The young one still doesn’t believe that he’s better than Kobe. I think I speak for most, but it’s hard to dislike KD. Arash Markazi writes…

ESPN L.A.: Kevin Durant couldn’t believe what he was hearing every time he turned on the TV or radio or what he was reading every time he picked up the paper or went on the Internet.

Kobe Bryant was getting old, he was past his prime; he was finally breaking down.

“I don’t understand why people say he’s lost a step,” Durant said outside the Thunder locker room before Game 5 on Tuesday night. “He’s the greatest player in the game. There are only a couple guys who can turn it on and off like him and get 15 in a row and also get 10 assists and get their guys involved. He’s probably the best ever. You can’t say that he’s lost a step. He’s the same Kobe from a while back, maybe he’s not dunking on a lot of guys like he was back in ’01, ’02 but he’s still the same Kobe.”

As Durant talked to his teammates on the bus ride over to Staples Center, he told them there were two kinds of Kobe Bryant they were going to encounter Tuesday and both could be equally deadly in a do-or-die game as Game 5 was being billed.

“You never know what Kobe is going to do,” Durant said. “He can turn it on and off so easily. You got to be ready for him to hit 10 in a row. A guy like that can get hot at any time. [In Game 4] I thought he was going to [go off], but he kind of deferred to his teammates and tried to get everybody involved. It’s better when he tries to get everyone involved, that’s Kobe Bryant. Once he gets 12 or 13 points in the first quarter that’s the Black Mamba. We want him to be Kobe Bryant not Black Mamba. Our toughest job is stopping the Black Mamba.”

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  • mr.laker19

    I agree. Durant is by far my favorite non Laker in the league right now. Him and Wade I have no problem with, they dont get the respect as Lebron gets and arguably have done just as much or MORE than he has. Lets not forget Wade has a ring already. But any way, I love Durant and my biggest dream is that he comes to LA in a few years when his contract is up. But from the looks of how young his team is, that might be a pipe dream.

  • 242LakerFan

    Might be a pipe dream for real, but if you’re gonna dream, dream big. He’d definitely look better in Forum Blue and Gold!
    But yeah, I’m seeing this around the league. The press is dogging Kobe all the way, especially boneheads like Charles Barkley (Kenny still gives props to KB, thank goodness) but ask the players, coaches, execs and maybe even the refs – hell, the mascots’ll tell you, Kobe still rules the NBA roost.
    I really liked the story about Brooks and his kid. That sounds a lot like how Kobe treats these kids who want to play him at camp. You’re better than they are, so you beat them – beat them badly. You show them how to be competitive. Let them know how hard they have to work, how far they have to go. If you let up on them, you rob them of that incentive to get better. That’s doing them no favours.
    Good job, Scotty.

    • Marwan Marzina

      The reason Chuck is so bias towards LeBron is because LeBron bought Chuck some Krispy Kreme Donuts. I’m sure if we do the same, Chuck will swing into our direction.


      Yeah, it may be a pipe dream 242LakerFan, but it’s one I’d like to see happen as well. This KID is the REAL DEAL! The respect that he shows towards Kobe is definitely authentic and coming from one that used to idolize him. It really is hard to dislike him.

      There was an article in the Times saying that in 3 years time, the best player in the league wouldn’t be Kobe or LeBronze… it’ll be K(i)D! Hard to argue against that. Like to think that Kobe will still hold that crown, but one thing’s for sure… it will not be LeBrix!

      Remember when the media was talking about how LeBum and Wade may team up and imagine THAT team? Well, I think that the scariest teaming up would be Kobe and Kevin Durant! This kid is everything that LO could’ve and should’ve been! The height, the reach, the handles, the quickness, the shooting, he’s both inside and outside, he boards, blocks shots, he pretty much does it all! Only thing he needs is a few more years of maturity and put on some weight! But imagine that… a Lakers team with Kobe and Durant! That would be devastating for the league!

      GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 242LakerFan

        Now you’ve got ME touching myself. That’s a Laker fan’s wet dream! Ha ha! I remember when Kenny said that about KD and Charles and CWebb were practically falling out of their chairs laughing at him, but I was thinking, “You know what? Kenny could easily be right.”
        Lakers 4Life!


          Kenny Smith is easily the most intelligent analyst on that show. He knows what he’s talking about and you can UNDERSTAND what he’s saying unlike Chuck! You can always count on the P.G.s to spot the talents. They’re the floor generals and are the shot callers… Kenny knows what the fcuk he’s talking about!

          Oh, and the whole thing about touching yourself with the though of Kobe and Durant… you might want to keep that to yourself. The Lakers girls on the other hand… will require both hands. Hahaha. Keep up your posts 242, you’ve got good takes!

          GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

  • trippleocho

    This is exactly why I don’t respect anybody in the media saying LeBron is the best player. I only respect the player’s opinion because they are out there playing Kobe and know that he’s still the best.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Durant is all class!

  • lakeb

    dude your wife loves luke

  • kevin 0

    ite durant now you can become a laker when kobe’s done

  • Ruin818

    Seeing KD in purple and gold may not be a far stretch… It is possible that Kobe MAY (not saying he will) retire given all the mileage he will have on his body 3 years from now after more playoff runs and the olympics. The Thunder are a very young team and have a very bright future but that also means that most of them still have small contracts and KD is on his rookie contract.. So in 3 years when Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Odom, and Bynums contract is off our books and KD is looking for a big contract, Im sure we can offer it and sorround him with talent, becuase in 3 years when OKC’s team develops, they’re all gonna want big contracts and OKC cannot not afford to keep all of them and stay under the salary cap, so if KD comes to L.A… we’ll be able to sorround him with good players, even if it means going over the salary cap, which OKC cannot do. (just my opnions)

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    KD recognized who his Daddy is! LoL KOBE IS KING

  • Thundercat

    I’ll say what Durant wanted to say. Kobe is WASHED UP!!! He is starting to look like KG. Maybe Kobe should be traded to the Celtics. He’ll fit right in with the other geezers.


      Reading Comprehension son. Man, that’s what’s wrong with you moonshiners… never got passed the 3rd grade! And I’ll say what what all Laker fans here wanted to say, “STFU!”

      GO DURANT’S IDOL (that’s KOBE, thunder p u s s y)!!!!!!!!!
      GO DURANT’S WARDEN (that’s ARTEST, thunder p u s s y)!!!!
      GO DURANT’S FUTURE FRANCHISE (that’s the LAKERS, thunder p u s s y)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gotta spell it out for you inbreds man, I sweat!

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      ha ha!this could be last we hear of you! we’ll shut your mouth once and for all! go lakers!!!!!!!! remember we are the lakers! 15x champs! so calm down..

  • lakeb