ESPN recently ranked the top teams in the West. The Lakers came in at #1.

1. Los Angeles Lakers 62 20 .756
Our forecasters say the champion Lakers will edge the Cavs for best record in the NBA and home court throughout the playoffs, which will come in handy if we get a Kobe-LeBron showdown. That’s the only close race the Lakers will be in, according to our panel, which doesn’t seem too worried about potential disruptions by Ron Artest.

  • LAKERS,fucktheREST

    it should be number 1 on NBA, not just the west xD

    • http://king King

      well the 62 wins, would make them 1st in the NBA… lol

  • matthew

    espn predicted lakers will win 62 games.. lakers won 65 games last year with bynum out half of the season. and we gained artest and if bynum is healthy for the whole season, then damn, lakers could win 70 games. i know thats alot to ask for cuz kobe is getting up there in age… but never say never when you have pj as coach and kobe being kobe.

  • WifelovesLuke

    With the addition of Artest and the resigning of LO, we should see fewer minutes for Kobe this season. That’s a good thing! Keep #24 fresh for when it really counts.

    Oh…and I don’t care if it’s 62 wins or 70 as long as we win the West and make another trip to the finals. Let’s win one for # 37!

  • desecrator93

    Time to earn a Ring Ring for Ron Ron. The Drive for Five starts Oct. 27….

  • GT

    we should shoot for 80+ wins, it is possible!

    • Billy Kupchak

      80+ doesn’t leave much room for error, but i like it! ^_^

  • Robert

    hey desecrator93 — You just invented the ‘motto’ of the year! Ring-ring. The Lake’s should pick up on this.

  • Mason

    noooo lakers want a RING RING RING. THREEPEAT ANYONE?!