In an interview before the Miami Heat took on the New York Knicks, Wade decided to take a shot at Phil, calling him the ‘Brett Favre of the NBA.’ The reason Wade did this was because Phil has been poking fun at the Heat all season long. His most recent attack was saying the Heat weren’t as good as the Celtics.

Wade didn’t appreciate the Zen Master’s comments; thinks he’s playing mind games so he can take his talents to South Beach next season and coach the Heat. Wade went on record and said:

“I think he wants to coach the Heat when he gets done with the Lakers. It’s all an angle to get over here. He wants to coach us but he can’t coach us.”

Score one for Wade… or score one for the Zen Master? Seems like Phil has been playing mind games with the Heat and Wade was the first to bite.

There have been many rumors swirling on Phil’s future in the NBA. No one knows for certain what Phil’s next move is, not even Jeanie. He said he wants to settle down back in Montana but you will never know what the Zen Master till you see it happen with your eyes.

However, many Heat fans have been throwing around this rumor ever since Phil announced his retirement. They say the Miami Heat will be the “East Coast Showtime” if Phil makes his move down to South Beach.

What do you think Laker Nation? Is Phil going to coach the Heat, or did he get in Wade’s head? Sound off!

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  • Los Lakers

    that kid is delusional

  • 242LakerFan

    If Phil comes back, it’s going to be one more year in LA. He’s not going to go start over with a new squad. His legacy is wrapped up as it is and he’s not getting any younger or feeling any younger. Plus, look at what he’d be leaving behind. Jeanie Buss!

  • keeponkeepinon18

    LOL! Like Happy Madison once said, “Let’s smoke another one, bro”…

  • T-Dub

    Phil doesn’t “COACH” the Lakers. So he definitely wouldn’t coach the Heat.

    • MagicJ32

      What are you talking about? If it wasn’t for Phil, the Lakers would never had won five NBA Titles in the last ten years! From 1996 to 1999 Shaq and Kobe never reached the NBA Finals, Phil comes along and they three-peat! After Phil left, Kobe could never get back to the Finals ever again until Jackson came back! The man has won ELEVEN CHAMPIONSHIPS AS A COACH, NEVER QUESTION HIS COACHING ABILITIES. He knows what he’s doing man. He molds tallented players into legends!

      • LakerMarc

        Well said and he can’t get himself a damned coach of the year honor. Scottie Brooks? Why because he helped them improve and ‘get’ to the Playoffs? and that ‘s what does it for ya, eh? NONSENSE

      • Mannyp85

        Am I the only one that notices Phil Jackson has won rings with already GREAT TEAMS!??? Not to take anything from him, he does 11 rings but also received them with arguably the best player & sidekick or Bigman duo in the NBA of our Era Jordan/Pippen & Kobe/Shaq/Gasol, when is he going to prove himself & go to a team who just has talent & isn’t already GREAT & win? If you haven’t noticed thats why he hasn’t become Coach of the year every year. If you were to coach those great teams with the worst current professional coach I believe they would still win plenty of championships maybe not 11 but yes all the Jordan era ones & done of the Kobe’s. Didn’t you see as soon as Jordan left to Play Baseball Phil couldn’t pull it off or as soon as Shaq left he couldn’t do it till he found another great bound player (Gasol) or when until the GOAT came back to win it all.

  • veedubb

    haa , phil threw out the bait and wade took it !
    heat arent as good as boston obviously it has been shown when they match up . heat is an overrated team !


    • LakerMarc

      yes but it still bothers me that twice on xmas Le Bron owns LA…and I dont mean the Lakers but LA…our home!!!!

  • LakerMarc

    RIDICULOUS!!!! DWADE is a phucking scrub. ‘oh and get off that bike douchebag’,,,,,you’re not 007!!!

  • John Robertson

    Wade is out of his mind…

    Phil Jackson said years ago that he will only coach the best player in the NBA and that player is not in Miami… He’s in Los Angeles……

    And the system of Phil is depend on the IQ and passing skill of the big man… and the Heat has none of those… so get over it….

    In your dreams D.Wade…

  • Jack

    lol. Why would Phil try to go for another 3-peat with another team? He’s too old for that. Wade is delusional.

  • LizzakeShizzow

    Man STFU Dwhyaney (pronounced as Dwayne) Wade. Don’t compare Phil to Favruh (pronounced as Farve).

  • sam

    Never in a million years would Phil Jackson coach the heat just because they have a good big three over there. Phil is all about playing for New York when he was young and coaching Chicago and Los Angeles, that’s his career right there and a very good one too.

  • sam

    I think D-Wade is the one who wants to be in L.A., was he the one who said “GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!” in that corny T-Moble commercial