown. That’s all I’m saying.

  • keep24

    Per ESPN poll:

    1) Fifteen seconds left, down by 2. Who do you want with the ball?

    87.3% Kobe Bryant
    12.7% LeBron James

    3) Choose one: Kobe’s previous 10 years, or LeBron’s next 10 years?

    57.6% Kobe’s previous 10
    42.4% LeBron’s next 10

    4) Who is the better overall player right now?

    70.0% Kobe Bryant
    30.0% LeBron James

    6) Who would win a game of H.O.R.S.E.?

    84.7% Kobe Bryant
    15.3% LeBron James

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I agree you can’t really compare the two…People need to except the fact they are in different conferences with different supporting casts. Not just because i am a laker fan but Kobe is right now better..Yeah Lebron had triple doubles, look at who has played and who is his supporting cast. Even Lebron said it him self the difference between him and Kobe is that Kobe will Attack you…All you laker fans and Non laker fans no that when you see Kobe with ball something nasty is about to happen. I mean when he looks at the other team i sometimes think he wants to murder them. You hardly see that kind of play in players. Only i have seen actually a few players in the last 10yrs (MJ being one of course). Kobe will make you pay, I know he can’t win them all and sometimes he takes on too much, but he realizes this now and Still wants to Kill the opponent. He will Dunk on you and stuff your shot. I just don’t see that in lebron yet, Give it time to see if he develops into He need Kobes work ethic and mentally. Lebron has allot of talent but lets see what he does with it. We know KB24 is right now the best clutch and just the best player on the planet..

  • kyler_hay

    [Comment ID #20022 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thers no comparison

  • http://hhb PHANT0M


  • ab4sure

    I guess LeBron is King tonight. 33/10/5 while kobe was 21/5/5. Kobe shot 36% for another bad shooting night while lebron shot only 41%.

  • MILO

    What the fu-ck is wrong with Kobe of late his shooting is really fu-ck-en bad they should have gone for the tie this is not the first time thewy do this they did it last year in a game against Spurs and ahd the same results fu-ck!!!!!

  • MILO

    Where the fuck did this rediculous hair due mutha—fu-ck-er come from (Verajao) was’nt he going to sign with Charlotte or something???WTF

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I agree with MILO…I am getting pissed about these close Loss…This is what separates a good team from a great team….I love you Kobe but you can create a shot from your dribble NO 3….Plus Even though Bynum did great he missed two clutch free throws….Fisher played his heart out but DAMN another stupid loss for Mental mistakes…

  • lakersfan17

    Damn this guy Varajao was everywhere, he was getting all this second chance points, oh well we play Philly tomorrow hopefully we win.

  • Al

    Once again I proved to myself that Phil is an idiot that should not be allowed to coach a high school team. How can he sit on his butt and allow Cleveland a 16:0 run without making immediate changes. And what was that call on Fisher with 3 seconds left? The league should investigate the ref who made that call.

  • nyla

    Just got home from game game. Man that was a tough loss. :( By the way, not one Cavs fan said LeBron was better than Kobe.and everyone around me including Cavs fans agreed the foul on Fish was bad. I’m tired.. I’ll write more in the morning.

    Kobe1, I live in PA. Its about 2 hour drive.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #20025 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Here is the rest of that poll

    2) Who is the better leader?
    62.8% LeBron James
    37.2% Kobe Bryant

    5) Which player would you rather hang out with?
    69.4% LeBron James
    30.6% Kobe Bryant

    7) Who would have more success?
    63.0% LeBron James on the Lakers
    37.0% Kobe Bryant on the Cavaliers

    8) If Kobe scores 60 points in the next 15 days he will become the youngest player to reach 20,000 points. Will LeBron take his place in the record books in the future?
    70.7% Yes
    29.3% No

    Most intriguing question is number 7.

  • nyla

    Kobe’s not as bad as a leader as everyone tries to make it out to be. Has he not been playing his *ss off despite being injured? Where was LeBron when he sprained his finger on his NONshooting hand? On the bench for 2 weeks while he let his team play some tough teams.

  • Flush Odumb

    Kobe is missing way too many shots lately. He better get his act together.