So here is what we have gathered from ESPNNEWS. This is a potential trade breakdown reported moments ago. However, Indiana and Boston are having reservations mainly if Jermaine O’Neal is willing to go to Boston and sign off on a extension while Indiana wants to know if Lamar Odom is willing to come to Indiana.

When we get some links in – we’ll have them soon – we’ll update with links. But for now, here is what has been reported on ESPN:

Sources told ESPN and that the fourth team at this point is the Celtics, who would get Jermaine O’Neal from the Pacers & just reported on ESPNNEWS of the trade breakdown:

Lakers get: Kevin Garnett

Wolves get: Al Jefferson, Gerald Green and the #5 pick

Pacers get: Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum

Celtics get: Jermaine O’Neal

  • lakerfan81

    thats what I was thinking ratliff is probably thrown in for cap sapce. works for everyone. especially LA.

  • Sako

    oh might have an orgasm, lolllll, make it happen now

  • louiskim

    let’s throw in cook and 19th draft pick , whatever to appease and make the situation smoother , faster , before draft day which is two days away… in order for this trade to happen , steam needs to be built and los angeles laker fans must voice therye opinion as loud as they can and by any means necessary , i will be very dissapointed if this does not happen… optimism sucks. draft is two days , get on the ball…..dammit….

  • jagjr10

    get those KG LAKER jerseys READY!!!

  • darkice18


  • darkice18

    plus we still have our 19th pick? and kwame?

  • lamecluch

    I think the main headline needs to be edited. I don’t see any report that says the Timberwolves get Al Jefferson. In fact, in Chad Ford’s blog, he specifically mentions that the Celtics would like this deal since they could get another star to go along with Pierce AND Jefferson.

  • pLzDoNtLeAvEkObE

    dude i dont understand how Minny perfers to take this deal and not simply deal it out directly to Lakers, odom and bynum arnt better than the two players that boston offer?? or is it the 5th draft pick?

  • claudio14

    hell ya, this trade is going down, YES!!!!, i hope it does and if so, good luck lamar, hope u do good

  • kgmvp

    Just make this deal happen!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    wow!! this sounds so unbelievealbe. first off, if this trade rumor has any truth behind it, then i have to definitely give props and much love to lamar odom, he has suffered through so much and i would hate to see him leave. however, this is also a business and these things need to be done in order to progress. so i am gonna miss odom a lot, he has gone through so much as a laker and he will always be a laker in my mind. now to the proposed deal, this is huge! i don’t see how minnesota will benefit from getting jefferson and the 5th pick, but what the heck, they are in rebuilding mode i suppose and they will get the 5th pick in a very deep draft. jefferson is also an up and coming young talent. so not too bad considering garnett will probably opt out next season anyways and walk away for no value in return. i like the sound of jermaine o’neal teaming with pierce, very intriguing. my biggest concern is if the lakers sacrifice odom, then they will be without that necessary third option. i don’t know if just kobe and garnett can carry the team. luke is good, but he isnt as effective and versatile as odom, so the loss of odom is a huge blow. if the lakers can maybe get artest somehow through trade of 19th pick and filler, then perhaps a combination of kobe, garnett, artest can lead the lakers back to their winning ways.

    bottom line, as much as i will truly miss lamar odom, i am also excited that such a huge trade can happen. so what the heck, bring on the big ticket!!

  • drex


  • Matthew

    You guys are missing something. I don’t believe Kobe is changing his “trade me” stance. I think this is beyond the organization not bringing in talent. I think this is about something bigger on his end.

  • lakerfanintokyo

    New update from the LA Times. Says it’s now a 2-team deal with LA and Minnesota, without Boston and Indiana:,1,4891389.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers

  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    kobe is staying and KG is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juan

    My question folks is this (not to rain on the parade)

    IS KG KB > than KB LO AND JO?????


    I am wondering.

    I hope something happens.

    KG to la would be awesome!

    and i still say this..i will MISS LO..and he should get a standing ovation EVERY time he comes here….regardless of where he goes

  • 2k8kb24

    that would be the biggest blockbuster yet… oh man.. i just wish we could trade other people other than odom.. and then garnett would be paid more than kobe.. that sucks.. oh well come on lets not trade odom or lets get head and artest..

  • darkice18

    if we bring in KG….i know 100% fact that Kobe will apologize publicly because Bynum is gone and they showed him that they want to win with kobe

  • cochise

    why would boston give up Al Jefferson, Gerold Green and the #5 pick for Jermain O’neal? That trade makes sense for everyone but Bosten. They are giving up a lot of talent for one player, who many argue is becoming injury prone, limited offensively and has lost a step defensivly. Boston has to be getting somthing else from someone. Maybe they also get Hudsen from Minnie? Someone tell me why Boston should make this deal?

  • JVLA

    This is the time to do it , Kupchak get your ass on the phone and make this happen ASAP , and lets get ready for Hawaii

  • Matthew

    cochise: You’re right, it’s too much for Boston. But if they leave out Jefferson, it doesn’t work for Minnesota. That’s why 4 team deals rarely happen.

  • gcdeen

    wow! every time i log on i see something new! thanks to the makers of this website for keeping us informed. so odom, bynum and brown for KG. (according to lakerfanintokyo’s la times article! thanks!) We’ll be a little thin down low but if Mihm comes back strong, we’re one player away from a championship. We HAVE to get Artest! Kobe wants him and I want him too! Again, think of our defense with Kobe, Artest on the perimeter and KG and Mihm to clog up the middle. With Mo Evans playing good D, we’re good to go. Luke, Farmar, Turiaf off the bench. Please can we dump Sasha and Radmanovic? Hey Mitch, stop with the European picks, you suck at those!

  • lakerfansince80

    LA – Minn – Utah – Seattle

    LA Gets Garnett Fisher Hudson
    Utah Gets Ray Allen Vujacic
    Minnesota Gets Odom Kirilenko 19
    Seattle Gets Kwame Giricek Radmanovic 25

  • nate

    damnit! the front office better make this deal! even if we give up AB and LO, we could still trade for other players. this is our starting lineup if we don’t re-sign mihm and walton and if we don’t make any more trades:

    C: kwame, ronnie
    PF: KG, cook
    SF: radman, (evans)
    SG: mamba, (evans), sasha
    PG: farmar, (evans)
    2 picks

    there are many disposable players on the lakers roster. cook, radman, sasha, farmar, plus chris mihm and luke walton if they’re re-signed. we could land players like artest, gasol, head, or marion that are consistent. i personally don’t think that evans should be traded, and would start him in the small forward position while having a pick as a 2nd option. evans does plenty of damage when he’s given the playing time and is an athletic freak. same goes for cook, though he’s somewhat limited on defense.

  • nate

    for some reason, i have a feeling that kobe would play better with jermaine o’neal than kevin garnett

  • JK

    cochise: I agree. Jefferson has way more value than Oneal, in the sense that he’s way cheaper and younger. It’s logical to believe that Jefferson could become what Oneal is offensively. Only way I can see Boston making this deal is If they swapped #5 for Minnesota’s #7.. and maybe the Lakers #19 pick. Even then.. it’s iffy.

  • Fredos

    Don’t get me wrong I’m all for getting Garnett, but I think losing either Odom or Walton almost puts us back where we were this season. I mean each of these guys knows the offense well and have great court vision to make things happen. But I guess Garnett also has great court vision so it wouldn’t be much different. One thing I do think is we are giving up a lot for Garnett. I say wait out a year so he can opt out and then go for a sign and trade with the Lakers.