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Prior to David Stern and the league office nixing the trade, Lamar Odom joined ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith in a radio interview.

Odom is heard clearly choked up during the interview. Here are a few notable quotes:

I let it all hang out last year, maybe I rubbed people the wrong way doing the [reality] show. When things come up you start to wonder and start to guess…I thought I showed that doing other things didn’t affect me but maybe it affected others. But now im guessing because its all in the air.”

“I got the 6th man of the year award and my teammates came, but my coaches didn’t come. That’s a little weird right?”

“If it does happen, it was a great time. I got to play in front of Jack [Nicholson] and Denzel [Washington]. I found my wife in L.A., my family, the team. I had a a lot of pride playing for them.”

“This is home, my family is here. L.A. is a part of me for more than one reason. Everywhere I go people show me love, I love the fans, the people I met and the connections.”

Lamar Odom showed up to the Lakers practice facility 90 minutes late today. Reports said he met with Mitch Kupchak, and then left.

  • RockitD

    Much love to L.O. He’s been vital to the Lakers run…

  • biglargo

    what he say at the very end…”going to movie premieres”….wooow

    • Anonymous

      He’s just sayin that he’s very “LA”, it’s a part of him

  • Anonymous

    we shouldnt trade lamar.

  • Occupy NBA

     we dont get paul and we lose the confidence of pau and lamar. this is a definition of a mess..

  • Kaybee3940

    This is the dumbest thing the laker have done in a long time, listening to Magic , I think it is very dumb to destroy your core, L.O Pau, Kobe, and Bynum, there is no one in the league that can successfully play the 1 thru 5 spot like L.O. Have you seen their wing span together, I am and have a been a laker fan for over 40yrs and this mess right here is the worse, Mitch Kupchap you are a liar you said you would mess with the core now you have destroyed it along with any type of chemistry that could be built with this team, absolutely terrible and I’m outraged.

  • Herk123446

    The NBA is a business Mr. Kardasian! Grow a pair and take it like all player’s who have been traded!

    • Sina Panhasi

      stfu not everyplayers just a number this dude got a heart and he plays with it thats a good player for you

  • Useedees

    Good ridden!!! Make the trade happen. If not LO is just gonna go back to his typical subpar playing. Trade while his stock is high. Cause as a Laker fan I’ve seen him through the years and he had one decent year (last season) and other than that all we ever got was half a$$ effort. CP3 and KB will bring home another Championship to LA.

  • Coopshoops20

    if we get david west in a sign and trade… trade him right back to no for odom and make this right. Lamar is the truth

  • Edgar Morales

    Dont trade Lamar Odom !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest99999

    I feel so bad for him! Why the hell trade a good player! I wish him all the best!

  • Sina Panhasi

    trade meta and barnes keep odom

  • C_michael_anderson

    Thats a damn shame …. Now, Stern has totally screwed the locker room and front office chemistry… Unreal~ watch the Lakers are gonna have to deal them now due this… Stern sucks!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he sounds drunk!

  • Anotheretc

    Chris Paul = Pau & Lamar’s effectiveness on the court? If the trade goes through, Jim Buss better get us a big man (and a good one too!)