Although its not 100%, its still good news.

ESPN: Lakers coach Phil Jackson said he hasn’t ruled out Andrew Bynum returning during the current five-game road trip. But Jackson doesn’t anticipate his center playing before the team returns to Los Angeles next week.

“He did say he is feeling a lot better today,” Jackson said before the Lakers played the Spurs. “I can’t see [him returning] right now but it’s a hopeful note.”

Bynum, who suffered a strained left Achilles’ tendon against Minnesota Friday, is targeting the Lakers’ first home game back against the Jazz on April 2 or against the Spurs on April 4 for his return. If he misses those games he would get an additional three days rest before the Lakers travel to Denver on April 8.

“I want him to consistently take off from that leg and foot,” Jackson said. “I think that would be the key. A lot of it is about stopping, which is interesting. A lot of injuries happen when guys gear down to stop. More of the concern for a player like Andrew is getting off and elevating.”

Bynum, who is still wearing a plastic walking boot, might not be the only player coming back when the Lakers return home next week. Luke Walton, who is on the road trip with the team and returned to practice this week, could be in the lineup as early as next week. Walton has played in 24 games this season while battling a pinched nerve in his lower back. Jackson believes his absence is partly to blame for the Lakers’ bench struggling this season.

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  • WifelovesLuke

    SWEET!!!!! My wife will be so happy! Seriously, though, it will be nice to get Luke back out there with the second unit. Most people just don’t understand his value to the team. The Lakers are at there best when the ball is moving in the Triangle and Luke is fantastic at that. Great jump shot? Hell no! But unlike a lot of people here in TLN, I’m not in love with box scores. Luke is a perfect fit for this offense and understands his role. Can’t wait to get Luke back out there. Oh……and did I mention that my wife will be happy? A happy wife is a happy me!

    • hey

      Fuck your wife.

      • yourwife cheats with luke

        I bet she knows how to handle the ball or balls?

      • lakershow2010

        lol..this must be john terry

    • well

      You know, people can not give two cents about the box score and dislike Luke too.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    as long as we get EVERYONE healthy before playoff starts! We need every single Lakers to be healthy!