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According to the Orlando Sentinel, WKMG sports anchor David Pingatore said last Sunday that Dwight Howard would sign a two-year contract extension with the Orlando Magic.

Howard, who was helping tornado victims in Birmingham, Alabama said “There’s no truth to that.”

In order to sign an extension with the Orlando Magic, Howard would have to sign before the collective bargaining agreement that ends on July 1st.

Howard made it clear that he wants to be in Orlando, but he will not sign a extension.
Kobe Bryant went through a similar situation in 2007 when he said the Lakers would have to prove to him that they are willing to go get him help, and become a true championship contender.

Bryant’s now famous quote, “Do something, and do it now!” was said after being beat by the Phoenix Suns in the first round, back in the 2007 playoffs.

Howard is voicing those same frustrations:

“I do want to win, [the Magic need to] make sure everything is in line: our team, just everything from top to bottom, everybody is reaching for a championship. It can’t be me and a couple other guys. Its gotta be the whole team – everybody on the staff. It’s the same goal: the championship attitude.” he said.

The Orlando Magic have two choices.

One, they trade Howard while he is still under contract to get something in return (i.e. Denver Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony)

Two, they do their best to try and prove to Howard that they want to win a championship, and possibly lose him for nothing (i.e. Lebron James and the Cavaliers)

Of course, Laker fans are hoping for the first option.

  • ishaan mishra

    And Knick Fans are hoping for the second so that they can pick him up in Free Agency. I hope Orlando would rather have Drew than nothing. 

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Okay let me get this str8. Howard probably wants out in Orlando and take his talent to Hollywood. on the other hand, CP3 will likely join Melo and the Knicks. I would luv the Laker to get DWill. Imagine DWILL, KOBE, D12???

    • Margarite

      Keep dreaming!

    • Anonymous

      hopefully after the new CBA it could happen, Kupchak and the Buss’ have always been capable at getting superstars.

    • Boymanram

      Hi I’m Eric Rodriguez a big fan of Los Angeles Lakers fan i think that will b a great idea having we will b a countder champion team and the heat and others teams that beat us and embrassed us will b a taste of they’re own medicine.

  • Only good teams get Rings

    I say let’s unload Kobe and Fish while we can still get something for them.  Luke Walton can step up and take the team.  The rumor is Gasol wants out and can you blame him?  Meanwhile Kobe is learning the Ginobli flop since a lot of his shots havent been going down.  I hear Fish has put on forty pounds eating away his poor performance in the playoffs where the Guru wouldnt even play him toward the end.

    • Joshua Herrington

      That’s cute.

    • Anonymous


      • Margarite

        You guys always come out of your holes when ever someone say anything about Kobe. Go back in your hole!

    • Anonymous

      so dumb

    • Phucklebron

      are you tryna be smart or funny? cuz that was prolly the stupidest thing ive heard about basketball.

  • Consciencerules

    I am a Lakers Fan, and I love Dwight Superman Howard become a laker someday!

  • K_hare

    Chris Paul is a much better acquisition. We have two great 7 footers.

    • Showtim

      Problem is THE trade piece to acquire the “next big thing” in LA is ONE of those 7 footers your referring to :-(

      • Margarite

        He.s not a 7 footer he’s between 6-9 to 6-10.

        • Guest

          Hes talking about bynum

          • Margarite

            It does not matter Bynum will not be traded to Orlando! The fans want Howard. You can’t make a trade if the fans want a player. The teams most agree!

          • Anonymous

            The fans don’t make the decisions for the organizations, the GM’s and Owners do.

          • Lakergang42

            im pretty sure cleveland still wanted lebron…

  • Guest

    Dwight, Nelson, Hedo for Bynum, Odom, Blake. We get a pg, dwight, have to take on Hedo’s contract but it’s definitely worth it if we can pull this off

    • Margarite

      Let it go!

    • Mowgli Bambam

      I hope this happens

  • xtro

    the plot thickens

  • Mastarockafella

    Orlando can’t wait for that one year. They’ll get nothing in return.  I think the lakers are in front running for this trade with Bynum, Odom and some involved. I really wish Howard would come down to LA.

  • kobe

    Bynum+Blake+Brown+Caracter+2 future draft picks = Howard+Arenas+E.Clark

    then, Lakers trade Arenas+Barnes+Walton+Smith+ future draft picks = D. Williams + Morrow + Travis Outlaw

    Then Trade Outlaw+Theo Ratliff = (1)Javale McGee+Jordan Crawford (wizards) or (2)Ed Davis+Kleiza+ Joey Dorsey (Raptors) or (3)Anthony Randolph+Tolliver (Twolves)

    Lakers 2012 Line-up

    Trey Johnson

    + options 1,2,or 3…

    • Anonymous

      it wouldn’t work because of Arenas’ contract, combined with Dwight’s, it only puts it WAY over the salary cap. It would dope though if some how it would go through

  • Anonymous

    Getting Dwight Howard would be great but I feel we should acquire a great young point guard such as Darren Collison, Brandon Jennings, Raymend Felton or Stephen Curry first. We didn’t lose games in the key but rather on the perimeter and from jump shots. Dwight Howard can’t defend quick guards fifteen feet beyond the rim.

  • kobe

    if the lakers can’t get Dwill or CP3..better get Aaron Brooks..

    Bynum+Blake+Brown+Caracter+2 future draft picks = Howard+Arenas+E.Clark

    then, Lakers trade Arenas+Barnes+Walton+Smith+ future draft picks = Aaron Brooks+Dudley+Gortat

    Lakers 2012 Line-up
    Fish (limited minutes)

    Develop Ebanks and Trey Johnson

    Waive E.Clark
    Sign Shawne Williams and Reggie Evans

    • Ramentasty

      ebanks, trey johnson  are out

  • Jomari

    Dwight Howard is a great fit for Lakers plus consistent bench players and THE LAKERS ARE BACK ON THE FINALS!:)