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There will be many rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers, but one of the most popular ones surround Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. One report is stating sources close to the center claim he wants to be a Laker.

“Everybody knows that Dwight Howard wants to be a Laker,” said a person familiar with the All-Star center’s plans, according to “They’re going to lose Dwight Howard for nothing. He’s not staying there. Dwight Howard is going to be in the same mode as LeBron James.”

Now rumors are just that – rumors. But stepping back for a moment, who would you be willing to package up to obtain the All-Star center? Is it possible?

  • Lak3rs41nt

    Bynum + Artest

  • jtshoopsblog

    They should trade dwight as soon as possible. The last thing that they would want is for howard to pull a Shaquille O neal on them.


    He’s a known quantity, however I think the Lakers have other needs like some athleticism at the wings. Of course this is all academic until the CBA is settled and a new coach is hired.

    • LAKING

      its known commodity

  • Jeff D

    bynum+odom+artest+draft picks

    • Manu Schreibmüller

      would be stupid for us!! would make us worse… would be like the nuggets knicks trade…

      • Junk4myemailacct

        That is too much for one player

  • Jonny

    I want Gasol traded. Absolutely hate him after his playoff performances this year. But I don’t know if Bynum and Howard could play together? We’ll have no big-man mid range threat also.

    • Anna

      Slide Dwight to the 4 =)

    • Junk4myemailacct

      Jonny, Yes your right, the lane would be to clogged for anything

  • Anonymous

    Trade Byrum and odom for it.

    • Junk4myemailacct

      Ne0, that is too much. Bynum + a few fillers plus picks is good. Orlando can build around Bynum

  • 123KID

    Unless Dwight says it himself or its confirmed that he is coming to LA, then i’ll be ecstatic for it, but I really do not want to believe in the hype from unconfirmed sources and what not. Dwight is a great player, but I just dont think we dont have enough in the bank for him to come and plus I wouldnt wanna trade 3 guys for 1 player. If we trade for him, we basically get 1 guy and then we are once again stuck with a whole bunch of nothing with our role players. Its going to be like the Melo trade.

    I say we lose some guys this year and get some younger players and then wait till Dwight is a FA and sign him then for nothing. Then we can get get more pieces through trades and what not later on.

    • Junk4myemailacct

      Orlando will want something for him if they think he will walk. Orlando will not let Howard do what Shaq did !!!

  • fido

    Anyone not named Kobe.

  • daboss1849

    We need to change the site to Pau has turned out to be utterly useless for us. package him, bynum and blake for howard, arenas and bass and lets start the parade early.

    • Junk4myemailacct

      I WOULDN’T do that trade even if I got a whole team because Arenas is a nut case & a huge contract. Daboss get off the crack pipe !!!

  • Mackley4350

    I would trade Bynum for him and whatever without a blink but I still think Lakers biggest issue is at pg. They need a pg that can run, pass and hit from outside.

    • Dirty30dg

      Nelson… or maybe Westbrook… Not gettin along with Durant… I’m just sayin….

  • thomas deas


  • Jaq33824

    I would trade Bynum, Ebanks and some picks for d-Howard, and any shooter they are willing to give up. Additionally, trade Gasol for a point guard like cp3 or d-will. Then we will would have a lineup of cp3 or d-will, kobe, artest, lamar, and dwight. We also need a new head coach, and please dont let it be shaw because he is very similar to phil and I believe they need a new voice entirely.

  • Daboss1848

    Howard + fillers will cost us Bynum + fillers, but we will have to take back arenas’ contract.
    How about Pau + fillers for CP3 + fillers.
    We will have best offer for both Howard and CP3.
    And yes i said “we,” rafner!!!!

  • Vivek

    If the Lakers go after Howard, they have to deal Bynum- don’t want to deal with Center drama. I doubt the Lakers have enough pieces to get both CP3 and Howard, but they could definitely get Howard

  • Vivek

    If the Lakers go after Howard, they have to deal Bynum- don’t want to deal with Center drama. I doubt the Lakers have enough pieces to get both CP3 and Howard, but they could definitely get Howard

  • Eezyeric

    We definitely need speed around the perimeter. Fisher, Blake, etc can’t keep up with quicker guards which has been a glaring weakness. Opposing guard’s speed/quickeness leads to penetration in the paint and leaving open jump shooters around the perimeter which the Lakers cannot make adjustments due to their defensive philosophy of funneling players into the paint with the Lakers length waiting to contest…. CP3 (and maybe Ariza) could help fill that void.

  • Eezyeric

    We definitely need speed around the perimeter. Fisher, Blake, etc can’t keep up with quicker guards which has been a glaring weakness. Opposing guard’s speed/quickeness leads to penetration in the paint and leaving open jump shooters around the perimeter which the Lakers cannot make adjustments due to their defensive philosophy of funneling players into the paint with the Lakers length waiting to contest…. CP3 (and maybe Ariza) could help fill that void.

  • CALI626

    Bynum+Shannon Brown for Dwight & Nelson, & Pau + Steve Blake For CP3

  • CALI626

    Bynum+Shannon Brown for Dwight & Nelson, & Pau + Steve Blake For CP3

  • Kenny

    After what Bynum did yesterday, trade Bynum. We can’t trade Gasol or Odom, because then you have to shop for a Power forward.

    • rob

      why would you trade him come one he lost his cool no big deal! The guy that was playing good in the playoff the only one I should say.

  • Mr Laker19

    We would probably have to get another team involved. But I think Arenas has a little left in him. IF we some how end up with






    Which I think is impossible…. I think this lineup could do alot of damage. Fisher off the bench. With maybe another Orlando shooter. Maybe Turkoglu.

    • Dirty30dg


  • laker4life

    artest,walton,bynum,blake and a draft pick for jj redek, Arenas and HOWARD

    • rob

      No you are crazy ewwww!

    • jfresh


      • Dirty30dg

        He’ll be good off da bench… INSTANT OFFENSE… He always COULD shoot…

    • Brownhater

      I actually like this trade we take on Gilbert bad contarct to make Orlando gbite and we get shooter to help space the floor in redeck

  • 123KID

    why would any of you take on arenas and his bad contract. arenas at PG doesnt even solve the issue at pg and we end up taking on a bad contract that will probably hurt us again. i mean just those 5 players a lone of arenas, kobe, odom, pau, and howard is a great starting 5, but that will blow up in our faces by taking on a horrible contract, our starting line up alone pretty much puts us at the max and not enough for a decent bench, and then in 3 years or so will probably have to start form scratch all over again cuz kobe, odom, and pau will not have enough in the tank. i rather spend my money on rising up stars like afflalo, wilson chandler, or kris humphries. and then look to trades.

  • Los Lakers

    i don’t care what they trade for d12 just get that guy from orlando… i would also like to add, deron williams, forget cp3 and his deterioating knees (its bone to bone by now) get dwill… and a nice veteran perimeter outside shooter this team will be set for the next 5 yrs…

    i see two or three of those scenarios happenig next season.

  • Nikala

    Dwight needs to come to L.A. Gasol was utterly useless, what a disappointment. D-Will is a douche and after what he said about the Lakers he doesn’t deserve to be a Laker. Dwight and a few others and we are back to the finals and winning it.

    • Aussie laker fan

      I agree that d-will is a douche! CP3 is better than him by far

  • lakerman34

    DWill isn’t coming to LA. He’s trying to help build a championship team in NJ. Neither is CP3, so stop dreaming.

    Dwight Howard, on the other hand, is very possible, and to me, almost probable. I think ORL can’t turn down a Bynum and LO for Dwight and Nelson offer. Bass isn’t half as good as LO, and they both can do well in the East.

    Also, I think we should dangle Pau Gasol out East, see what kind of offers we get. Wouldn’t mind getting Joakim Noah and Luol Deng for him and Shannon Brown.

    Our Possible Starting 5:

    PG Jameer Nelson

    SG Kobe

    SF Artest

    PF Joakim Noah

    C Dwight Howard

    6th Man: Luol Deng

    Also, maybe trade our 2 rookies for a solid bench player, use our MLE on a solid player or two, and we’ll be fine.

    For giggles:

    Chicago’s Starting 5:

    C Pau Gasol

    PF Carlos Boozer

    SF Ronnie Brewer

    SG Shannon Brown

    PG Derrick Rose

    Orlando’s Starting 5:

    C Andrew Bynum

    PF Lamar Odom

    SF Hedo Turkoglu

    SG Jason Richardson

    PG ???

    Worst case scenario, we three team trade for Dwight and a few solid players for Bynum and LO, we keep Pau, hoping he stops being a bitch and starts playing like the champion we know he is.

  • Lakers21

    Really?!?!?! That would be gr8 4 the lakers kb24 &dwight wow!!!unstoppable!!!!!! (kb cp3 and Dwight Howard ??????? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on cp3

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  • 3StarAndTheSun

    How bout Gasol 4 CP3 n Bynum 4 D12. sign a guy name (Free Agent 2012) Carl Landry. Our starting lineup would be CP3, Kobe, Artest or Ebanks, Landry, and D12

    • Dirty30dg


    • Dirty30dg

      And Landry sounds nice, too…

  • Vivek

    I’m not sure if Dwight wants to be a Laker, but I’m sure he will want out of the train wreck that is Orlando. I think a lot of Lakers fans are delusional about getting CP3 AND Dwight. Not gonna happen- the Lakers don’t have enough pieces.

    They can go for either or make smaller moves to add athleticism/speed at PG and be able to finally guard the pick’n roll.

  • Jack Yang

    “Like” if you think Lakers should trade Gasol for Dwight! :D

    • Richtight

      i said dat same thing in the 1st round

  • Bobbyg

    Gasol and Artest. We need a PG too!

  • ken

    D-12 and CP3… come on down!!! Make it work Mitch. We all know you can!!!

  • Dan A.

    We should sell high on Bynum right now. His knees are never gonna be 100% again, but I’m sure after his playoff performance this year people will forget that. Trade him + fillers for Howard. Then I say we keep Pau and give him a chance to pull it together again, unless the chance to trade him for CP3 presents itself.

  • laffsatu

    maybe if kobe would pass the ball to bynum and gasol….sorry he can`t.Why assume he`de pass the ball to howard?

    • Kevin

      sounds like someone is still in Love with Kobe………You gonna have to go through vanessa if you want to get kobe You Faggot

  • O_diouf


  • Kscconnect

    The Nation needs to settle down Lakers will be fine we just need to pickup a point gaurd,Howard is a great regular season player but come playoffs down the stretch he is just another hack a howard cant shoot freethrows, As far as bynum he at least showed some anger He will be a dominating force for a long time i only wish it was Pau who clocked Barea.all you old timers will remember that everyone wanted to bust up the team when magic a Co. lost to the celtics but we held firm and added a couple of pieces and we were right back in the finals and winning the title! Lakers will return Mitch Kupchak I hope wont trade the team for Howard!Go Lakers!

  • Coreyvv

    For all of u that want Howard here its gonna have to happen via trade, most likely the Lakers will have no cap room even with the new CBA when he’s a free agent… and Arenas will have to be involved or another team, cause no way Orlando takes Bynum & be stuck with Arenas contract & lose Howard all in one swoop!! So if this trade goes down prepare for a Kobe & Arenas back court

  • hateDlaker

    trade bynum , pau , luke , brown ,blake , smith , fisher , barnes and all the rookies …

  • Tato

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Lets get Shaq back!!! He’s a true Laker, besides he’s much cheaper, and we love the man… Dwight… you go play for the Clippers! lol

    • Blackjack626

      your f****n krazy no way

  • hateDlakers

    for a point guard ; I nominate CP3 or Derron Williams for a center ; ofcourse Dwight Howard –

  • ver

    1. Trade Bynum and Artest for Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass
    We would have the best package for Howard knowing he’s going to be leaving anyway and other teams are gonna try to give low ball offers for him.2. Trade Pau back to Memphis with Derek Caracter and Ebanks for Zach Randolph and OJ Mayo Pay can play with his brother. Zach can put up the same numbers as Pau but not get punked in the playoffs. He has a good post and face up game and rebounds. OJ gives us youth and athleticism. Memphis saves money3. Trade Blake and 2 2nd picks to NY for Toney Douglas and Turiaf. Lakers get back a good backup center with triangle know how and a younger more athletic point guard.
    4. Sign Free Agent Jamario Moon to back up SF

    PG Douglas/Fish
    SG Kobe/Mayo
    SF Odom/Moon/Barnes
    PF Randolph/Bass
    C Howard/Turiaf

    Mayo would have to carry the Bench a little bit unless Barnes gets the start and LOdom does his sixth man thing. This team would be much more athletic, younger and tougher. Perimeter defense should be better… Douglas would be decent until we can swing Raymond Felton. Denver already has Ty Lawson so one of them will be available.

    • Brownhater

      Just asking if you’re the Knicks , Orlando or Memphis would you make any of the deals you stated. The Only shot we got is if we trade for Dwight Howard but we are gonna have to take on Either Gilbert or Hedo which means Odom & Artest will be through in to make the money work. That about as good as it gonna get people deal with it.


    please give us a fast point gaurd and a GREAT 3POINT SHOOTER AND TRADE GASOL AND BLAKE AND GET HOWARD

  • willmo

    Ok guys how about this in regards to trades or even free agent signing. How bout Bynum/Artest and some picks for the next 4 yrs for Dwight Howard. And from a free agent standpoint a guard like Jamal Crawford? Dude is quick can knock down a jumper and can be a scorer when Kobe’s on the bench, otherwise you gotta wait till next summer and reject Drew and LO’s team options and sign Howard along with Deron or Russell Westbrook if they are still available. CP3 is going to the Knicks because his agent is Melo’s agent and the talk began last year at Melo’s wedding which set off the Melo rumurs to the Knicks and look what happened. Also the NBA owns the Hornets and will not allow him to leave before next summer because then no one will come see them play.

    • kwickficks

      jamal crawford loves atlanta and you know for sure they aint about to let him go to free agency. especially not after this years playoffs. he’s been playing starter minutes and hitting some big shots for them down the stretch.
      and westbrook for sure aint leaving okc, he loves it there. him and kd are one of the greatest duos in the league, plus their team is on the rise.

      that would be a dope idea, but i feel like it’s a little too optimistic.

  • Donaldliebherr

    I have alsways thought that Dwight H. would make a great power forward. Trade Pau Gasol and Artest and Barnes and draft choices for Dwight. I like the line up of Andrew, Dwight and Ariza. With KB and Steve Nash in the back court. Make a three way trade with the Lakers giving up Odom for Ariza and Nash. We would be older but better. Do away with the triangle and get Shaw ro coach. If not Shaw then the coach that Houston let go or Jefff Van Gundy.


  • Brownhater

    Ok I just want ro ask for eveyone who keeps saying trade Pau for Wwight & keep Bynum tell me how both of those players are gonna play together. I ‘m not crazy about Pau but I think next to Dwight he’ll be fine.

    • TouchingMyself

      I agree with you. As much as I would love the prospect of having both Howard and Bynum; that simply will not happen! It’s already gonna be a tall order to get Orlando to lose another great center to the Los Angeles Lakers, let alone for a player that’s NOT one of the top centers of the league! There’s NO WAY that they will accept anyone less than Bynum! Pau has proven to be not effective or strong enough to handle the middle on his own. Orlando is gonna demand Bynum and a couple of other players or draft picks or a variation of the 2. Plus, Bynum has proven that he’s NOT good coming off the bench. He needs to start or he just doesn’t have the capacity to engage himself in the game with the energy that he needs.

  • Meier Erick

    2011-12 Lakers payroll as follows:

    Kobe 25 mil Dwight Howard’s 2011 salary is 18,091,770
    Pau 18mil
    Bynum 15 mil
    Odom 8.9 mil
    Artest 6.7 mil
    Walton 5.6 mil
    Blake 4 mil
    Fisher 3.4 mil
    Brown 2.4 mil
    Barnes 1.9 mil
    Ebanks 700,00 thous. (team option)
    Caracter 700,00 thous. (team option)
    Total: 92,922,877

    So here’s the best option (in my opinion) for obtaining Howard:
    Trade Gasol (18 mil) with Walton (5.6 mil) and Artest (6.7 mil) and possibly a couple draft picks in the next couple of years (2nd round picks). This would open op about $11 million in cap space to go out and get a perimeter shooter or two. Then use a draft pick (if not traded away for Howard) to get either another Power Forward, or Guard with a great perimeter game. Please note that as of now, the Lakers do NOT have a 1st round pick for the upcomming draft. With that said, the Lakers would have to sign a free agent guard. Maybe a Jamal Crawford, David West, or Mickael Pietrus. All three of those free agents mentioned are great perimieter players, and great defenders. Crawford and West would give Fisher (if he doesn’t retire) and Bryant time to rest and to actually hold a lead while Bryant is on the bench. Another player to keep in mind is Caron Butler who didn’t play this postseason due to injury. However, he averaged 15 ppg and 4.1 rpg

    My Dream lineup for 2011:

    Kobe/ Brown
    Bynum/ Odom

    Let me know how you think I did!

    • TouchingMyself

      That team looks pretty good, especially with you getting Caron Butler. Haha. Although, I don’t see that there’s any way that you can get Howard without giving up Bynum. Since we’re doing this fantasy draft/trade thing here, and I HAVEN’T DONE THE NUMBERS, but just going off of what you have, I propose this.

      Fisher/Crawford is good

      Kobe/ Brown will have to change!

      Bynum/Odom obviously can’t happen, so it’s either gonna be Pau/Odom or if the rumors are true with Pau and Kobe then that means that they can’t co-exist anymore… then I would trade for D West and Ariza for Pau and Brown

      or trade with Houston for Scola and Goran Dragic! ( he was nice in Phoenix and killed us whenever he came in )

      Howard/Butler they don’t even play the same position, but I would love to get Caron back on the Lakers. I think that we need a serviceable back up center. Maybe Oden will be available on the cheap. Hahaha!

      Pietrus/Barnes nice defensive duo, but we need shooters on this team. Dallas proved that we were so lacking in the 3 department!

      I REALIZE THAT THIS IS A PIPE DREAM AND I’VE DONE NO RESEARCH WHATSOEVER WITH THE SALARIES, BUT I WAS GOING STRICTLY OFF OF THE ROSTER THAT YOU HAD PUT TOGETHER. I’m sure that whatever Mitch does this off season, it’ll be great for the Lakers! I just hope that other teams are willing to participate in trades with us!

  • Reyesraynald

    CP3,KB24,RUDY,LO7,dwight 2012 lakers starter

  • Purple yellow

    i think the best thing 4 the lakers now is to revamp and oveerhaul their team, they dont have the fire and hunger for winning the championship coz they already  have it, not once but twice.. a trade will work, kobe stays, bynum or gasol and odom 4 howard, then bynum or gasol and brown 4 cp3.. or they can even arrange a trade including artest and brown.. 

  • Aussie laker fan

    if they do this 3 way trade we will be champs again

    Magic, Lakers and Hornets.

    Lakers get Howard, CP3, Trevor Ariza and Quentin Richardson
    Magic get Gasol, Okafor, and Derrick Caracter
    Hornets get Bynum, Artest and Gilbert Arenas

    lakers starters would be this after the trade:

    SG – Bryant
    SF – Ariza
    PG – CP3
    PF – Odom
    C – Howard

    that could be like a big 5 sorta?