Interesting piece on the most untouchable NBAers. Bynum & Kobe are on the list:

ESPN: Here is where Bynum falls on the list

22. Andrew Bynum
His ceiling: The NBA’s best center not named “Dwight Howard” or “Yao Ming.”

(Note: During the first 17 drafts of this column, I had Bynum ranked in the 40s because of ongoing concerns about his attitude and conditioning. What happens when he’s eligible for a lucrative extension? What happens when he finally gets paid? Can he keep the weight off? Will he go Oliver Miller on us? And isn’t he too young to keep breaking out that sourpuss in games when things go wrong? Then I watched him play spectacularly last week against San Antonio and Golden State and couldn’t keep him out of the mid-20s. He’s just too talented: light feet, great hands, quick ups, superb timing as a shot-blocker … there’s too much to like.)

Kobe is listed at #10:

Group C: “We don’t know what the hell to do here”

10. Kobe Bryant
Here’s a hint: Don’t trade him.

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  • nyla

    Ok, uh I don’t agree with his top ten. …at all!