ESPN Insider says Odom rumors are “bogus”

    According to the ESPN Insider, all the Odom trade rumors seem to be not true. Looks like the Lakers will keep him!

    Recent speculation that the Lakers may be shopping Lamar Odom appear to be bogus. Multiple sources said that the plan … for right now is to keep Odom until this summer. For one, the Lakers are worried that without Andrew Bynum, they can’t afford to lose Odom’s rebounding. Two, they want to give this group some time to see if they can gel. Odom is such an unselfish player, the thinking is that he can become more of a facilitator in the Lakers’ offense.

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    • ignard

      No **** sherlock

    • jonasjulienjoseph


    • Michael_23

      Chicago Tribune = unreliable source
      ESPN = pretty reliable source

    • daboss1848

      sam smith = peter vescey . . . goal is to sell newspapers and get internet hits, not accuracy

      Vescey used to be the go to guy like Bucher is now – side line reporter with exclusive breaking news. But after exposing his sources time after time and breaking his journalistic promises to keep things told to him in confidence, he was quickly discarded by the people in the know. Now he is merely a staff reporter who relies on tertiary sources and made up speculation (in which he falsely cites sources) just to be relevant.

      Keep this is in mind the next time you read a Smith or Vescey article . . .it will help u keep your sanity and ur anxiety at a manageable level.

    • Phant0M

      Good to hear.
      I like “Until the summer” Plan

    • Jayvee

      Lamar does not need to be the facilitator. Kobe will be primarily because of the pinky finger. He has to be more assertive on offense which is what he has done for the last games.


      Let’s stop THE FAKIN’ FOR A MINUTE,PLEASE,y’all know if this ‘bogus’ trade rumor was true y’all would be jumping higher than a Toyota commercial after coming out of a Strip Club watching Jessica Alba. I’m glad it’s not true but there’s still the OFF-SEASON. If Kobe has surgery(and he needs to)LO better push his points up a notch like 21,10,10 but if Kobe doesn’t that could either worse or just plain luck that he gets through the rest of the season(I’ll pray for the latter).

    • getgasol

      Keep Odom. I’ve been saying it all year.

      I got your back, Lamar.

    • Sopi

      i hope lakers can keep odom, but at the same time i hope lakers can get butler back……sigh~

    • ricky

      how about the lakers pull another “steal” and trade someone other players instead of odom and get butler haha. lets give washington radmanovic, vujacic, and chris mihm. this would be hilarious, another heist by the lakers lol. =P

    • ignard

      yeah, Luke and Coby Karl 4 Butler……………what?

    • Billy Kupchak

      shut up! :-D

    • Phant0M

      [Comment ID #26790 Will Be Quoted Here]

      We CooL?

    • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

      fuck butler we need a guy like lamar with long arms o guard big guys

    • Lakers2410

      OMG! OK, 1st of all, Odom is pretty much the best player in the whole league at doing his role in the Triangle (what I’m saying is that Odom does the best job at doing his part/role of the Triangle than any other player in the league that’d try to do it) than any other player in the league, including Caron, since he “wasn’t” here when PJ came back, so Caron nor AK47 knows anything about the Triangle, even if they did, they’d stil not be as good as how Odom is doing in the Triangle right now!