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There have been many rumors going around the past week about Dwight Howard joining the Lakers in 2012. At first, this seemed like a rumor started by a crazy Laker fan as a teaser but media outlets have been reporting this rumor too.

Just yesterday, ESPN analyst Ric Bucher posted this message on his Twitter page:

DisneyWorld vs. Disneyland feud could go DefCon1: Sources say DHoward has eye on Lakers if Magic don’t win a title in next 2 years.

This rumor doesn’t seem so crazy anymore, does it? No I guess not, but there’s too much hoopla surrounding this rumor. Dwight to the Lakers (2 years prior to the actual move happening) sounds a lot like the “LeBron to New York” rumor the fans and the media have been hyped up for the past few years before he eventually tore their hearts out. I suggest not getting your hopes up on this rumor too much incase he holds “The Decision” spurning the Lakers for another team (Clippers?).

A lot of Laker fans might be wondering how this would work. Well, how this works is simple. Dwight has an early-termination clause in his contract for 2011-2012 meaning at the end of the ’11-12 season, he can terminate his contract and become a free agent, giving him the opportunity to join the Lakers for the ’12-13 season. But the Lakers have approximately $67 million locked in for 3 players alone in ’12-13, which brings them over the current salary cap already (the CBA negotiations don’t help the cause either).

The Lakers likely won’t look to overspend on Dwight so they would likely make some trades to make room for him, with all eyes on Andrew Bynum and his $13 million contract. Dwight makes slightly more than Bynum, at approximately $16.5 million. This opens up a sign-and-trade scenario with the Lakers shipping out Bynum and possibly Luke Walton to Orlando for Dwight. However, if that deal isn’t considered, the Lakers could just simply trade away Bynum to another team for some low-paid players to create room and sign Dwight in the offseason. There are many scenarios to be considered, so it’s best left to “Magic Man” Mitch.

So Nation, do you support Dwights move to the Lakers?

  • andy

    this is probably one of those retarded rumors, but if dwight howard came to LA it would be another dynasty waiting to happen in the post kobe era.

    • Airborne_77

      OK some of you fools actually call your selves laker fans and don’t have a dam clue. 1st for all that think we are going to get D. Howard which I think would be the second coming of Shaq and dont think we would have to give up, Bynum and Artest  and maybe even shannon brown which i really dont want to happen your just smoking that CALI. First the main issue we neeed  to address isnt even howards postion its fishers. I love his ass to death but cmon i know you all saw him get used vs  CP and the hornets hell everyone is talking about how we got smahed by the dam mavericks hell we almost lost the dam hornets. Second BYNUM is O_V_E_R_A_T_E_D!! I dont care how much time he spends with Kareem. So get rid of these players in this order. 1. Fisher 2. Bynum 3. Walton. 4 Artest. 5. Blake…
      Ok now we have gotten rid of the dam dead weight and cleared up plenty of cap space lets see we add. 1.Chris Paul 2. D. Howard 3. Harrington ( not the best i know but he can back up my man ODOM) 4. maybe a draft pick.

      So ok i know that doesnt seem fair but when i break it down the line up is beastly
      1.PG= Chris Paul. 2. SG= The Man 3. SM= Lamar Odom 4. PF= Paul Gasol 5= D. Howard

      That will give the new coach something nice to work with i know this might seemed alittle far fetched but i have done my research and it could happen and if anybody can do it it would be our boy Mitch lt me know what you think!!! Laker Fan 4 Life!!



  • Mast

    Yup if we can get Dwight and D. Rose post Kobe era now thats a f*kn DYNASTYYY!!!!!!!

    probably won’t happen, but if it does. O’ boy O’ boy….

    Dwight, D. Rose, Gasol, Artest, Odom

    • #1

      i like d. rose, but i rather have hometown hero RUSSEL WESTBROOK. either one are good

    • danny

      if this is after kobe retires then ron would prob be gone plus odom would be pretty old cuase kobe has 2 year contract and 3 year extension so thats 5 years from now

  • no 3peat

    Because everyone talk about it, it’s gonna not happen

    • no 3peat

      not gonna happen*

  • sam

    Dwight Howard would be a more improved version of Shaq if he was a Laker, it would be real damn nice if he was coming to Los Angeles because that city has had the best chances to have some of the greatest centers in NBA history like Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, Gasol and he can go down that list too.

    • 242LakerFan

      I hate to break this to you, but Howard isn’t nearly what Shaq was at this point in their careers. Shaq was the most dominant player in the game when he was here. The only area Howard is an improvement over Shaq is defensively. His offense is suspect at best and we all saw first hand two years ago how reliable he is at the line.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him in the purple and gold. He’d be a major piece in a post-Kobe re-set. But an improved version of Shaq? Hardly.

      • Celtics Suck Salty Nuts

        I agree with you 242, but considering Dwight’s athletic ability, I would say he is more durable and will stay at or near his prime shape longer than Shaq, which will make it worth while.

        • 242LakerFan

          Oh, hey, it would definitely be worthwhile and you are 100% correct. Dwight might not be Shaq, but his athleticism and work ethic means he’ll stay at a high level longer than Shaq ever did.

      • BlackMambaFan

        With all the offensive weapons that the Lakers possess, Howard may not need to score as much as Shaq did when he was teamed up with Kobe. Now that Gasol, Artest and Odom are in the mix, Howard can stick to his main focus which is playing defensive ball and being able to create space for the shooters and scorers (Kobe, Brown, Fisher, Artest, Barnes, Blake). He will be a major upgrade over an injury-prone Bynum.

      • Brandon

        Hey doesnt have to be a shaq when we have the greatest scorer all time in kobe bryant and a savy power forward like gasol howard would be a great fit all we need from him is 15 pts and 12 rebs a night

  • purple-n-gold

    it could hapen just like when shaq was in orlando he came to L.A beacuse he knew this is the place to win championships. and if orlando doesnt win in the new few years in witch i dont see it happening . howard is going to come L.A.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    LOL, Superman 2 (lesser version [fool’s gold] of the original Superman, the man who now is dead to me) to the Lakers!!

    This would be ironic and funny in many ways… first and forth-most because both players took the Orlando Magic to the Finals, albeit the 2nd gen Superman won a game, and then spurned the team for the LA Lakers.


      Look, let’s NEVER refer the former as SUPERMAN ever again please… at best, that fool is BIZARRO!

      Now that’s been said, I’ve thought the same thing every time the D Howard thing came up… that we’ll be taking the center from Orlando once again! It’s true that SUPERBOY is not as dominant as BIZARRO once was, but with his attitude and work ethic I can see him getting there within the next couple of years.

      I love Bynum’s game and what he brings for our Laker team, but his knees… they just don’t seem like that they’ll hold up for the long haul. If he’s gotta go then I wish the very best for him and also the very best in return for him… Melo or D Howard.

      All I know is that Dr Buss has proven NOT to be a scrooge, so we just need to be patient and see how all this will play out and trust that ALL WILL BE WELL IN LAKERLAND!


      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • keeponkeepinon18

        Good point! I’d love to see this happen… hmm… time for 2K.

  • Jack

    This can only happen through a trade (or sign and trade). Unless Dwight really pushes the Magic to do that, I doubt it’ll happen.

    • keeponkeepinon18

      I’m sure Lakers wouldn’t mind giving up Bynum if the Magic were sure that Dwight would leave them via free-agency.

  • rondo

    Another get rid and hate Bynum article, Laker fans should wait and see what Bynum do this year before talking about getting rid of him I still think the Lakers got Bynum game locked up due to Kobe and Pau. Bynum’s game will get better when he become more of a focal point in the Lakers offense.

    • Elrey

      How is he going to become focal point player if the kid is always hurt.

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Yes a chance will still be given to Andrew Bynum but from here on out I’d really want Howard. I don’t know how this affects or maybe is it that I really don’t like Bynum at all. Howard > Bynum forever.

  • lakers0828

    the only way I see lakers getting Dwight is if bynum goes and artest as well other then That I really cant see Dwight being a Laker

    • LakersFirst

      Should Orlando get to the point where they have to trade DHoward and if DHoward demanded to be dealt to the Lakers, then Orlando would probably demand Bynum as well LO, and probably a 1st round pick, which means the Lakers would have to take back another player from Orlando

  • Van Mo

    Dear Santa, all I want for the 2012 Christmas is Dwight Howard and Deron Williams to team with Pau Gasol and with Kobe and Odom leading the most dominant bench in Sports history. If you approve this, I promise never to be naughty again. =)

    • Celtics Suck Salty Nuts

      Did I miss something? Is D-Will going to be available then too? He hates and respects the Lakers. I’m sure he knows he can’t win a championship as long as Lakers are around to compete.

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Van Mo..

      As much as I don’t believe in Santa and I believe in God.. I’m praying for the same thing! :)))

      C: Dwight Howard
      PF: Pau Gasol
      SF: Lamar Odom/Ron Artest
      SG: Kobe Bryant
      PG: Deron Williams


  • listentomenowandhearmelater

    I guarantee that it will happen. It’s been the Lakers M.O. on how they keep winning (in the finals more than half of the time). They bring in a new younger superstar just as an older one hits the waning years of his career.

  • kobe24


  • Bobby T

    Please come dwight!! do it for JESUS!!

    • sasha4lvp

      lol funny stuff!

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Probably a good prayer :))

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      A great prayer for a great player LOL

  • lakerville213

    dwight howard, blake griffin, chris paul…

    if one of these three guys joined the lakers in 3 years…now THATS a dynasty…(if not all, lol, i can dream can’t i?)

  • rondo

    Fans never give Bynum any love as a Laker. One day Bynum is going to prove many of you non believers wrong. Be careful what you wish for. The grass always appears greener on the other side.

    • Heat Hater

      Well, to be honest, neither side of this argument knows what is going to happen. No one can know the future for sure. They can try to predict it based on current reasons they have, but they can’t actually know exactly what will happen.

      All they are doing is predicting based on Bynum’s progress as a player, which has been hampered by injuries. You are making a bet that he won’t get injured ever again.

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Yes and when that happens.. Dwight’s already winning rings with Kobe :)) (if it happens)

  • John Robertson

    I hope it will happen, can’t wait for 2012…

    Come to LA Dwight….

  • laffs atu!

    Hey everyone wants to play for the Lakers. Celtic fans won’t admit it, but Garnett wanted to play along side with Kobe. He spoke to Kobe way before he spoke to Boston, however Kobe was at the time having issues with Buss, which made the deal dead in the water. Shaq left Orlando to join L.A. What about Kareem leaving the Bucks to begin his legacy in Laker land. Wilt also saw L.A as a destination for a chance to win a championship. I remember hearing back in the days Karl Malone wanting to play along side Shaq after losing to the Bulls in 98. He waited 6 years to finally do it. I’m telling all you Laker haters out their. L.A is one of the greatest franchises in sports history PERIOD! We as Laker fans NEVER have to worry about not getting superstars to come to L.A. EVERYBODY WANTS TO SUIT UP IN PURPLE AND GOLD! The Lakers are the Yankees of Basketball. So sucks to be you Smeltic, Legra James fans! I love L.A! Sweet Sixteen is on it’s way!

  • ilikebasketball

    i really really really really want bynum to work out.

    let’s see if he makes it through this year

    and we can build around him hopefully and not rely on an already made star coming around.

    i like the homegrown stars best

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      I hate to bring it up to you… I oppose what you just said. I want Howard to the Lakers!

  • Durt McGurt

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is just a strategy by superstar players and pretty much all players alike to use the Lakers as a bargaining chip for them to make bank. I’ve heard this type of rumor over and over again by players wanting a max contract, to use the Lakers as a scare tactic for the teams to over pay them. Of course, in a perfect world we’d have Dwight Howard + Pau Gasol + Drew + Lamar = Dynasty 3.0 but no team will let this happen.

    And to spread this now being two years from free agency, is simply brilliant on Dwight Howard’s part.

  • sopi

    KG to LA? never happened
    Lebron to LA? never happened
    Howard to LA? will never happened

    and who knew Gasol would join LA and won 2 rings?

  • laker warrior

    never say never, Lakers have 15 rings .D Howard loves the spot light, He is a commericial waiting to happen.
    This is going to happen old man buss wont pay Bynum,for always being hurt

    • bostonSUCKS88


    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Laker Warrior, so agreeing with ya.

  • Laker Fan

    If this happens … Kobe will get at least two more rings with Dwight Howard in the post … & I don’t think Dr. Buss’ son is dumb enough to want Bynum over Howard

  • ohno

    if this happens, it will be brian shaw’s first three peat as a head coach.

  • 123kid

    all dwight is saying, is that the lakers are a great team for anyone to play for. Does he absolutely wish to play here? NO! I would love to play for the Lakers, but i dont see Jerry Buss and Mitch knocking on my door anytime soon. I bet 95% of players today would love to be part of one of the best franchises in all of sports. But at the end of the day, unless the money is right, then I see a slim to none chance of the Lakers getting Dwight Howard. I’m sure when 2012 comes around, we will start first by looking into the draft for a franchise or upcoming star. Just like how Kobe was Jerry West’s Laker star in the making, im pretty sure Bynum is Mitch’s Laker project star in the making. If Drew doesnt produce from now and all of 2011, expect him to be shipped out.

    • michael

      You’re not Dwight Howard.

      • lal4life

        D. Howard is a star and i aint him but i almost bet u any thing all is worried about is a RING. The same reason L. James went to the Heat.

  • kobe24

    who do think is the next coach for LA?

    • ShowtimeEra

      I think without a doubt it will be Brian Shaw. He knows the triangle offense very well thanks to Phil. Why change the system that has brought five titles to L.A. Stay with the system. Brian Shaw is the answer! The next coach of the Lakers.

    • Juliade9

      its still got to be phill jackson he is the winninest coach in nba history

  • getgasol

    I think there is a good chance of this happening. The Lakers ALWAYS go after the most dominant big man in basketball. Wilt, Kareem, Shaq. It is doable if we lose Bynum and another player or two. If Bynum wasn’t always hurt I would say no, but since he always is, I would be OK with swapping Dwight for Bynum. This would also put us in a very good position to stay dominant even after Kobe enters the downslide of his career.

  • robert courtney

    I’m going to make a prediction you all might think I’m crazy ass hell but one thing about me my predictions are always right if our lakers lose to the miami heat after this year not only we will have howard but we will also have chris paul and how do I know this our lord told me this in my heart so laker fans get ready baby because d12 and cp3 are coming to la lakers its going to happen weather anybody in the world or any other nba team likes it or not they are coming to la

    • a;sldkfjdksla;

      howard+chris paul = jizz in my pants.

  • lalakersftw

    haha the heat kicked your Ass on christmas day

    • LakersFirst

      hahah, yea, they did – BUT WE ARE STILL THE BACK TO BACK NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS – Nobody can take that away.

      I love it. people try to talk sh*t about the Lakers all the time, but to shut them up, all you have to say is “Back to Back NBA World Champs”

      I know the fact that the Lakers are in fact, the Back to Back NBA World Champions, just kills this loser. It just kills him

      I’ll say it again; Back to Back NBA World Champions – Lakers.

      One more time: Back to Back NBA World Champions – Your Los Angeles Lakers

      Who is the Back to Back NBA World Champions? That’s right, the Lakers are the Back to Back NBA World Champions.

  • alex

    My prediction is that Andrew Bynum is going to stay healthy. If he does, he will continue to improve, and by this time next year, he’ll be the most dominant center in the league, and a d howard trade will be considered a downgrade.

    howdya like them apples?

    • Dwight Howard >:))

      Your comment has to be the most futile, useless, crappiest, and very much the most worthless of all the posts here. Bynum? Dominant Center? Since when? When he got injured? LOL Howard will be the best Center there is and hopefully will be part of the Los Angeles Lakers. Probably the next superstar to shine there..

    • ade

      i agree with u but u knw we still need more hands because as u can see the seies is beoming one thought thing and as such u will need more hands that can play and come to rest at different times
      keeping these three men together is a good thing if it can happen pau bynum dwight

  • mike

    all you la fans are corny my boy dwight is stayin in orlando so shhhh

    • i_bleedz_purple&gold

      No he’s not…lol

  • a;sldkfjdksla;

    probably a bynum/walton/maybe artest with howard,

  • jdq

    The LA Lakers has been the home of the league’s best centers. Mikan, Wilt, Kareem and Shaq.

    Based on the team’s record of rosters, it’s a big possibility that Dwight would come to LA especially that Kobe is in the near-twilight of his career. With Dwight and Pau, LA’s frontcourt would be invincible. Plus CP3 on the backcourt? A potential Big 3.

    • jdq

      mikan was with the minneapolis lakers but still he’s a laker. ^_^

  • quan chi

    its sad to see probally the best all around center that we will see as far as athlatasisym and just being a beast keep taking a no talent magic team deep into the playoffs by hiself but he is young and if he went to the lakers it would make hom grow and get better and energize a young but seasond and battle fought 32 year old kobe to buid and maintain a dynasty worthy of greatness along with paul gassol you cold build around them so many differant ways and they would be a dynasty because they could all make each other better i would love it and it would make alot of money for the nba for a long time please make it happend the truest nba fan your gonna see it would up dwight howards posistion and keep the fire that burns in kobe bryants eyes burning and i think with a little rest would put and keep him on top one way or another because they would be like a new shaq and kobe dynasty but alot better alot younger stronger hungryer smarter and give la something to look foward to for many and any tru baketball fan means many years and youll also see knew superstars emerge from being around greatness make it happend why there young and you dont wayste there talent apart why they can be together now and have great battles with the heat

  • bronson

    Heck na dwight is staying cuz magic got a title ahead of them

  • dat bull jigg

    if we det dwight it will be ova srry bynum you will be coming off the bench

  • jigg

    kobe is the best player in the NBA and nobody can tell me diffrent but we need dwight

    • pl

      ever heard of leBron?

      • Dosercody

        Ya I’ve heard of him. That guy who is playing second fiddle to Dwayne Wade right? The guy that still hasn’t won a championship yet calls himself the king, right? Oh, and the guy that has never been able to close out a game and probably never will be able too? Dwayne Wade is better than Lebron overall, and Kobe is better than Wade. Kobe is still the best in the league, hands down

      • Youngharms


  • Shiraz

    Superman is NOT going to LA all so do all of u West Coast beachboys understand? CP3 hints on joining the Magic during free agency…

  • Go LAkers

    I think he will be going toBoston with all the cap space ainge cleared out.

  • True_hooper11

    low chance of Howard coming but its possible

  • heya!!

    Huh? We don’t need Dwight, Drew’s there.

  • Barnett140

    This will extend the laker dynasty for another 10 years

  • E.sneed

    Dwight’s smart he wants a ring. He would come to the right place for one or even more than that..

  • Jamesmonroe

    Come on dwight, after the playoff games, you know you can’t rely on ur team. I think the laker’s already have enough talent, and who would the magic trade you for, anyway? If ur going to LA, go to the CLIPPERS! Griffin & Howard, best in the league! better than The King & DWade, better than anyone else. So come on dwight, move it.

  • CityofAngels

    We Dont need Dwight in L.A!!!!

    • Deandregeorge

      yea we do

  • kb24=MVP

    hes a younger version of shaq starts in orlando, but comes to la!

  • Hanzel Tango

    Sure why not! I think he would be a good addition to the Lakers.

  • Luvcloud23

    I would like Dwight Howard going to the Lakers but I dont like the fact that theyre considering of trading Bynum. :(

  • Calvin2425

    Yes! U should definatly get dwight howard trading andrew bynum. Andrew bynum can score maybe 16 points a game and 10 rebounds, but dwight howard can put about 25 to 30 points a game and about 15 rebounds a game. Dwight howard also gives the lakers another player to give the ball when it is crunch time in a game. The edge goes to dwight howard.

  • Yoyo

    i would like dwight howard to go to the lakers because lakers will be underfetable if dwight howard goes.

  • Jeffery laux

    im a lakers fan and i live in orlando so i think dwight should go even know it would put my home team in danger put i think cp3 is going to magic and dwight would go to la with kobe them put together with pau gasol would be a dominate team

  • aaron cute

    why not 2011 dwight..when you… go to lakers you will be a will be a champion..thats what you kb24 to raise lakers..go dwight..

  • Keonif

    I see Dwight going over to the Lakers. Even for a discounted price. 2 years at a discount till Kobe’s ready for a supporting role. Bynum stll has a chance to woo the laker fans. But he will need to remain Healthy

  • BBB

    I say get rid of gasol, and keep bynum and try to get dwight

    • Deandre George

      i like bynum but after what he did to barea i want howard for him

  • AJ85

    We need either cp3 or superman to get another championship run, like magic jonson said this team has played too long together. Bynum is great but injury prone and dwight is a super star beast!

    • Deandregeorge

      i want dwight to lakers bad but the problem is he causes too many technicals and fouls 

  • manny

    Trade gasol.. And keep bynum for dwight.. Also trade Rtest and for cp3

    • Deandregeorge

      gasol is a good player he is the only one out of the big guys who can hit a 3 pointer 

      • njoy

        dirk is better than gasol will ever be

        • Deandregeorge

          i mean he is the only big guy on lakers who can hit a 3pointer

    • Villafernando36

      Thank you finally someone knows thank you 

      • Villafernando36

        andrew and howard those to beast destroy any difence they are so good and powerful and they are not afraid of any body not like the balarina of pou gasol trade gaso one of the bigest reasons why they loss to the maverick where because pou did not play like he normaly plays 

  • steven cervantez


  • Chris Udo

    yeeeeesessssssss finally……..Mitch Andrew is a good player is a thousand times better. As for Luke well he can get traded for all i care..I mean the guy averages 0.4 points a game.

    • Villafernando36

      Luke Walton sucks he worth shit he’s only good to warm up the bench 

  • Get Wit It

    It’s just impossible to think that if the Lakers do get Dwight, they will get to keep Bynum.. Soo just sayin..


    lukes dad is suckin up all day everyday to keep his son in the lakers…..but not for long


    Easy Trade Bynum, Lamar and Dump fisher and Artest. Get Howard no matter what! We need a very fast point guard more than anything. And for god sake get someone who can shoot 3’s!


    • Deandregeorge

      first of all fisher and brown can shoot 3s who we need to dump is blake

  • Guest

    What Champion?!, Lakers got swept badly! Dwight should go to the Celtics or Bulls because those two are the defensive kinda teams. Also, Celtics play more of a champ than the Lakers, a sore loser in game 4 against Dallas.

    • SmartenUpGenius

      Listen you must not know anything about basketball the Celtics will never get Dwight, period because they have enough stars and plus they would have to trade half their bench to so and that would mean starting a whole new defense and offensive alignment which would take too long to adjust to. Plus the celtics have too much superstars as it is.

      Second he wouldn’t go to the bulls because have a steady lineup that WORKS for them. They don’t need any additional superstars they jus need a few back up players to help rose.

      He would benefit more with the lakers with Bynum and any other player gone because he would play the role Bynum couldn’t which is exactly what he’s been doing for the magics.

      So before you start acting crazy and throwing out bs claims step ya knowledge of tue game up.
      Bynum and Odom were the only sore losers that’s night. Don’t blame a team for a couple of players aggressions. Bynum been wanted a trade to another time and Odom jus doesn’t care anymore, period.

    • stoneraptor

      What happened to Shaquille O’Neal? And Lakers is a defensive team, they do not go to 100+ points very much like the Phoenix Suns. There were other people who dragged the team down. So who cares if they got swept? If they were not champions, why did they win 2 consecutive NBA Championship titles? Yeah, you compared the Celtics and Lakers way of playing, why is Miami leading 3-1? Doesn’t make a difference. Bynum and Artest clearly dragged the team down, they committed technical fouls out of bitterness.
      You better know facts before you start going saying 2 time defending champions are not champions! Think first!

      • Blinkdragon2011

        They’re garbage, sore losers. They Have a stacked team, best coach in the NBA they SHOULD be winning every year. Even with all that they still got swept by the Mavs. They just keep getting lucky.

    • nanu

      Yo, Don’t talk about Lakers like that, Lakers are No1 team in the whole NBA and will stay No1 !!!!!!!!



    • black mamba speaking

       no hush yo mouth

  • Bricebaltazar

    Bynum and odom for gilbert arenas and dwight

  • Guest

    I’m down with this!! xD YAAYYYY!!

  • Jovontechamberlain

    that would be a go trade cause they dont have to worry about injuries with bynum and dwight can help kobe out more

  • Eric Caamano

    the lakers need Dwight cause kobes getting old and we need a new superstar to get us more titles.

    • Deandregeorge

      listen kobe is still the best nba player you got that

      • Blinkdragon2011

        He’s OVER RATED!!!!

  • Karilyn

    Yes,we need Howard to get us more championships!

  • shalin

    Yes, we definently need Dwight Howard for the Lakers, becuase he’s tall, and really good defensive experienced player in the NBA!!

  • Ruff415

    Hell yeah d howard trade bynum 4 that beast keep pau and trade 4 stephen curry from golden state

  • Jhacie_xii

    That’s nice idea for D.Howard! 

  • Hopelesskc

    lmao first shaq now howard lol …….i hope!!!!!! 

  • Kelly Johnson

     he needs to go so him nd kobe can win 1 together

  • Lharddie

    i’m agree???

  • mickbrim

    Mick brim 

    all i can say is that i will love for dwight howard to be a laker

  • Lennardtayco

    the lakers deperately needs stonger players and they should have more talented players than what they have now.

  • lakers4ever!!!

     guys check this oout..according to espn nba trade machine this trade could work.
    this is going to be a a 4team trade including our beloved lakers, orlando, denver and new orleans.
    the lakers would be recieving 
    1.dwight howard(orlando)
    2.chris paul.(new orleans)
    3.danillo galinarri(denver) harington(denver)
    5.kosta koufos(denver)

    the magic would be recieving
    1.andrew bynum(lakers)
    2.ron artest(lakers)
    3.devin ebanks(lakers)
    4.raymond felton(denver)

    the hornets would recieve
    1.steve blake(lakers)
    2.luke walton(lakers)
    3.gilbert arenas(orlando)
    4.ty lawson(denver)

    the nuggets would recieve
    1.pau gasol(lakers)
    2.jarret jack(new orleans)
    3.jameer nelson(orlando)

    then for the unhappy teams just give them a couple of draft picks and some cash..
    so lakers nation..what do you think???
    just give youre comments

    • Villafernando36

      why would they get rid of Andrew and the Orlando magic wouldn’t trade jemeer nelson or girlbert 

    • Lloyd_link

      yowwwwwwww dats a nice deel

    • BM24

      the hornets wouldnt be getting anything there giving up one of the best point guards in this leauge for steve blake?? and the most overated player in Gilbert! I mean as much as i would like this trade to happen the hornets arent stupid!

  • king bryant

    the lakers need chris paul,kobe bryant,lamar odom,pau gasol,dewight howard in there starting line up
       they need to throw there bench away execpt for shannon brown and get some young players.                        

    • Lloyd Link

      yep lakers need those guys

  • lakersalways champion

    the lakers need derric rose so they can support from the inside

  • kobe

     we dont need no derrick rose we got pg brown sg kobe sf lamar pf gasol c dwight

  • kling

    trade kobe

  • Anonymous

     No, this would be a dumb trade. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. The Lakers were just worn out from 3 NBA Finals and had no motivation to win. If Dwight came to LA, he would want the ball most of the time, and you know Kobe won’t tolerate that. Dwight just needs to go to the Brooklyn Nets in 2012, so he can jump start that franchise again, where he could have Deron Williams as his side kick. Or if he came to LA, he would suffer with the Clippers. 

  • black mamba speaking

     first of all i dont like lebron james at all kobes da best player, the closer, the godfather of basketball, the five time champion,the mvp winning, mr.clutch,mr.half man half amazing,mr.pass me da damn ball i dont need no pick at all,last but not least blackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk………………..MAMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE END DATS ALL IVE GOT TEW SAY FORGET ALL YOU LEBRON FANS LA BABY LETS GO LAKERS

    • Last_air

      Lebron is da best player you faggot! where’s the Lakers now? Fishing somewhere in the tornado damaged lakes? lol

      • Anthony

        fuck you for saying some dumb shit like that

      • Dbroder Hi

        Yea… Kobe FIVE, ‘king'(HaHa)james ZERO. Usually, the ‘best’ player, helps his team to win…Oh! That would make Duane Wade the best player on the heat. james isn’t even the best player on Duane’s team!!! Please don’t compare james to Kobe. It’s two different catagories. In the ‘Winners’ Catagory, you have Michael, Magic, Kobe, Bill (Russel), and Kareem. In the ‘Losers’ bracket, you have james on the top of the list.

    • Blinkdragon2011

      Kobey is over rated! He’s so good that even with a team stacked up like the lakers and the best coach in the history of the NBA They got swept by the Mavs in the playoffs

      • j24baller

        ok. obviously you’re an ignorant dumbass. just because they got swept by the mavs one year does not mean anything.Look at the championships.. back to back. and they will be right back at it next year

        • Higaredaangel

          yea lakers just had some problems this year but we’ll be back to take over again soon best belive it

      • Dbroder Hi

        hello! The Mavs took it all! The Lakers have nothing to be ashamed of. The Mavs made everyone look bad because they were that good!
        If the Lakers get DH or a great point guard, It’s right back to the play-offs,Lakers in seven over the Mavs, and then Lakers over the Celtics, or Bulls. Meanwhile, the Heat flounder again, and then former ‘king’ Lebron whines to be traded to the Knicks!!!

    • Higaredaangel

      f*** lebron its all about kobe!!!

  • Antonmartinez84


  • Bernie J. Baquilid


     i want superman to Lakers

    • Higaredaangel

      yea if we got him we would dominate the heat because lebron aint s***

  • LakerLogic

    Blogs about CP3 or D-Will or DH to LakerLand.  Niether is a bad trade.  If a deal were to be brokered, here are some pros for Mitch and the Busses to pull that trigger.DH trade would be a dream.  Why?  Howard is a dominant center, defense oriented and a monster down the post.  Let’s spitball for a second to what management would think of this possibility.  When Shaq was in town, the Lake show was the most feared team in the league.  Hell, even family members of opposing teams say they don’t have a chance beating the Lakers.  I’m sure management was sitting comfortably in the sky box during that awesome championship run.  I’m also sure they are entertaining the fact that they (management) would like to bring that fear factor back.  Kobe and DH is the nest best thing!  If this is something to they would consider then think of the possibilities of DH in Laker uniform instilling fear on opponents.  What about a Kobe-Shaq family fued repeat?  DH know fully well how the NBA works, he knows he wants to win bad and Orlando team can’t win it all.  But DH needs some the pressure of winning taken off and he needs a team that can work with him.  The lakers want nothing more than to bring fear to the rest of the league and DH is the perfect fit.  As a matter of fact Kobe want the rest of the team to play like a tiger (DH like I’m sure).  It worked before and it worked beautifully.  Be afraid Dallas, Miami, Boston and the rest of the league.  As a matter of fact, be very afraid…and oh Kobe getting to old?  I’m sure he’s saying “Well see about that…”CP3 as well as D-Will trade would be equally impressive.  Laker fans knows about the PG issue very well.  CP3 or D-Will and Kobe back court with the current front court would cause alot of problems for other teams.  The lakers need a quick and speedy point guard, not afraid to pull the J and dish off dimes like it’s christmas.  Yes there is an issue in the PG position.  Like the lack of defense for example.  CP3 and D-Will are true point guards, if you don’t think so, then go ask Magic.  A PG of their caliber speaks volumes.  I’m sure the Busses know what Magic thinks and will agree with it wholeheartedly.  Laker fans saw show time with a true PG on the team.  Show time is back in prime time!  I’m sure CP3 or D-Will need a SG and a front court like LA.

  • Airborne_77

    OK some of you fools actually call your selves laker fans and don’t have a dam clue. 1st for all that think we are going to get D. Howard which I think would be the second coming of Shaq and dont think we would have to give up, Bynum and Artest  and maybe even shannon brown which i really dont want to happen your just smoking that CALI. First the main issue we neeed  to address isnt even howards postion its fishers. I love his ass to death but cmon i know you all saw him get used vs  CP and the hornets hell everyone is talking about how we got smahed by the dam mavericks hell we almost lost the dam hornets. Second BYNUM is O_V_E_R_A_T_E_D!! I dont care how much time he spends with Kareem. So get rid of these players in this order. 1. Fisher 2. Bynum 3. Walton. 4 Artest. 5. Blake…
    Ok now we have gotten rid of the dam dead weight and cleared up plenty of cap space lets see we add. 1.Chris Paul 2. D. Howard 3. Harrington ( not the best i know but he can back up my man ODOM) 4. maybe a draft pick.

    So ok i know that doesnt seem fair but when i break it down the line up is beastly
    1.PG= Chris Paul. 2. SG= The Man 3. SM= Lamar Odom 4. PF= Paul Gasol 5= D. Howard

    That will give the new coach something nice to work with i know this might seemed alittle far fetched but i have done my research and it could happen and if anybody can do it it would be our boy Mitch lt me know what you think!!! Laker Fan 4 Life!!

    • Higaredaangel

      yeah!!! lakers 4 life


      This is the best comment on this whole list.



    • J.baller6154

      you suck……. dick. 

      • Higaredaangel

        you can suck my balls bitch because the lakers rule

        • Dbroder Hi

          Yes cock and balls, please, and do a good job!

  • virginiakf

    If Lakers signed Mike Dunleavy as coach, we wouldn’t have to worry about Pau Gasol’s defense. Mike would have traded him for an all-around PF such as Zach Randolph. The two Gasol brothers would be together and compliment each other. Then the Lakers could easily trade Bynum and Walton to Orlando for Dwight Howard. Dunleavy could have made a flourishing offense with amazing defense also. They would have shot-blocking mania with Dwight, elite quickness and on-ball defense  with Kobe and Artest, good low-post with Randolph, and good zone and arc defense with D. Fish. They can also get some good role-playing out of potential Kris Humphries, J.R. Smith, Jamal Crawford, or other good players coming out of free agency. Also potential player from possible Shannon Brown trade. Lamar Odom still better than ever. Also potential free agency in 2011-2012 offseason with Chris Paul and Deron Williams, but don’t get your hopes up for that. Paul and Williams are already looking at New York, barely thinking about the Lakers.

  • ELBOriCUa

    This is what should happen D.howard needs to go to LA  for Bynum and Artest then Miami trades Ilgauskas and James Jones to orlando so Artest and Bynum can go to Miami.Then Miami should trade Bibby for Fisher so LA could have more $ to pay for D.Howard.And the coching problem M.Brown is a good coach take him.BUT SORRY MIAMI HEAT ARE GOING TO WIN THE CHAMPIONCHIP

    • Dbroder Hi

      The Heat looked pretty good against the Mavs, they show potential for the most celebrated Losers of the century!

  • Itsairtime23

    if ever it happens, people will think again that COPY im mean KOBE is the reason why the lakers are winning well in fact because of his teammates that plays as a team

  • Itsairtime23

    lakers don’t suck its kobe who sucks! the greatest mimic of all time! pathetic man who copied everything to jordan

    • Mychal stafford

      U sound stupid without Kobe the lakers don’t win half the games they have ! Adding Dwight will mos def help the team but we can win without him !

      • Xavier3vans

        thank you for def kobe. and with howard he wouldnt have to go so hard every game

    • Dbroder Hi

      Five championships!!!! Not pathetic by any stadard! Time for two More? If Kobe had seven rings how would he compare to Jordan? In my mind, Magic was the “Greatest”, but he only had five rings. Kobe isn’t as lovable as Magic or Michael, but he too, needs only one name!!

  • Mozilla024


  • Arturo_castro2003

    yes go dwight go to lakers to win 

    • Higaredaangel

      yea lakers should have him because with him we will dominate the heat

  • Remuel951

    Dwight for Lakers !

  • Allan_b1230

    lets go lakers get dwight and trade bynun for a better team

  • Century_tuna10

    no trade couz dwight is a free agent… please dwight go to laker to be the most defensive team… to beat dallas with a swift victory

    • Dbroder Hi

      Someone’s gotta go because of the Cap….But I want to give Props to Dallas! They kicked ass! I felt vindicated as a Laker’s fan when the kicked “King” james’ ASS!

  • Iversion

    now kobe is not going to be bench for howard lol NO more Kobe show


      You may have the worst comment on this whole list.

      • Alex

        i agree



  • Goodridge_chad

    I heard we might get rose…smh sounds like complete bull (no pun intended)

  • Xdkz9

    I would trade odom for howard cuz odom is more foucused on his new reality shoe, “khloe and lomar”

  • Xdkz9

    i mean reality show, not reality shoe

  • andranik

    he’s going be la’s superman

  • Armando Hamed

    yeah it would be good look for him

  • Leonardson_ramilo

    howard good in lakerss…

  • Reyeserwinjohn


  • Reyeserwinjohn

    yes bcoz only lakers gives Dhoward a ring !!!



  • Djg2450

    kobe needs a scottie pippen

  • fsalazar1510

    he should go to the celtics

  • Krisv98

    if he goes add 3 more championship banners to the lakers gym

  • OGjordan23

    get blake griffiN!!!!

  • isicc prettypaint

    go join lakers

  • J.J


  • Kmoneywayne

    man we need allen iverson and dwight howard that will shut the heat up think about it kobe, allen,dwight, and gasol.

  • tine

    dwight howard need lakers to be strong

  • John02_134

    HE should go to lakers ^_^

  • Lakers2011-12champs

    they should trade pau gasol becasue he lets his personal problems get in his way and andrew bynum can take anger management

  • Laquanmcdaniels

    dewight at atlanta dewight joe and crawford

  • abcde

    dwight should  go to lakers

  • Arvin concepcion

    If DWIGHT HOWARD will go to the lakers are you sure the lakers will be champion again???…

  • Arvin

    Please don’t TRADE GASOL>…<

    • Zay

      yes trade gasol then we can get kevin love daaaaaaaaa think sometimes

  • Arvin

    dwight howard need to participate in the lakers…

  • dave


    should i say 2011-2012 finals championships is on LA LAKERS..

    • Dbroder Hi

      I love Fisher, he has been so clutch for us…….But it’s time for a younger, faster point. Should  have kept Farmar

  • Kaikuzo


  • Charlesnull69

    get him

  • la times

    if lakes get howard who will be distructed.who will be transferd bynum or gasol. 

    • Eres719

      based on the way they play this post season….I say both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marco0878_briones

      Go Howard! you are the best and defensive player of your generation..Lakers will be the key to your objective to win a championship..


    i’m all for the Dwights move to the best team in the NBA it would make us even better.

  • Rp_azEl

    yes howard should ! 

  • Williamthoodjr

    THE KING + SUPERMAN= championship

    • Dbroder Hi

      the King sucks lemons

  • Bronxy23

    Yeah!Coz Kobe(OFFENSE) + Dwight(DEFENSE).oh my its like kobe shaq again.=CHAMPS!

    • Dbroder Hi

      BTW Kobe is one of the best defenders in the NBA!

  • Eres719

    Helll Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Princeromeo

    if it is for the Lakers happiness …then they add steve nash,,what a team

  • Jimx_me

    its a great challenge to  him….

  • Baltiville

    hell yes it should b rite now that he is coming 2 L.A.

  • Sharukhshahzada

    him and kobe sounds good

  • bsmart

    i would love to see dwight howard play with my favorte nba player kobe bean bryant

  • Pancho_rodel

    that’s cool howard on LAKERS

  • von

    yes………go to lakers!!!!!!!



  • Haileyjosh441

    that would be the best 2 man combo since shaq and kobe 

  • Jayboii820

    I think if he goes to the Lakers he won’t make as much points as he did on the Magics

  • cp3

    well it wont be as big as the big 3 in miami, it will be like new york knicks melo and amare but better.i think mike brown is a smart coach and he knows how to coach good players like lebron and he knows what to do with that big 2.who will replace howard on the eastren all stars at center, i think kevin garnett will heat will be better go heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Dbroder Hi

      Hate the Heat because of ‘he who would be King’. Duane is plain great; but his sidekick thinks he’s all that. Who has the Rings? That’s right, Kobe!

  • beast3

    I think they will trade andrew bynum and pau gasol to the magic but bynum will replace howard on the eastren all stars at center.kobe will still be doin kobe work but now he has a beast to dish to on a drive to the hole.Will they win a champinship stay tunned for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be heat and lakers in the finals 

  • Edwin830

    It will be Great cuz everyone is going to Heat but if we get Howard, GAMEOVER we will be unstoppable 

    • Joshwarzek

      naw, d12 is comen 2boston, shaqs goin nd so is perkins, we’ll do anything 2get him, so bostons ganna b unstoppable, sorry

  • Princejudah001


  • Joshwarzek

    d12 2 boston baby, we need him, come-on, then we’ll b unstopable 4 a year nd get another championship b4 kg, allen nd pierce leave, come-on d12, we need you

    • Beegal1031

      I would barf

  • Emong Gilid

    Sign will LA and team with  Kobe and Pau

  • Nckjx

    fuck that stay in o-town 

  • Nckx

    Hell naw you need to go stay with the O and the magic need to sign chris paul them niggs will be ballin 

  • Slam

    Sign them both!

  • Lakerfan

    It would be a good move for the Lakers do to being that Dwight usually does not have an off day on the defensive end.  This would greatly help the Lakers into the post season.  Also, Dwight would demand attention in the paint from the opposing team which would open the floor for perimeter shots by say Kobe, Gasol, etc making life for Lakerland much easier.

  • Mapile_quijano

    yes it would be



  • Mikodictator

    If were gonna trade anyone we need a better point guard faster and younger with good basket ball iq lets be honest if any big didnt show up during playoffs that would be pau gasol. If you trade bynum hes going to put up the same numbers or better numbers thn howard as a first option and if you bring howard to l.a. And keep him a third option like there doing bynum than howards going to ultimately doing the same thing that bynum was doing here but now youll have a big guy who cant shoot free throws. So if any big needs to go get gasol out for howard and put howard at the power foward and run the twin tower effect san antonio use to run as a laker fan we all can see that bynum should have been the second scoreing option during the playoffs cause gasols head was obviously not in the game

    • Beegal1031

      The fact that you think bynum could come even remotely close to Howards numbers is insane. And “better numbers” is just plain ignorant

      • Tzeng23

        i agree.. comparing bynum to howard is just stupid.. and i think bynum is a 3rd option cause his contributions aren’t constant…

    • Dbroder Hi

      i agree! we need a point guard! Bynum’s a bad-ass! But Howard is a defensive Gem….He might help us a LITTLE…..

  • John

    yes i would like that move let’s make it happend



  • Jdubb

    D. Howard would be a great fit for the Laker’s team, he has a great attitude and deserves a ring. He can get that ring with the Lakers, I feel he would step up his game too.

  • Marcoalvarado18

    this would be a great move plus howard is 3 time defensive player of the year and our new coach is a good defence of coach and it will help kobe to the next two nba final championship

  • Max-power-22

    sounds good lets just hope bynum doesn’t break his knees befor we can get somthing for him.

  • Shalina

    Yes sounds so good for superman and chris paul join the best team the nba la lakers

    • Joanna

      Sorry to bust your bubble….Lakers are not the best team in the NBA..,ESPN magazine for 2011 announced Spurs franchise #1 in the NBA..Spurs were #5 best team among NBA,NFL,NHL and MLB teams which comes out to 122 teams.Spurs franchise omner Peter Holt named #1 “Big Boss” in the NBA and #2 owner “Big Boss” among all 122 owners.Since ESPN came out with magazine in 2003…Spurs have been nominated 6 times best NBA team.Every year voted among all 122 teams.2003…#3.2oo4..#2.2005..#1. or I tink it was in 2007 took #1 among all 122 teams.I could go on…

  • Boboxavier


  • Bjmaragno

    hell yes i would love for super man # 2 to be a laker

  • Ley_teo


  • Ley_teo


  • Shanemlln

    Heck yes!!!

  • Djcyd

    weak lakers

  • Djcyd

    the miami heat will be a champion in 2012…

  • Erica_sadaharu

    yes its good….

  • champion

    please do this i beg you we’ll win just 1 championship but 2,3,4,5

  • Axle_barniego23

    i want miami heat to win in the next season!!!

    • Ynnihc_oen

      miami is a loser team………………

    • Asad iverson #3

      they suck

      • Xavier Whitten


    • Xavier Whitten

      Right :)

  • Rafaelamericabautista

    it may look wonderful like shaq…

  • la24oen

    lakers will be a champion always

  • Mart_20

    it is better to get Howard and Paul to the Lakers…

  • Zaldyb

    i like superman in lakers new line up.thats great for the tame.

  • Zaldy

    now its lakers time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go dwight

  • Xavier Whitten

    Boooo Lakers just suck.

    • Naseemwoods

      Lakers need to get Dwight Miami got there big three now the lakers need a big small number of people

    • Jacob wolkenfeld

      your a retard

    • See Joey

      xavier i dont no you but lakers dont suck dude serious.

  • Clinton_marasigan

    yeh…kobe and dwight….go   kob-ight!!!

  • Mitchkupchak

    yes Dwight should deffs come to Lakers, we would be unstoppable.

  • Hotdog35

    dwight howard should com and and that would put the lakers to be a championship team again
    also they should get chris paul aka cp3

    • #1 laker fan

      hell yeah

  • jacob wolkenfeld

    i am the biggest laker fan alive! please we need dwight!give away pau, that way we have to big men that are young and would be impossible for anyone to score in the paint on us! then we have lamar comin of the bench asa big man. we need dwight!kobe is getting old once he leaves the lakers will be terrible thats why we should get dwight and keep bynum. young talent!

  • jacob wolkenfeld

    dwight please come to la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please i dedicate my life to the lakers!!!!!!! please come you will help our team like crazy!!!!!!!

    • Lilbruh

      lame ass i dedicate my life to the lakers nigga u cant hoop…..
      u gay they only human suck em up though?

  • Lilbruh

    bruh if howard goesto the lakers who will stop them then?
    they already won two in a row wit tha current team with howard they wont lose a ring im talkn about these niggas wont be able ta wipe they ass they’ll have a plate on the toilet for they rings no joke!!

  • TariusBarrow

    @Dwight Howard Most Likely Shouuld Go T2 Dha lakers Iff Hee Waannaa Wiinn A Championship Ring

  • ~Vicky~

    Yes…I love Dwight Howard and the of course, the LAKERS…Therefore, IF Dwight joins the Lakers that would be very beneficial…The only thing I would hope to NOT happen is it does not become another Kobe and Shaq episode…The Lakers first need to learn to trust one another again and work on sportsmanship because that is one factor that caused them to loose against a team that will probably not be the champions ever again, the MAVS…So I agree Dwight SHOULD BE A LAKER~

  • abbas

    yes i like howard to go to the lakers he deserves to be in better team

  • Welfer21eugs

    yes my dream wil be come true…dwight must join to the kings.

  • ekrv aiugriovuwehi

    he should stay with jameer nelson, who is more beastlier than kobe

  • big laker fan

    i hopee that dwight makes the right choice 2 come 2 the LA LAKERS that nigga is the superman

  • big laker fan

    i hopee that dwight makes the right choice 2 come 2 the LA LAKERS that nigga is the superman

  • Michaelwideman45

    yea Dwigth Howard to the Lakers. Im with that.  Im a Lakers fan the fullest. Dwight makethe right decision

  • Scmelo15

    ya dwight should stay at tha magic cuz we no WHO”S THE NEX CHAMPIONS DENVER NUGGETS so stay at orlando dwight……… :) haha nuggets all the way

  • Ricky


  • BASTY_1125


  • Jdurte


  • Scalabrine

    Im saying he should go to the celtics. pau and kobe aren’t going to play forever, they only have a few more “super” super star seasons, and then dwight would be all alone. If he goes celtics than he will have rajon, jeff, troy and a bunch of younger guys who are just hitting stride in their careers like him to have championship run after championship run for years to come. 

    • mrdwight

      idiot he needs to goto the lakers

  • Siraajsk

    Heck yeah

  • Bunbury_noboa

    Send Gasol, Odom and throw in Artest. The big 3 should be Bryant, Howard, Bynum

    • Rishii0410

      I agree with you . Bryant , Howard and Bynum .

    • Rishii0410

      I agree with you . Bryant , Howard and Bynum .

  • Galano_brian

    yes because miami heat had a big three thats why the lakers need a superman to face off the miami and revenge to dallas in 2012..

  • ronil21

    yes because i want to see howard play with kobe and gasol

  • ronil21

    the best big three for lakers is kobe,howard and gasol

  • Mirtis B. Coggins

    100%! Enough said.

  • Marvin63

    yeah bring him on board baby



  • Angelo Jose

    I’d like to see the faces of these bitches who commented 3 years ago after what has happened with the dwightmare in LA