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Since free agency began Sunday night, Dwight Howard has met with three teams: The Rockets, Hawks, and Warriors, in that order.

Today, Dwight will meet with the Dallas Mavericks before closing the day and his list of free agency meetings with the Lakers.

Here’s a quick roundup of what went on since midnight ET on July 1st:

The Rockets met with Dwight – but not before Mitch swooped in and worked some magic!

Rockets brass maintains that the meeting went “well.” The discussion focused largely on basketball, and Dwight asked them about their ability to add a third star to the Harden/Howard combo.

Reps from Comcast Sportsnet in Houston also discussed TV opportunities in Houston for Howard (Expect the Lakers and their TWC reps to one-up that offering Tuesday).

The Rockets called on former centers Hakeem Olajuwan and Yao Ming, and touted the organization’s ability to win championships around dominant centers (although the Lakers have some experience in that regard as well).

The Lakers haven’t been sitting quietly while Dwight meets with other suitors around town.

Celebrity fan Jack Nicholson made his pitch to Dwight over the phone, offering a taste of the Hollywood edge no other team can match.

Steve Nash and Magic Johnson pitched to the big man on twitter as well.

After seeing Steph Curry at UCLA Tuesday morning, Dwight met with the Hawks, and then Curry’s Warriors.

While information about the Hawks meeting is scarce, the Warriors brought a familiar name to the table.

17 years after recruiting Superman, Shaquille O’Neal to L.A., the great Jerry West is now working to coax Superman II, Dwight Howard, from Laker Land.

Despite every organization claiming  their meetings went “well”  LA and Houston appear to be the frontrunners.

While rumors circulate that the Lakers would be willing to fire  coach Mike D’Antoni in order to keep Howard, Mike is still scheduled to be part of the Lakers elaborate pitch to Dwight this afternoon.

The Lakers are pulling out all of the stops for their presentation, with Jim, Mitch, D’Antoni, Kobe, and Nash all participating.

Reps from Time Warner will be present as well, and may even offer Dwight his own show on TWC Sportsnet. In addition, the Lakers are planning a few “surprises” for Dwight during the pitch.

With no shortage of Hall of Famers, powerful connections, and celebrity fans, these surprises could come from anywhere.

Well Laker Nation, today is the day of the big Lakers pitch.

Will it be enough?

Or will the the best center in the game leave the Purple & Gold?