ESPN: Team: Los Angeles Lakers (’96-present)

Titles: 3 (2000, 2001, 2002)

Honors: 10-time All-Star

The player: As close as it gets to MJ. He’s still just 29, so his legacy has yet to be written. But his credentials already are legit, starting with the three rings he won while teamed with Shaq.

He was the fastest player to 20,000 points — scoring 81 in a single game — and is one of the best two-way players at any position.

Like Jordan, Bryant does everything well. He can carry a team offensively for long stretches, defend the other team’s best player, hit outside shots, create for others, slash to the rim, excel in transition and win playoff games.

He is the prototypical shooting guard, with a killer instinct and nearly unlimited range on his shot. And he’s getting better.

Considered by many to be the best all-around player in the NBA today, Bryant has at least a glimmer of hope of challenging Jordan for the top spot before it’s all said and done.

  • e

    gotta love the guy

  • six45ci

    Kobe’s legacy isnt complete, if the lakers dont win this year the championship, expect them to make a real big statement next year if everyone comes back healthy, and put the summer work in. they will be very dangerouns for next 5 years. if kobe matches MJ with rings, i dont think their will be much to argue as to who was the greatest competitor. kobe will not settle for #2 of all time.



  • Ed

    Kobe is the greatest player of ALL-TIME ALREADY.

  • dcb2069

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    its true that if kobe somehow gets his six rings that it’ll make the comparison more valid. as much as i disliked jordan (for personal reasons, really), the dude was a monster. kobe might wanna start chipping away at those season mvp’s jordan has (five i think). or those finals mvp’s (six i think).

    when its all said and done, i don’t think kobe is going to surpass jordan in accomplishments. kobe’s done his fair share, and i think that in many aspects kobe is more talented, but im a firm believer that accomplishments speak more. in the end, its only going to make the comparison between kobe and jordan REALLY blurry.

    i know kobe is super competitive, and i think thats what makes him sooo eerily similar to jordan, but being “second-best” to him isn’t necessarily a bad thing. just look at all those players you’re ranked ahead of…west, iceman, etc. its a very very exclusive list.

  • Phant0M


    MJ is still the ace.

    But kobes gettin there..


  • ZestyItalian2

    I am alright with this ranking….

    …for the moment.

  • kPoAbUe

    people are already comparing lebron to mj. what the heck r u guys on. he hasnt won a single ring kobe has won 3. i dont give a dan he went to the finals of course even the lakers last year if they were on the east would make it to the finals. KOBE IS THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME. Lebron will never get to top 3 or 4 not even 5 barley in the top 10.

  • lalakerfan

    kpoabue, it’s a ranking of the best 2 guards of all time. lebron is a small forward.

    i think it’s a accurate list. one that kobe himself will agree with. but soon as he puts on that 7th ring…he’ll expect that list to be updated with him on the top of the ladder.


    The reason why Kobe WILL BE THE G.O.A.T. is because of the competition around him drives him to be just that. Need a reminder of his greatness,check YOUTUBE or ask LBJ!!!

  • Lakers

    Kobe vs MJ 1 on 1 Kobe >> Jordon

  • myriam

    WE all knew that, except the media. I really don’t know what’s on their mind. Kobe doesn’t have to prove anything, he always did his best since day one. But i think this is the right time, right at this moment, right now to recognize who is KOBE BRYANT, as an anthlete as a player.

  • kb24b3stever

    well kobe its more talented den jordan 4 me bcuz kobe could score on anybody dont matter how tall he is or gud of a defender he is nd all those double teams he be getting nd his able 2 make dam da man its unbelievable,i was watching sum videos of mj da oder day nd wat really got 2 me was da players dat guard mj 1st of all dey werent dat gud den most of dem were smaller dem him nd da people dat b guarding kobe most of dem r taller den him like marion,lebron,t-mac, v-carter,josh howard,ron artest,joe johnson,kirelenko,stephen jackson, nd more…….
    so 4 me as skills nd talent kobe got it,
    but in accomplishments mj got it but not by much bcuz kobe has accomplished alot of tings like youngest 2 20,000 pts, 4 straight games with atleast 50,81 in a game baby,63 in 3 quarters vs dallas well not 3 quaters in 32 min…
    nd den wen he avereged 50 pts in a month o nd i almost 4got he made his teammates get better nd learn how 2 b champions…o wen did mj do dat he always had gud people around he never had a bunch of rookies of his team like kobe did,he always had gud people nd experienced people on his team……

    so kobe will b da best at da end….
    8 championships,2 dpoy,2 or may b 3 mvp’s,nd he gonna pass mj scoring total…..

  • e

    honestly, its all about generations..
    if kobe does indeed accomplish most of the things mj did, and plus more things(like his 81 game, 4 game 50 pointers), our generation will consider him the best

  • Jack

    How would it have been if Kobe really was playing alongside mj during his era?? It’s hard to imagine. But, considering the fact just to make the playoffs in the conference, and still being a subpar contender every year, Kobe is right there with jordan.

    the best part of all: Kobe’s possibilites are endless right now, but MJ has done playing. Kobe needs to get there and a little further. good luck Kobe. WE BELEIVE.

  • DFish0.4

    I think they should ask players that have faced both MJ and Kobe who would they be most afraid to defend

  • kobegreatest

    i cant predict the future but im looking forward to seeing kobe surpass jordan as the all time great.. kobe just turned 30 already has 3 rings..Jordan didnt get his first ring when he was 29..
    and with a strong young team for the next couple of years its going to be intresting…GO LAKERS


  • santi

    i think they ask players whos better kb or mj