You can view more videos from KD’s neighbor on his YouTube page.

  • crazypostman

    i have to give respect to KD and the thunder for the way they conduct themselves on and off the court. they played the lakers tough last spring and never quit trying until the last game was over. they play tough, they play hard, and they play clean (as much as any team can).

    i mean make no mistake, i’ve been a lakers fan my whole life and i will be my whole life but the thunder are definitely a group of guys i tend to root for when they aren’t playing our lakers haha

  • 242LakerFan

    I love this kid, man. He’s the real deal. Honest, respectful, humble and talented as hell!
    Top of my wish list? This dude in forum blue and gold one day (soon)!


    Absolutely agree with 242! Can’t wait to see this kid as a Laker! LO is probably the most versatile player that we’ve seen to date, but KD is right there behind him. He’s just like LO, but more consistent.

    KD is finding his stride right now, can you guys imagine when he’s at his peak? Man, another 5 titles with the Purple and Gold!

  • Pathetic IS PATHETIC

    KEVIN DURANT IN THE GOLDEN ARMOR! THE VISUAL ALONE IS EXCITING! HOPEFULLY OUR DREAMS WILL SOMEDAY COME TRUE! 156 tickets for the next Lakers home game after Bynums return December 21!!!