They were great in the Summer League, now time to show it in training camp.

HoopsWorld: The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t pick in the first round of the NBA Draft but General Manager Mitch Kupchak had two second-round selections to work with.  At 43, the Lakers chose small forward Devin Ebanks and at 58 they added power forward Derrick Caracter.

Ebanks, at 6’9″, 215 pounds, is a rangy, perimeter defender who can slash and cut.  Historically he’s a poor three-point shooter but in the early games of the Las Vegas Summer League, Devin has shown an improved stroke.

With an uncanny resemblance to former Laker Trevor Ariza, Ebanks may get the opportunity to play a similar role off the bench for the Lakers.

“Everybody says that [about Ariza] but I’m just trying to play like Devin Ebanks.  Everybody says I look like him and we but I’m just trying to focus on me,” said the Ebanks.

Caracter is a little undersized at 6’9″ but listed at 265 he’s got a lot of body despite losing a considerable amount of weight.

Derrick has been an NBA prospect since high school before struggling to live up the hype at the college level.  He’s looking forward to putting those days behind him.

“With a last name like mine, they’ll never forget about the character issues.  Some say it’s good; some say it’s bad,” said Derek.  “What’s most important is that my family and friends know who I am.  I just go out here and prove to these people that I’m here and I’m here to stay.  I just take one day at a time.”

Both Ebanks and Caracter have to make the squad.  As second-rounders, their contracts won’t necessarily be guaranteed initially by the Lakers.

“For second-round picks they played well.  That’s what summer league is for to see what they can do,” said Kupchak.  “A lot of times if they play well at summer league what that really means is that they’re worthy of an invitation to veteran’s camp.  So that’s what they’re trying to do right now, get invited to veteran’s camp and so far so good.”

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  • Junior

    this article was written a few days ago. lakersnation is really taking forever to do updates. SMH

    • jaydubb415

      Don’t say that on here i said that a few days ago and they wated 2 ”stone”me ,but thats ”4 real”maybe because its really not basketball season,or maybe bbecause the ”lakers”are moving hella slow.Either way i like both these picks n i think both will get ”playig time ”this up-coming year even though phil is ”notorious”4 not playing rookies but these rooks are both nice picks with hell of ”talent”lets go lakers!!


        That was funny!!! I through my stone down.

    • Jonathan

      thats so real… I like hoopsworld, and read it regularly, this is old. I get their articles from my phone, which is super nice.

  • rondo

    Saw both play in New York and New Jersey a few years back. Caracter always was a highly rated player. Boy know how to ball. When you play on the playgounds of New York you got to know how to hoop. The Laker have themselves a steal.

  • RealTalkLA24

    I can see Ebanks & Caracter replacing Mbenga & Powell

  • 24allup inya

    Done deal! no more benga and Powell!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I like these guys. I hope they make the team.

  • karlo _mac 321

    plz take mbenga and powell out of there LOL

  • nath

    when I know LA had no first round pick this year, I was not interested in the Draft at all. I thought there would be some name come and go. The I see these 2 guys playing in SL. I know LA’s got STEALs!!!!

  • Evil Empire

    With Farmar gone, Morrison most likely will be let go and so far no word about Powell coming back. Lakers have room for them. And since they are rookies, lakers do not have to pay top dollar for them. Once their contract is up is another story (if the Lakers sign them). Then they can get those fat contracts after. Right now its about getting their foot in the door.

    • team_me

      powell dj brown and morisson theyre all FA. we might even get brown back.! so we do have room 4 the rookies n an extra slot for a FA.!

      • Evil Empire

        Trimming the fat! But I kind of got a soft spot for Mbenga.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    since the lakers never blow any team away.these guys will see very little playing time…… who cares.

    • KM

      mbenga saw little time and he was a 7 footer, aka a legitimate center.. derrick caracter is a 6’9 pivot center

  • Laker s Army

    Mo benga had more skill working at the car wash. Powell was Kobes buddy but that only goes so far.
    Powell was like Kobe personal assistant,
    Two rookies are not really gonna make a diffrence in making a run.

    • a word of advice

      You mean Powell was Kobe’s bitch?

  • KM

    I heard the kamanetzky bros podcast and basically mentioned TJ fords top available FA’s.. Shannon was 9th on that list. They mentioned roger mason (whos a better shooter than SB)…. 11th i think was kwame brown so, kurt thomas.. and dj mbenga is the youngest out of the bunch and he can bring it everyday in practice and god knows the lakers need insurance at the C spot because Odom, gasol and bynum had some issues last year health-wise. They have an extra $1.8MIL MLE and $1.4MIL vet min left to spend. Raja bell sound like a VET/MLE min player? with the looming CBA.. So the lakers are basically done

  • rondo

    I think some of you guys who think negative is underestimating Derrick Caracter’s game. He going to get some run. When he played in the summer league he played with a bunch of scrubs who did not play within the triangle. The triangle is tailor made for both Ebanks and Caracter. This guy Caracter is much better then Josh Powell.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      too bad he cant stay out of foul trouble
      in nba it will be much worst
      fouling out in less than 10 min

      hopefully he learns not to foul,


    Out of the summer league, these are the ones I would like to see on our pre-season camp…

  • 6’9

    will ya’ll stop with this gerald green shit he is not good at all

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