Reports about both rookies looking good is a great sign of what’s to come.

L.A. Times: “Devin’s reacting really well defensively. … Offensively, it’s still a little bit of a mystery to him. But he’s got the ability to find open spots and take shots and get down the court and be real active in our offense.” – Phil

Phil referring to Devin’s defense on Steve Blake. He out-hustled Blake and really gave him trouble.

“I never really got to see him play, but wow I didn’t know we had that talent right back at home,” said Artest. “He’s doing great.” – Ron

  • laffs atu

    mitch = greatest gm ever

  • jonh

    Ebanks is the only rookie on the team that played well these game

  • tbo

    How is the second entry related to Phil commenting on Ebanks defense vs Blake if it reads “said Artest, -Ron”??? Simple mistake I’m sure…:)

    • daboss1848

      perhaps that sentence refers to the paragraph before – “phil”

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    farmar who?

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