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Add another name to the very short list of candidates to replace Phil Jackson as the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. According to ESPN LA, Dunleavy was contacted by the team this week and is said to be on the team’s current “short list” to succeed Jackson, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Dunleavy last manned the sidelines as the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers from 2003-10.

There is a bit of history between Dunleavy and the Lakers. Dunleavy replaced Pat Riley as the head coach of the Lakers before the 1990-91 season, a year in which he led the team to an NBA Finals appearance against the Chicago Bulls. Dunleavy has maintained a solid relationship with Dr. Jerry Buss over the years, and is considered by many to be one of the frontrunners to succeed Phil Jackson.

In his 17 year head coaching career, Dunleavy has a record of 613-716 (.461), having made head coaching stops in LA with both the Lakers and Clippers, as well as with the Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trailblazers.

  • Michelle

     Brian Shaw.  Byron Scott.  Dunleavy couldn’t coach Kobe & Shaq to a ring, what makes the organization think he can this time??

    • 123KID

      Uh because he never did coach Kobe or Shaq. The only other coach to coach Kobe & Shaq was Del Harris.

    • C-Los

      ur an idiot they never coached shaq and kobe u fake fan learn ur facts  

  • Anonymous

    Sorry dude, this is still the Lakers. The Clippers are across the hallway.

    • Anonymous

       Couldn’t agree more, he had his chance with the lakers before and he didn’t do crap.

  • willmo

    So yesterday it was Adelman and today this moron.  No thanks.  It didn’t work the 1st time around with an older Lakers team. 

  • NoDefense

    No Thanks……….. 

  • Evil Empire

    Are they even considering Jerry Slone? 

  • Rynorod32

    Is their even a possibility of getting Kurt Rambis?  Please, not Dunleavy. 

  • Richowin

    Dunleavy is a decent coach, but I still would prefer Adelman over him any day. With that said, I would hope the Lakers try and reach out to Jerry Sloan or Larry Brown as well. I’m not sold on Shaw, even though he’s been with the team as player and coach for the last decade. 

    Here’s my list of top choices from who’s available at the moment that’s been thrown around as possibles. I want a coach who is strong, has the knowledge of the game very well, and will demand respect and push his players.I would normally put Larry as 2nd, but he’s been in and out of coaching lately. I think Adelman has done fantastic as Rockets coach and he’s been able to get a lot out of a team that had lots of injury to star players and a roster full of young mediocre players.

    1. Jerry Sloan
    2. Rick Adelman
    3. Larry Brown 
    4. Shaw
    5. Dunleavy

  • Terrancetscott2004

    What about Jeff Van Gundy 

    • 123KID

       he doesnt wanna be a coach. Thank God! He wants to stick to being a nba analyst. 

  • ICE CREAM MAN….He’s gotten chances from us, the clippers, the bucks and still no success.  Adelman, no thanks.  He just isn’t that great for us.  Larry Brown, no thank you…the sixers quit on him because he was a hard ass.  Soon as he left they were a play off team.  Jerry Soan on the other hand is a coach that demands repect.  I’d give him a chance.  I wouldn’t mind shaw but he looks too young.

  • Mkkuox23

     Can i get a “HELL TO THE NO!!!”

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  • Anonymous

     If Lakers really hire him, is has to do with personal interest or friendship not because what is best for the team, if that really happend I might switch to be Clippers Fan.


    Everbody is riding the Brian Shaw bandwagon but all laker fans gotta realized that teams like the Warriors and Rockets are gonna make huge offers to Shaw come one people if the Laker managerment really wanted Shaw they would of hired him as the new coach already now loooks like the Wariors are gonna interview him and most likely he will be up North coaching them. If the whole thing about hiring assistants why not give assistant coach Jim Cleamons a shot, he was Phil Jacksons way longer than Shaw during the Bulls years. Unless they want an experienced coach here is a name that nobody talks about Mike Brown he knows how to handle stars like when he coached Lebron James and more importantly he was Gregg Popovichs assistant in 2003 during their championship year. Assistant on championship teams turn out well just look at Tom Thibodeu and Erik Spoelstra

  • Angel

     NOOOOOOOO!!!! he had his time, and he suckedddddd big time!!!!!! adelman better!!!

  • king with a ring

    Let’s let the players coach themselves, oh yeah, they don’t like each other….that is as long as the disturber Kobe is around. 

  • Richard M Castillo

    Get Michael Jordan for lakers coach