Lakers Rockets BasketballLakers Examiner: There isn’t a person in America who predicted that the Los Angeles Lakers’ first five games would go the way they have.

Sure, many predicted the good start (4-1), but I don’t think anyone saw back-to-back overtime games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Yao-less, McGrady-less Houston Rockets coming. Now we’ve gone from asking the question, “can this team win 73?” to “does this team have what it takes to repeat?”

Some might say the Lakers’ early struggles expose their flaws and show that they’re not the “dream team” many thought they would be.

That may be the case, but one thing’s for certain: these early close victories are good for the Lakers.

The key word there is “victories.” No matter what team you’re playing, road games are always tough. The Lakers are always going to get the other team’s best shot, and we all know about the Lakers’ propensity for losing focus against teams that they don’t see as a threat.

Last season, the Lakers lost road games to the Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and of course, the Charlotte Bobcats. The fact that, this year, the Lakers are pulling out victories in these tough road games shows their growth and maturity as a team.

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  • Short Dog

    As long as we win it’s all gravity baby. The rest of the league got shit to worry about not us. Cruise control all the way to the finals.
    Lakers #1

  • 242LakerFan

    I don’t know, I figured the humiliating defeat in ’08, the struggles in last year’s playoffs, the soaring expectations would help focus this team, but it seems as if they’re resting on their laurels, still basking in the afterglow of last year’s Chip. Kobe’s trying to be the whole show, taking shots he shouldn’t have to. LO’s head seems to be floating somewhere outside the arena. I don’t know if it’s all that Kardashian bling in his eyes or candy withdrawals. The bench seems to be getting worse instead of improving. Even Bynum, wwhile I love what he’s doing so far, seems to disappear. Last night he missed two shots right at the rim because he does this little bunny-hop thing and tries to push the ball over the rim instead of rising off the floor and dunking the ball, along with the pride of his over-matched defender.
    This team plays as though they expect to win just by showing up.
    WRONG! You’re the champs and they all respect you and want to prove something when they take the floor with you. That means YOU have to prove that you’re worthy of their respect, even if that means beating them within an inch of their basketball lives and leaving them quivering in the dust! They’re big boys. They can take it.
    If the Celtics are taking no prisoners, we need to go one better and leave no survivors.
    Strap it up and get your gladiator on, gentlemen. Winning it once doesn’t mean you have nothing to prove. You won it, now you have to show yourselves worthy of keep ing it.
    LWO 4Life!!!

    • WifelovesLuke

      “Even Bynum, wwhile I love what he’s doing so far, seems to disappear”

      Disappear? Seriously? He’s averaging 20 and 10 like we all knew he could. He pulled down 17 boards last night. He sunk the game winning free throw with a sprained elbow. Ya…you’re right…just disappeared.

  • LakersFirst

    This is the way its going to be for the Lakers all season. First of all, every team steps up when they play the Lakers, because its the Lakers (every team wants to the beat them).

    It’s now going to be worse. Not only will every team step up because they are playing the Lakers, teams will play ever harder because they are playing the World Champion Lakers. We have to live with it and persevere.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    jordans bulls blew everyone away,most games were decided bye the third quarter…come on kobe…be like mike.