Phil talks about Bynum and Howard; two of the best centers in the league.

L.A. Times: Lakers center Andrew Bynum has a nice repertoire of offensive moves.

He has a smooth, still developing offensive game.

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is a more physical, low-post offensive player.

His game is about dunking.

On the surface, it appears as if Bynum has a more advanced offensive game than Howard, who is generally considered the best center in the NBA.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, however, doesn’t put much stock in that theory.

“It’s a difference in just their physical makeup,” said Jackson, who gave his team Saturday off. “I think ‘Drew has great hands, great shooting touch, [but] doesn’t have that strength and quickness that Howard has, that physical makeup.”

Bynum and Howard test their skills against each other when the Lakers host the Magic at Staples Center on Monday.

It’ll be the first time the two teams will have played against each other since the Lakers defeated the Magic in the NBA Finals in five games.

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  • http://57.amklac robert eats matard

    just different?like a Corvette and mustang are just different?

    • KOBE THA MVP 10′

      or like a Kia Rio is different from an Lambo

      • Jack Y.

        More like Mercedes (Bynum) vs. BMW (Howard).

  • dracul

    They are different that:

    Howard has more explosiveness, is quicker, stronger and a rebound magnet. He is an incredible shotblocker and very difficult to stop from dunking once he gets deep position and receives the ball.

    He also has no offensive game more than 5 feet from the basket, he has a limited number of moves and post play, and is a horrible freethrow shooter (something which was a key factor in a certain NBA Finals loss).

    Howard appears to have plateaued as a basketball superstar. He seems to be a genuinely kind hearted, fun loving kid in a big body. – which might be great for Howard the person, but may not be so great for Howard the Basketball Superstar. He doesn’t seem to have the mindset of an angry black guy from the hood with something to prove to the world. Winning and striving to fanatically improve his game do not seem to be in his makeup.

    Bynum is taller, better trained/coached, a solid free throw shooter, can shoot a mid range jumper fairly well, has an ever increasing array of post moves and has not reached his potential.

    He also isn’t the dominating player that he could or has the potential to be – yet. Sometime he appears unfocused or unmotivated to put in an effort. He sometimes seems too focused on getting touches on the offensive end, instead of concentrating on getting rebounds or blocks on the defensive end.

    Also, he doesn’t have that ferociousness that Howard and Shaq were known for, the kind of 2 handed-throw-down-dunk that would intimidate the opposition from even attempting to get in the way next time. This might be due to him working out with Kareem, who was known as a finesse player.

    Overall, if Bynum continues to develop more offensive moves, learns to pass over the top instead of going for the score everytime he starts a post move, and becomes more aggressive and feared on the defensive end, then in about 2 years, he would be able to overtake Howard as the #1 Center in the league. His focus and motivation to play hard every night also needs to be there consistently.

    I think as long as Gasol, Bynum AND Odom are on the Lakers, Bynum may not have the chance to develop rapidly, simply because there arent enough touches, shots or minutes for all 3 of these guys. Gasol and Odom have shown what they can do and are pretty much proven, wheras Bynum still has something to prove in order to fulfill his potential.


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    don`t forget bynum has kneecaps that spin around like an old lady…LAKER SOFT..dwight howard is a man.

    • LakersFirst

      Yea, D. Howard is a man … a man with no post up game whatsoever.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..


    Shannon Brown is confirmed for the Dunk Contest along with Gerald Wallace and Nate Robinson.

    What a sigh of relief, now Shannon, go do your thing.

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