This is a great article from ESPN’s Mark Stein. He goes into the details on the salary cap issues involved in making a trade work for KG. Also mentioned in the article, is the salary cap guru and our own dear friend, Larry Coon; who helped Stein with the aspects on the salary cap in his article!

ESPN: As we inch closer to a real, live Kevin Garnett trade, you will hear and read more about the trade bonus in Garnett’s contract — more commonly known as a trade kicker — and how it has impact on Minnesota’s forthcoming deal with Boston.

The following four-step breakdown dissects the trade-kicker specifics involved here and some of the other math variables tied to this megadeal.

But first some background: A good deal of this knowledge comes from capologist/Trade Machine maestro Nick Silva and our dear friend Larry Coon. Professor Coon not only has a handy knack for distilling salary-cap complexities into understandable English while running one of the best Web sites known to man — his NBA Salary Cap FAQ — but also is a former student and teacher at the prestigious Titan Tech … which is more commonly known as Cal State Fullerton.

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