Is he showing respect or just saying this to play on the media?

ESPN: “The Lakers are the champions and we know the Lakers are very good,” Wade said Wednesday at a golf tournament he co-hosts with Alonzo Mourning. “That’s the team that everyone’s shooting for and they should be. Not the Miami Heat. The Los Angeles Lakers.”

  • kisofdeath

    I think he’s honest. I’ve always respected wade. Never lebron. Sucks that he’s bein dragged down by this false king

    • imfasterthanur

      I agree, Wade is a classy individual. Lebron is the moron that predicted “not 5, 6, or 7 championships…”

      What a cocky bastard considering they don’t even have a full squad yet.

      • DARIN B

        Labron did not “predict” 5,6 or 7 rings only said he was in Miami to try and win 5,6, or 7 titles…ie not just 1. What is he suppose to say after screwing Cleveland over?

        • imfasterthanur

          Considering that Lebron hasn’t even won a single ring, it’s illogical and ill-advised to get ahead of oneself by mentioning anything past a [singular] championship.

          Although he did not say “I predict”, the implication was CLEARLY there.

          One season at a time, fellas.

    • lakers0828

      I honestly Believe he is doing for the Heats and for Pat Riley I mean Lets be real at the end of the Day Lebron D wade and all the Other NBA Superstars who are not wearing Purple n Gold wanna Take down the Lakers or Beat them Up so I honestly think He is just doing it for his Reputation and for his Profile but deep down inside you know That wade Bosh and Lebron and every other Team wants to Beat the Lakers

  • kobedagreat

    wade is just saying that so they will look like the underdog..we must prove them that we are really the team to beat..FUCK MIAMI..fuck lebron “the travelling king” james!

    • freshasian


      • Kamakazi

        Yeah what a spaz. Knowing full-well that they have Lebron on their team and all this “miami thrice” hysteria is catching up with even vegas, he is trying to put the pressure on the Lakers. I guess he’s already feeling it. Fucc this punk. I guarantee you if LBJ hadnt signed with them after they got Bosh, he would have been all teary eyed like a lil puss. Yeah I said it, fuck you Wade, and LeBerace. Miami = no historical precedent in the NBA, he gets his 1 ring-piggy backing Shaq, and all of a sudden he thinks he is important? BS.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    He is saying that because all of NBA has their target on Miami. And thats a pressure he had never had to go through in his NBA career…
    Lakers and kobe was always expected to win for the longest time. Wade never had to face that kind of pressure. Shows how great our leader KOBE is.
    3-peat Boston or Miami just bring it.

  • justdogm1

    everyone likes and respects wade,just because lebronze is a better athlete than lip lickin bryant….lakergaynation is nervous….you girls got steve blake, miami got the best player since jordan.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      who is everyone?

      • Slammin’ Brown


        you look nervous, is it my scars? No one on here is nervous except the bandwagon heat fans. And why does everyone keep calling them the heats? There’s no “S” it’s just heat. And not everyone likes and respects Wade. He’s about to get a rude awakening.

        • 242LakerFan

          It’s not the Heats? Next your gonna be telling me it’s not the Utah Jazzes either, right? Oh and I guess it’s not the San Antonio Spurses either? Shows what YOU know!

          • DCLakeshow

            I don’t think it’s a bunch of people calling them the HEAT(S). I think it’s just one scorned Celtics fan, choosing different names everyday.

            Listen buddy…we won…just let it go. You’ll have your chance to make it back to the finals next year, when you go up against the HEATS in the conference finals. That’s assuming that either of you make it past “da Bulls!”

    • wowlakers

      too bad michael jordan doesn’t agree with your comment.

    • Showtime4eva

      Kobe is the man, the lead, the franchise. The greatest E V E R !! Lebra is a side kick, d-wade’s bitch, a role player, not even in k.malone category anymore. Even c.Barkley. Realized this. You are comparing a great player to a role player. Keep talking.. Every time we hear from you. Your stupidity is like good fortune to us.

  • Sal jimenez

    F the heat lakeshow all day

  • Laker s Army

    Wade is a politician. He s looking to get into poltics
    Yeah we all know Miami is a stacked team.
    You have not won nothing yet .
    And free agency screwed the game up.
    Le Brick and Wade cant carry a team on there own.
    Kobe did it. Why cant you band wagon players.
    Wade+Bush+Le brick = Failure

  • xtro

    he’s mocking us.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      I agree he is mocking us, and also he’s just saying that so they’ll be look at as under dogs but Vegas doesn’t think so

      • xtro

        our length will pose a problem to them. boston will give them fits in the east.


    FCUK that DOUCHE WAD! First of all, that’s statement is lined with overflowin sarcasm… how can he truly mean that and still stand by that ridiculous comment of “I feel sorry for the guys that have to guard the two of us” (referring to LeRun and himself) He believes that they’re so far ahead of everyone else as far as fire power, so there’s no way that he sees the Lakers as the favorites.

    Second, by sayin that he draws the pressure away from the Heat and gives them a way out in case they don’t win this coming season! If they lose to the Lakers, he can claim that he’s always said that the Lakers were the team to beat! But that excuse will only be valid IF you reach the Finals and lose to the Lakers!

    Thirdly, I USED to have respect for that DOUCHE WAD, but after all this free agency sh!t that he, LeBurn, and the Ru Paul of the NBA pulled… NOT ANY MORE!

    They planned this sh!t out since the 2004 Olympics by signing similar contracts so that they can be this situation. And then he gets wined and dined by all of these eligible teams vying for his services and even requests a second meeting with the Bulls, while fully knowing that he and the other 2 stooges were gonna execute their plan of joining forces in Miami.

    Think about it fellas… that’s like a girl asking to be taken out to the fancy dinners, a show, and a nice club, making you spend hundreds of dollars and then at the end of the night giving you a HUG! FCUK THAT SH!T! If you weren’t gonna put out then I’ma take you to McDonald’s for a fcukin HAPPY MEAL B!TCH!

    So FCUK DOUCHE WAD too! The 3 STOOGES will NOT stop our Lakers from re-defending their title on their way for their 2nd 3 PEAT!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert

      Not Bad!

    • ilikebasketball

      it’s weird how that post turned into your revealing your tendency to rape.


        Projecting much? Reading into things a little too much! How’s getting a chick a Happy Meal a potential rape situation? Reading comprehension man… and I thought that Rio Rondo was bad, you take the cake bro.

  • Rio Rondo College

    Is Wade insane??? The Celts are still the team to beat. We got J.O.!!!

    • Mclovin

      LOL , how old is he , like 51 now ?

      Lakers 3-PEAT BABY !

      • kisofdeath

        Cmon don’t make laker fans look stupid. Yes j’oneal is washed up. Old in age? Um kinda but let’s see how old is he. Drafted outta high school in what year? Oh 96 wait isn’t that the same year Kobe was drafted? Well goddamn it sure is. Guess kobes 51 too right?


      Hahaha, you’re such a comedian Rio!

    • xtro

      now I will mock you by saying that, dude.

      • Wilt

        I know celtic fans are dumb as dirt but dam u might as well be a clippers fan.

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    I officially hate Dwayne Wade. He just said MIA has the greatest Trio in the history of the NBA. Now he recedes his comments? Good luck getting through Boston bitch!

  • DCLakeshow

    I’m telling you. Wade is an evil mastermind, posing as a good guy. I mean, he pretty much played with Chicago’s (his hometown) emotions, just so that he could cover up Lebron’s decision. Chris Bosh follows him around like a puppy sniffing dog poop, AND when the 3 are lined up together, he’s generally in the middle. THESE COMMENTS… are meant to deflect any sense of entitlement that Heat fans, Lebron fanatics or Bosh twitterarians may feel, when the time comes to put up or shut up. Personally, I don’t know if they’ll be able to get past the Bulls, nevermind the Celtics. BUT if we do see them in the finals (knock on wood), mark my words, “Crybaby James” will make a special appearance, and Bosh will end up saying something that breaks their unity. Wade is the only one with the mental fortitude to take a finals loss on the chin.

    • KM

      Well said dood. Couldn’t agree more

  • Odom the worst player

    Yes but the lakers need to add at least one more player. Tracy M would really help the team.


    ummm ya no sh*t…Who thought else

  • double

    Wade can say whatever he wants in an attempt to soften their new found expectations to win. It’s transparent modesty.

    Bottom line, the entire NBA will be shooting for both teams.

  • ilikebasketball

    tryin’ to take the pressure off already.

    what a phony.

  • Lakersince84

    Thats right!



  • LakersMike31

    Haha. Check this out, guys. A fun little “What If” article. I think the rest of the league would just forfeit and we would jump staight to the finals against the Heat if this were to come true. Oh well. We can dream, right?

  • LAbassani

    Dude, why celtics, Heat or heats fans, are doing in the LAKERS NATION blog?
    For real, i mean, if they want to come to LA party, join for free.. But, don’t be a loser, criticising our team, and our fans.
    Go find a good reason to come here, or maybe, Go with the Lakers.

  • justdogm1

    hey laker fan, larry king is retiring from CNN…maybe he can back-up fisher at point…..he`s also very hollywood ,maybe kobe can talk with him when he`s done wasting raja bells time…

  • BobeCudi

    Lakers are still the team to beat
    and if your not down with that,
    We Lakers fans got 2 words for ya
    “SUCK IT!!!” LOL

  • razz

    Sounds right to me. And probably to most true Lakers fans as well. See ya in June!!…… Next..

  • Robert.

    My first thought about what Wade said was …. So?
    After thinking about it more, I’m thinking:
    1) false humility
    2) he doesn’t want to give Kobe a reason to KILL them if they make it to the finals
    3) just general props to Kobe
    4) he can’t make a prediction (about Heat winning it all), and then lose. Bad for the future.
    5) can’t really say what will happen in the future, until he starts actually playing in the league, and seeing how things go.
    6) well, the Champs are ALWAYS the team to beat. He’s not saying anything new.
    7) maybe he didn’t finish the sentence: “The Lakers are the team to beat” … ” and so, we will BEAT the team to beat” … ” and therefore be the best team”.
    Alright, so I’ll go back to my impression of what Wade thinks of the Lakers ..

  • kslakers

    I don’t see how this is news. I don’t think there’s anything to read between the lines here. Wade said what he was supposed to say. Of course the champions are the team to beat. The champion’s always the team to beat, until someone beats them. Players have been saying this for years and years, so I have no problem with Wade saying it.

  • xtro

    he is mocking us, but the curse of cleveland has followed le bron to miami already: mario chalmers suffered a serious ankle injury. karma, my friends.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    man i get a kick @ how we got trolls invading our site now..i liked this site more when it was just the long time laker fans from across the globe…oh well comes wit the “fame” and growth of the site i guess but evry1 already said it F**k D-Wade, F**k the Heat i dn’t have props 4 him bc they loaded up in a poor way, this is worst then their purchase of a title in ’06 that team was stacked…as soon as this trio got 2gether I started laughing bc ppl will root 4 LA as the only team that can beat the big bad heat..no1 wants 2 see them win except MIA, so they r most def. public enemy #1 n #2 they better be careful what they wish for bc I think we will nvr see a more motivated Laker team since the ’00-’01 team nation, with all of these different things happening in the league.
    oh n FYI even tho i’m a Die-Hard i would be lying to myself if i didn’t acknowledge our ultimate fail at a championship in ’04 when we tried to buy the title.
    2004: FAIL

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