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According to the OC Register’s Kevin Ding, Dwight Howard has parted ways with his business manager after nine years.

Howard has decided to move his career in a new direction.

Kevin Samples, Howard’s cousin and primary advisor for his entire professional career, has been with Howard every step of the way since Howard was drafted in 2004.

With this recent parting, Howard seems confident in calling his own shots in the future:

“We had nine great years together,” Howard told me late Monday night. “Just time to go separate ways.”

“I know what I want to accomplish,” Howard said. “I’ve always written down my goals and everything I want, and I want to make sure I get ‘em. Everything I’ve lost, everything that’s gone away, I’m going to get it back.”

Howard’s early relationship with Samples eventually grew into Dwight Howard Enterprises, consisting of only Howard and Samples.

This was certainly no easy decision for Howard, considering their family ties:

“He’s still my cousin, my family, so we’ll always be around each other,” Howard said. “But we just parted ways on the business side.”

Could this affect Howard’s pending free agency decision? We’ll see.

But Howard has certainly made strides from the infamous “Dwightmare” in Orlando.

Howard’s future in Los Angeles remains up in the air, but if his recent play is any indication, he seems to be getting more comfortable under the bright lights.

One thing is for sure though, the future and legacy of ‘Superman’ is up to one man, and one man only: Dwight Howard.