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Dwight Howard has been asked about his future with Orlando for quite sometime now, and he has not been clear on what his plans are when he can opt out in the Summer of 2012.

Howard got irritated when asked about his future after the loss to the Hawks in the first round, and walked out on a group of reporters when he was asked about his future with the Magic: (See Video Below)

Dwight Howard tweeted late Monday night that the writers over at the Orlando Sentinel are trying to push him out of Orlando, similar to what happened to Shaquille O’Neal.

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Whether Howard likes it or not, it will be one of the biggest story lines this off season. The question is if the Magic will in fact trade Howard before he could possibly leave as a free agent. There are two examples of what the Orlando Magic can do in this situation. They could be like the Cavaliers and hope that he re-signs in the summer of 2012, and possibly end up with nothing. Or go the Denver Nuggets route, and trade him before he is a free-agent, and get some talent back in return.

The fact that Howard declined an extension on his contract may prove that he doesn’t want to be in Orlando long term.

  • Christopher Moss

    Hey L.A. Times, write an article kissing his butt. Do what it takes!

  • Anonymous

    Mitch needs to make a trade to get him.

  • joseph

    maybe u need to change the name of this website to… hahaha suck it fakers! Go mavs!

    • Evilmrchicken

      I can bet you everything that you are a hardcore mavs fan since last week LOL

  • eliko

    some kook in a boston site wrote an article dated may 9th called hacks and basically bashed Bynum as well as the Lakers leaving without class, I laughed to really? Kevin Mchale wasn’t clasless. just because Bynum was smart enough to do it at the end of the game whe the playoffs were over and it wouldn’t hurt him to be suspended either way, it doesn’t make it better if he had done it earlier.. oh well. Dwightie all-day.. I respect Bynum’s game specially his heart and passion for the game but in 8 years he would be at last at least a 5+x all star or some sort of leading shot blocker for the Magic as Dwight was,

  • xtro

    he will be a laker.