Photo Credit: Getty Images

Before ultimately losing in hist first game against the Orlando Magic, former Magic superstar Dwight Howard told John Denton in a recent interview:

“You only get one shot. People might not ever understand that, but at the end of the day it’s not their life. You can’t let anybody else dictate how they want your life to be,” he said. “I only have one shot to play and do something that I love. Not everybody is blessed and have an opportunity to do what they love.”

“So I want to do it the best that I can and I’m going to take everything in I can to get what I can out of the NBA. Which, for me, is winning a championship,” Howard said. “So if I have to play on another team or do whatever I have to do to get one, that’s my goal. This is my passion, so I’ll continue to fight.”

While Dwight is known to change his public stance fairly regularly, this statement gives us a nice peek inside his mindset with the Lakers.