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In August of last year, owner Dr. Jerry Buss said 80% of Lakers basketball decisions are in the hands of his son, Jim Buss.

So when Mike Brown was hired earlier this week, Jim became a popular name in Laker Land.

Those fans that do not agree or particularly like the hire, blame Jim for hiring Brown, and argue that Jim is “screwing” up the future of the Lakers.

According to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, Mike Brown was the “unanimous” choice between Dr.Buss, Jim Buss, and himself. [Kupchak also made it clear that the final say goes through Jerry Buss]

So there goes that argument.

That being said Jim Buss is clearly known for two things:

1. Not getting along with 11-Time Champion, and former head coach Phil Jackson

2. His obsession with Andrew Bynum, who Jim discovered, and pushed management to draft with the 10th pick of the 2005 draft.

If number two on that list needs additional clarification here it is.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, from Yahoo! Sports. Sources tell him that Jim Buss has made it clear within the Lakers that Andrew Bynum is untouchable in trade talks.

Those that wanted to see a deal with the Orlando Magic trading injury-prone Bynum, in a deal to acquire Dwight Howard, may give up hope.

To add more insult to injury, according to ESPN’s NBA Insider Rick Bucher, the Lakers have “dropped” on Dwight Howard’s list of potential teams he will consider after his contract ends.

Bucher said that he believes it goes beyond the recent Yahoo! article that explained Jim Buss making it clear that Bynum is untouchable in trade talks:

“Lakers have slipped on Dwight’s list for reasons beyond that. I’d rank his preferences in this order: Orlando, Dallas, NJ, Lakers. But for Orlando to keep him, they’re going to have to make some serious deals, ones that I’m really doubtful they can pull off.” Bucher said in a SportsNation chat.

Bucher has been wrong before, and it you want some good news; don’t forget what Howard said on All-Star Weekend when he was asked by a reporter who is the one player he would like to play with.

“Number 24, Kobe Bryant”. Howard said without hesitation.

Howard would add, “He is just an unbelievable person to be around, talk to, and pick his brain, he’s great. He is a good guy, and that’s why I would want to have him on my team.” Howard said.

When asked about Kobe’s “rings” and championship success:

“Well you know, I don’t have any, so I wish I had some rings, and one day I will.”

The only question is what jersey Howard will be wearing when that day comes.

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  • Mr Laker19

    Jim Buss Era is going to be a disaster… Have to face this reality. Laker fan forever but its hard to be optimistic

  • Johndanielhdz

    rofl @ “according to rich bucher

  • Frank Garcia

    Trade Bynum for Howard. He is in better shape than Andrew. Bynum will nevr be the same after that knee injury and the fact that he is young won’t help at all.

    • Dirty30dg

      Wrong. Trade Bynum, but he is not done… He’s 23!!!!!!!!!! He’s NOT ODEN!!!

    • Margarite

      Frankie don’t bet any large amouts of money on with you just said about Bynum! You will lose.

  • Westcoast132

    Lol all speculation and this is just adding to the it we get Dwight

  • Topper

    Jim Buss said himself, when he was on the Mason&Ireland show, that he would be willing to part with Bynum for Dwight Howard.

    • Dirty30dg

      Yes he did… He’s not THAT damn stupid…

    • Margarite

      Do you believe everything your hear?

  • Anonymous

    We are going to get Howard.  Nobody can offer a better replacement for Howard than the Lakers can with Bynum.  Bynum was a borderline All-Star last year.  I would trade Bynum, Odom, Brown and a couple draft picks for Howard and Nelson. This is of course with out looking at the numbers.

    • Margarite

      Jerry don’t like you calling his son stupid. All the reason why Howard will never wear a Lakers uniform.

  • Joey

    Bynum is my favorite player in the NBA, and the Lakers are my favorite team, but if we could trade Bynum for Howard then we have to do it.  Bynum’s injury concerns are just too strong to pass up Howard who rarely misses a game.

    • Margarite

      Joey I would not want you to be my fan if I was Bynum. You need to correct that you are a fan of Orlando’s Dwight Howard.

  • lakerville213

    Andrew Bynum career avg: 10.5 ppg 7 rpg…and has only scored more than 40 points ONCE in his career and that was against deandre jordan and the clippers where he allowed deandre to score his own career high.

    Dwight Howard career avg: 14.2 ppg 8 rpg BUT averaged 23 ppg and 14…14!!! rpg this season and scored his career high 46 points in game 1 of the 1st round against the hawks this postseason.

    the choice…we get dwight we beat the heat. we keep bynum we lose to the heat and squander kobe’s last days as an elite player. plain and simple.

    • Margarite

      If Kobe pass the ball to Bynum he might just surprise you with his offensive skills. Thats why you need a point guard. To see how good Bynum really is, when the ball is passed to him more then 7 times.

  • JT

    the most important thing to learn for Jim Buss is that NO player is untouchable when you are pursuing excellence.  I’m sure he has a lot of faith in Andrew Bynum, but Dwight Howard is clearly the better center.  Not making that deal would be a huge mistake. 

    • Margarite

      Who said it will be a mistake? Why don’t you go ask Dr.Buss for a job and tell him you can run the team better. Tell him to trade Bynum for Howard or else. Let me know what he tells you!

  • Wayneshardwood

    Ric bucher doesn’t even have inside info on his own thoughts much less nba front offices.

    • Lawranceennabi

      yup he is lier

  • Pj

    I think Jim’s ego is too big for him to even handle. He’s trying to do everything his way. Dwight already made some hints that he wants LA, shouldn’t the staff be excited?! I think this will be a huge bust if we don’t get him. Unless he wants us to get swept again then let his ego get in the way. If Jim keeps acting like this he could seriously ruin the team and potentially piss people off and we could see people starting to leave this team… Hope we make good changes this year. Definitely hope we could get Dwight!

    • Margarite

      I want a large steak with onions and a BMW . We can’t always get what we want. I think Dwight will survive not being a Laker!

  • AngryLakerFan

     Jim Buss is fucking stupid.

    • Margarite

      Will you like to run the Lakers?  Why are you so angry? you need to relax and smile, that will help you live longer. It’s only a basketball team you don’t own and can’t control what happens.

  • FunkmonG

    A bird in the hand, in this case, is the Bird that’s Healthy and proven in terms of production, so pull that trigger Buss, Jim and Jerry, so Dwight can get his first and second, Kobe his sixth and seventh.

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  • laffsatu


    • Anonymous

      that’s the dumbest comment you could come up with,right? that’s just jealousy at it’s worst. I’m positive NO one in their right mind would believe what you just said.your a sad,sad case.

    • Lookat227

      lebron is going to retire with the heat.

      • Margarite

        Lebron need to win that ring before talking!

    • Joemama

      loser comment from a QueenJames lover

    • Buckleystyle

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! More like the best BITCH PLAYER ON THE PLANET!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAH!!! He should change his name to LEBITCH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me Jim Buss is going to run this Great organization into the ground.what a shame,that a snot nose kid inherits “gold” like this an can’t appreciate it. shame,shame,shame :(

    • Margarite

      Dad’s not stupid like you fans think. Dr. Buss must know something. If Jim was an idiot i doubt Dr.Buss would give him his team! 

      • Anonymous

        you’ve gotta be Jim Buss…right?

        • Margarite

          No! your comment has no legs to it. Do you really think Jerry Buss became rich being a fool?. Also who do you think he should give the team too?

          • TouchingMyself

            Jeanie, mos def NOT jimmy!

  • Lookat227

    its as simple as 1 + 1,  jim and lakers camp wants to get howard but it’s to early to talk about it. Maybe it’s a way for the laker’s to keep bynum and get howard. drop (cry baby) gasol and run it like this; at point kobe, at SG brown, at SF odom, at PF bynum, at center howard. some need to take a small pay cut. make fisher a “defensive something” for mike brown on the sideline. these days you need three super stars to win a ring!

    • Margarite

      Yea right! That’s the fans wishes, not the Buss family!

    • jordan l

      OK @Lookat227. U are obviously no Laker fan who ACTUALLY WATCHES THE GAMES! And u would know that Kobe Bryant is not a point guard and this late in his career would the Lakers even consider doing a change as drastic as that to put Kobe at the point.

    • Cochise

      hey Lookat227 where do u get ur logic from seriously putting kobe at point inserting shannon in starting lineup let alone at 2 guard spot, or the worse ive ever heard in my life putting 7foot1 300lbs bynum at PF?? if anything u put howard at Pf n bynum still at center if were able to even get howard, and did u not see how HORRIBLE shannon was since december? he has the lowest IQ of every laker player selfish n his just throws up terrible jumpers n 3s instead of workin his strength of driving to the basket for layups n dunks to get his mojo going! I am a tru fan of shannon brown but hes a terrible fit wit ths team along with artest ,blake n walton they all have to go cuz theyre who hurt us most all yr long

  • Makelyk

    bynum is allready the 2nd best center in the NBA when he is healthy(witch he was this season) i dont think howardwould help them much more than bynum would their #s are mostlythe same beides blocked shot…. the lakers would be much better off going after a point guard like c paul or d willums

    • Cecilb_1

      Bynum was not healthy this season! He missed the first 1/2 of the season. 

      Howard averaged 23 points, 14 rebounds, 2.5 blocks.
      Bynum averaged 14 points, 9.5 rebounds, 1.4 blocks.

      With all due respect, their numbers (as you can see) are no where near being the same. Get your facts straight to avoid looking like an idiot.

      • Lawranceennabi

        get howard stop fking around jim buss

        • Margarite

          Fk Howard!

      • Anonymous

        Add to that, the fact that people HAVE to pay attention to Dwight at all times. You simply cannot leave him open even for a few seconds or the alley oops start raining down on you. The only thing that Andrew has in his favour in a comparison is his solid free throw shooting and slightly better ballhandling.

        IF you have Dwight and Kobe on your team, plus Gasol when he isnt distracted like a headless chicken, you dont need an otherworldly point guard to get the job done. Fisher will do the job there, even though many ppl might think he is too old now.

        Dwight usually keeps his position and anchors the defense and doesnt go out as much on high picks like Andrew. So driving points wouldnt be as much of a problem with him on D, since a driving pg will usually get his ass blocked or shot altered so much that he misses anyways.

        Whats killing the lakers D though pick and roll is not only the pg being too slow, it is also mainly that our bigs are very often out of position when the pg starts driving by and then they hesitate to step in with force and just let the guy breeze through. This happened dozens of times against Paul and Barrea and I wanted to scream at my monitor for that lol.

  • laffsatu

    kobe won`t pass the ball to anyone, Lebron would demand it…… high school bryant never learned sharing.

    • Cecilb_1

      5 time Champion! That doesn’t happen if you don’t play team ball, dumdum.

  • Hardwelldemarcos

    Okay Lakernation Holla at me on dis one….I luv da Lakers 2 death so dont think ima laker hater… How bout making a trade for Deron Williams… He can guard the pick and roll and dat what kills the lakers point blake…. Every team know dats our main weekness plus i like fisher coming off the bench 2 help Brown lamar out on da bench kuz blake aint doing nothing wit dat big contract… I think we could still get Howard but idk hw but den again i dont think we really need him We were the champs going 2 da last 3 finals, so i dont think were dat bad as a team… Its our D and un athletic players Ron Artest mainly… Fuck his D when need team D like whe had wit Trevor Ariza kuz Jim Buss luv Andrew idc what he say idt dey wanna get rid of andrew…. But i would trade some draft picks even tho we dont have a first round pick we have 4 second round picks…Trade Steve Blake & Ron Artest Play defense when want ass maybe Luke since we give three draft picks away being the 46th and 56th 58th pick for Deron Williams and John Petro for cap and Back up center and do what ever it takes to sign a big man in free agency: Carl Landry & or DeAndre Jordan for cheap …. So the roster would be:

    Starting Five

    Andrew Bynum
    Pau Gasol
    Lamar Odom
    Kobe Bryant
    Deron Williams


    Derek Fisher
    Shannon Brown
    Matt Barnes
    Carl Landry
    DeAndre Jordan
    Devin Ebanks
    Derrick Carracters
    41th draft pick maybe a point guard slash shooting guard that attacks the basket…..

     So tell me what yall think Laker homies..

    • Cecilb_1

      I don’t see who you’d be willing to trade for Deron.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, Derron Williams will be staying with NJ last time I checked. Carl Landry would be a great signing though. I am not sure what to expect from Blake in the next year as I got burned once already, when I had my hopes up for him… but he might be better this season. Not miracoulously better but at least a solid backup pg that he should have been this year already.

    • Galvtron1

      dont sound bad ,but the point is no# 1  no#2 is the bench we need a lot of help 

  • shawn mcphee

    I would the lakers to get Dwight Howard on there team in 2012, no matter what it takes. Kobe need more help to be able to get pass Jordan in championchip rings. Am in the Bahamas and i am a great laker fan, sence Magic time.

    • Margarite

      Want to see Howard you need to go to Orlando?

  • Famo

    Bynum is a very good player…when healthy. But even at his best, he’s still not the player Dwight Howard is. I understand why Jim Buss likes him but the chance to get a player like Howard doesn’t come around every year. He’s gotta pull that trigger. If he doesn’t, someone else will (like Chicago) and then we have another “super team” to contend with. Loyalty to Bynum? If Buss cared about loyalty he would’ve hired Brian Shaw.

    • Anonymous

      Good point.

    • Billo

      Didn’t Bynum outplay Howard last game between them?  Yes he did.

  • Iggyrevuelta

    Top Five Reasons Dwight Howard will join the Los Angeles Lakers next year

    • Margarite

      It’s that right? Man you are so uninformed. Howard will be Orlando next year.

  • Vinicius_2005_1001

    Jim buss is a good president of the lakers, but I don’t like Mike Brown

  • Roddyrod91

    calling jim buss a good president for the lakers after the ess he just caused us, and about to ruin the team’s future, thats not good president’s tatics, they should fire him

  • fernandocamacho18

    we need dwight howard down low, but we also need a much stronger and faster point guard.
    because derrick fisher is just not cutting it.

  • CatDaddy

    ok jim buss,dr jerry buss and gm mitch kupchak i am huge and avid laker fan when i say fan im the one that screams and yelled at the tv where’s the foul,we didnt need a 3 pointer right now you get it, we need defensive players we dont need anymore shooter, we need defensive player to put in impact on the game we need defensive, then we would be chams again.As far as dwight howard bring him to la we need him get rid of luke walton,and couple of players and some draft picks

  • Michael A. Robson

    So we’re trading Pau for Dwight?

  • dayson carson