The Pacers want to trade with the Lakers which would involve Odom, Bynum & J.O.

ESPN: The Indiana Pacers have withheld from trading Jermaine O’Neal at least in part because they’re still hopeful that the Los Angeles Lakers will change their stance and consent to surrendering Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum in a trade for O’Neal, according to NBA front-office sources.

In the meantime, sources say Indiana has discussed another O’Neal deal in which the New Jersey Nets would send the Pacers a package featuring veteran swingman Richard Jefferson and young center Nenad Krstic.

  • lakerfan81

    not going to happen because we are getting KG. well hopefully

  • MO6

    Its not going to happen b/c were getting KG.

  • Lakers305

    nah, Indiana Pacers’s Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh are on drugs. There’s no way i surrender both Odom and Bynum for O’neal. They are asking too much. They are trying to use the Nets as baits to force our hands. I’d be pissed at Jerry Buss and Kupchak if they blink first.

  • eddyacer

    I’m resigning as a Laker fan if they don’t get KG….

  • BringDFishBack

    JO aint worth giving up bynum.

  • KEEPbynum

    [quote post=”390″]JO aint worth giving up bynum.[/quote]

    THANK YOU. keep bynum to get jo. good riddance lamar

  • showtime88

    no no no…NO LAMAR WITH ODOM FOR JO..screw that….

    Lamar way.


  • Lakers305

    @l2dk and @everyone
    Did you guys know that the Lakers are the ones who caused the KG deal to Lakers to breakdown?? yes, yesterday am570 reported that The Lakers wanted KG to waive his trade kicker which he denied and also KG was asking for 2 year 44 million dollars extension. that would of cost the Lakers about 96 million dollars just to get KG. Also the Lakers didn’t want to take on Jaric’s and Hudson’s contracts.

  • LakerKobe4Life

    Two words… HELL NO.

  • LA-KB24

    i love it if we can keep Lamar.. lets be serious JO LO KB is a serious combo with Walton and Farmar? Come on guys this can help us a lot

  • LaKeRkB

    yea but dey arnt accepting dat

  • Laker-i3uddha

    Im going o laugh my a$$ off if we dont get KG
    & someone else gets JO (nets?)

    then were stuck
    w/ mihm & papaloukiswhats his name greek god of point guards…
    which wouldnt be so bad if Kobe wasnt going to opt out next year…

  • fred0s

    Keep Odom, trade Bynum, Brown, possibly Evans (just because he has a year in his contract). Indiana will get a young center (which are hard to find) and over $10 Million in cap relief.

  • kgmvp


  • darshi

    why u guys wanna take out lamar he was injured still gave lakers 15 pts 10 boards and around 10 assists

  • lakersforlife77

    if the pacers still want lamar and bynum they can go f*** themselves for all i care

  • DeepFrost

    be easy PPL Charlotte got Richardson for their pick))


  • RC

    Hell, at this pace, the Lakers big offseason signing will be Luke “SOFTIE” Walton, whoopdie do, big deal, another bench player of ours starting. We have so many guys starting on this team that would be LIFETIME bench players (Luke Walton SUCKS, Kwame Brown SUCKS, Smush Parker SUCKS, Andrew Bynum SUCKS), and Lamar Odom sucks as well with all of his injuries and inconsistencies. Hell, I would trade all this SOFT players (Walton, Kwame, Smush, Bynum and Lamar) for KG or JO. Get rid of these softies, we have to be the only team that thinks these players could start at least ONE game for any NBA team, they suck.

    Kobe is right, ship those A**holes out of L.A. and do it now, and by the way, F*CK the Buss Family and Kupcake per Kobe.

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