Lakers Examiner: Like most people, I had a good laugh the first time I saw one of those Kobe Bryant, LeBron James puppet commercials (or Muppet, not sure what the difference is).

The “three championship rings” one gets a little annoying, but I love the one with LeBron throwing the talcum powder all over the house.

Apparently, however, Dwight Howard not only finds the commercials unfunny, he finds them downright offensive…

I told ya’ll the other day that we find it really disrespectful that everybody seems to be pulling for LeBron and Kobe to get to the Finals. Every time I look at TV, it seems like that’s all anybody is talking about. It’s like nobody is even giving us a shot at winning this series and we’ve used it as motivation…

Aiiight, ya’ll I guess I gotta go watch another one of these LeBron and Kobe commercials on TV. Naw, just kiddin.

Aiiight, I get it. You’re upset that you are beating the so-called “chosen one” and his team in the Eastern Conference finals, and you think it’s about time you got some respect.

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  • Anonymous

    Not their fault Nike > Adidas in marketing.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Exactly! He’s an Adidas guy. He should tell his people that “anything is possible” and make some good commercials. Besides, those commercials don’t say anything about going to the Finals. It’s about two MVPs that live together. (current and past) Either he needs to sign over to Nike or be the MVP next year and maybe he’ll get some good commercials.

  • kobe8

    ^^i agree with both u guys

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    Howard is just bummed out he is not on the conversation between LBJ and Kobe.
    Thats understandable. He need to wipe LBJ ass (he is doing it by the way) and reach the finals. I wonder if Nike will air those commercials if golden boy LBJ is not at the finals. ESPN will be pissed too, since they love to build so much hype around him.

  • Michael Perez

    I love Dwight Howard. i’ve been telling everybody all season that the magic were for real, and recently that they will beat the cavs. Howard is a beast, an all-star, a future mvp and hall-of-famer.
    i’m a witness to Howard pounding LeBron. :-)

  • ant

    I, don’t blame howard at all, everybody was riding that Lebron about to come up since i picked the Magic to beat the Cavs…. Yeah the commercials are funny and all, but it has gotten annoying. The funny thing will be is if both kobe & lebron don’t make it to the finals…Will they still show all those comercials??? They should’ve waited IMO…

  • KONG!

    [Comment ID #73292 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe not make it to the final?!
    I think you’re in the wrong website…

  • trevor ariza lover

    oh come on, have some fun with it dwight! geez.

  • Shril

    His T-mobile commercial is more boring than watching Dick Bavetta blow whistles.

  • rzebro

    Please don’t tell me that last sence of humor big guy was Shaq… ;/

    And don’t be mad at DH – heez just upset that Adidas don’t have that much power in basetball marketing Nike, thatz all – and true, if he got any issues with that he should sign a contract with them.

  • Laker…Hater…