Chad Ford of ESPN wrote up an updated Kobe article. He makes some interesting points. You will need ESPN insider to read the entire article, but here is how it ends:

ESPN: The Lakers want several young players to make the trade work. Trading away young, inexpensive talent is disruptive to a team at best and devastating at worst. Third, such a trade would be a gamble, and NBA teams are generally risk-averse, as we saw at the last trade deadline. Most GMs prefer to stick with the status quo. Taking risks invites scrutiny from the media and fans, and tends to hasten a GM’s dismissal, many feel.

Doing nothing is simply safer. Fourth, there is the straightforward question of talent: As great as Bryant is, can he replace the talent a team would have to give up? And if a team gives up too much to acquire Kobe, that team would be no more equipped to compete for a championship than the Lakers are, which would potentially start the cycle all over again, with Bryant’s unhappiness dominating the team.

What can make a trade work? Kobe could drop his no-trade clause (and promise to rescind his 15 percent trade kicker to make a trade work), which would theoretically allow for more teams to consider a deal. Or the Lakers could drop their asking price, accepting a deal for cap relief and/or veterans that help them compete right away. Or a team could get off to a slow start (such as Chicago’s disappointing 0-3 start) and raise its offer. But if the status quo holds, teams will have to look forward to the summer of 2009, when Bryant can opt out of his contract at the age of 31. By then our eyes and hearts will likely have caught up with what the numbers and logic are already telling us: Kobe Bryant is a great player, but in a team sport like basketball he lacks the ability, on his own, to deliver an NBA championship.

  • MILO

    Dont post up this trash!!!

  • sep08

    Chad Ford is the worst journalist on ESPN and he is known to be biased against Kobe.

  • Shaq786

    worthless article… i dont see the point of posting this… i second MILO

  • gugy

    crap article,

    ESPN seems to be in a witch hunt after Kobe F•ck them

  • foxxy


  • e

    it seems like espn is trying force a trade because they’re always wrong with their articles…its so f*cking stupid

  • For real?

    Is this dude for real? The article was completely anti-Kobe; Ford is so transparent with his Kobe hate. The better question, however, is how does publish that as its front article with such a ridiculous tag line? This bullsh*t is completely unwarranted…

  • Nabil

    Yeah, this guys a joke.
    Look here:
    The fans in Chicago are making Kobe’s case.

  • Nabil

    Its from tonights Bulls game game recap:
    “Bulls general manager John Paxson put to rest the Kobe Bryant trade rumors less than a week ago, but some fans continued to chant “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” in the final minutes.”