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Scott Howard Cooper from NBA.Com reported that Dwight Howard has said he will definitely become a free agent rather than sign an extension.

Howard was asked what he has spoke to upper management about:

“I just told them, ‘We’ve got to have guys who are going to play hard 48 minutes and who are going to battle the other team, who are going to fight night in and night out for a championship,’ ” he said.

So what will happen if the Magic don’t win the championship in 2012, and the roster stays the same?

“At the end of the day, as far as what I want to accomplish as a basketball player, to be one of the greats, you have to win championships,” he said. “That’s how I see it. I want to do that in Orlando, and hopefully we can get it done…. Everybody’s asking me from the beginning of the season until today where am I playing in a year? Am I getting traded? I have no clue. As of right now, I want to be in Orlando.” Howard said.

Regardless if Howard wants to stay in Orlando it will ultimately be up to management.

If the Magic’s front office cannot improve the roster to Howard’s liking, they may look to trade the All-Star center before they possibly see him leave in the Summer of 2012 for nothing.

  • Hollywood Player

    Come on Laker fans lets get our money together. I can kick in 5 bucks . How about you?

  • rondo

    Remember Miami Laker fans stop looking for instant fixes.Lebron went to south beach. What makes you think Howard will carry you.

    • Chris Rodriguez

      Remember Shaq Lakers fans. He bolted from Orlando and came to LA and we got our first threepeat.

      • rondo

        Shaq is not Dwight Howard. Howard can’t carry Orlando what make you think he’s going to develope skills to carry LA to a championship?

        • Finishwork13

          Because it’s the lakers, and they’ll surround him with a supporting cast…..If, and that’s if he becomes a lakers.

          • rondo

            Bullshit he’s suppose to be a superstar. Superman is a fraud like Lebron. You guys always talk about how great this guy is he had a team with Orlando. I get sick of hearing superstar blaming their teammates maybe it’s them who’s not the winner. Lebron proves that every time. Howard is a big Lebron waiting to happen (No Rings)

          • Edward

            The offense wasn’t built for a dominant big man.  If they stick with the triangle he will get his touches.  Way more touches in orlando.  Right now orlando’s offense is based on their shooters, they don’t have consistent slashers either.  Build the offense around dwight, and he will be more dominant.  The lakers have also done well with developing bynum.  If dwight comes he’ll learn some post moves and fundamentals.  Patience above all.

  • Crucifido

    Patience will pay off.  Let him lose in Orlando, then the Lakers can use Bynum to trade for athleticism at the 3 and/or 1 and then get Dwight in as a free agent with some salary cap work.

    • rondo

      Him losing might be a flag, warning you it might be because of him. Lebron lose many important games also and blamed his teammates. He like Howard gets lost  when the game counts the fourth quarter of playoffs.

  • laffsatu

    lets trade the coach killer bryant for him!!!!or dirk!!

    • Guessed

      Dumbass… smh

      • Margarite

        Go back in you hole Kobe lover!

    • lebron to la

      you disappoint me laffsatu. i got a better trade then those lousy trades you thinking about. since kobe is getting old, we need to trade kobe for lebron james. we get some young blood to keep our championship hopes alive. 

      • rondo

        Lebron can’t carry Miami what make you think he will carry the Lakers? Lebron is a fraud.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Trade Bynum for Chris Paul then sign D12 (free agent) which mean we don’t trade anyone to get him in La la land…

    • Jack Yang

      That sounds great except we don’t have salary cap. =P

    • rondo

      So called superstars and championships.You need to ask Miami and Lebron about the instant fix. They like lebron has won nothing to warrent being called winners!

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Trade Bynum for Chris Paul then sign D12 (free agent) which mean we don’t trade anyone to get him in La la land…

  • kenny

    I don’t see where this says he going to be a free agent.

    • Cecil

      Exactly. As usual just fluff to get you to read this tripe.

  • lakerd2423

    one step away just watch 

    • rondo

      Hold you breath until he make that first step!

  • Kesean Turner

    D12 to Clippers : D12, Blake, Gordon, Mo, and Iguodala. Just a thought.

  • Bryan Hughs

    DFish-retire; Trade Pau and Artest for Nelson, Howard and Arenas (he has to come in the deal for it to work). Then Kobe can retire with more rings than BRussell!

    • george geo

      Kobe retire with more rings than Bill Russell? Russell has 11 Kobe has 5 if you think Kobe can win 7 more rings as a player (which is what it would take) you’re out of your mind…Kobe will be 33 on August 23rd 2011….That’s funny…LOL
      The Lakers are in trouble with the salary structure.


    since we are all wishing here is my wish….Trade Fish for CP3, trade artest for blake griffin, trade caracter for d howard, trade barnes for K Durant, trade blake for Rose, trade brown for Lebron, trade ratliff for a card that will allow us to change any call any time as many times as we want.  Here is the lineup…
    Blake Griffin
    Kevin Durant
    D Howard

    (Special get out of any bad call card)

    I like this.  Get this done Mitch.

    • Margarite

      Give the Lakers the whole  kitchen sink! Greedy people never happy.


        thank you margarite for reminding us on what else we need.  You here us Mitch.  Not only do we want everything that I requested as trade but also include a kitchen sink from Lowes.  Perferably one with a nice faucet that is retractable and stainless steel.  Yes, this is what we want.  Get this done Mitch!

  • LakersSparks Numero-Uno

    how about this guys. check this out.
    i would cut (Blake/Walton/D.Ebanks/D.Caracter/J.Smith) =$11Million
    then i will sign D Howard to a 2yr./$18Million Deal.

    then our roster would look like this:


    (free agent) probably A.I. from Turky lol..
    D Howard

    Trey Johnson
    (free agent)

    what do you all think? :)

  • Kevin

    please Mitch, trade bynum for dwight and maybe gasol for deron then we will be fine. 

    God, please help Mitch and the Lakerss